Sombra’s Interesting Quest

by Badguy400

Chapter Eight: A Sort of Thought Out Plan

After breakfast; the group decided to formulate a plan on how to rescue Flurry Heart again, and how to get rid of these bandits for good once they know what they’re up against... .

“So.... . What’s the plan?” Pumpkin Cake said whilst thinking. “I have no idea. But eh, we’ll think of something.” King Sombra said whilst thinking as well. “Well, whatever it is, can it wait? I’m hungry again... .” Cozy Glow whined. King Sombra sighs, and then says; “well that’s what you get for when you’re picky with your food; okay?” Cozy Glow was about to say something, but whimpered and looked down in shame. Tirek then sighs, and says; “okay; look. How about we go and see if anyone else is out there... . I mean; who knows?... . Maybe there’s still some ponies out there who’ll help us... . Right?” Poundcake then said; “well yeah, maybe... . But I don’t know... .” Sombra then replied; “let’s just get Cozy something to eat, and then we’ll think of a plan once everyone’s calmed down. Alright? What do you say?” Everyone agreed, and then went their separate ways for now.

After a few minutes have passed; the group regrouped in the living room, and began to devise a plan... .

King Sombra sat down, and says; “Okay, so; we have countless bandits around the area... and lots more throughout Ponyville. Anyone know on how to get rid of the bandits? Or at least on how to sneak past them?... .” Cozy Glow raised her hoof, but stopped and shuffled her back hooves in slight shyness... . With that; King Sombra sighs, and then says; “does anyone actually have any ideas? Or should I come up with the ideas?... . Anyone?... . Great... .”

Poundcake then looked like he had an idea, and shouts; “I got it!” Pumpkin Cake turned to her brother, and asks; “what is it?” Poundcake then replied; “okay; so we’re in the Sugarcube Corner; right?” All nodded and gestures for him to continue.

“Well; we could try to escape. But we also need to know how without being seen... .” Poundcake then points to Tirek, and then says; “you; go up to Pinkie’s room, and look for our way out from the balcony.” He then points to his sister, and says; “you; go to the kitchen and grab anything we could use for supplies, weapons, and or rations for us to take with us.” Lastly; Poundcake points to Cozy Glow, and says; “and you. Stay with King Sombra, and make sure that you two are prepared. Oh, and to ensure that the doors and windows are locked. Okay?” Both Sombra and Cozy Glow nodded, and then went to check the perimeter for any breaches or openings. Meanwhile; Poundcake went to his toy chest, and then went searching in there. “Meanwhile, I will check and see if I’ve gotten any toys I can use as a distraction for the bandits. This is gonna be fun...” he said to himself.

Once everyone is back together; Cozy Glow laid out a map, and starts pointing out some pathways and secret shortcuts. Meanwhile; King Sombra and the Cake Twins take count of how many supplies they have, and how many things they have to use as either weapons or distractions. As for Tirek; he passed out because he saw something that made him frightened... . A little butterfly... .

“So...” began Cozy Glow. “What do we do now?... .” Pumpkin Cake thought for a minute, and then replies; “I don’t know... but I think we should hurry this up. Who knows? Maybe the bandits might come back here as a precaution... . Or they’re coming back to see if the bakery is cleared out of anyone else in here... aside from us...”. Sombra says; “true... . But I wouldn’t count on it... . Me and Tirek are usually good on handling bandits... . And also making sure that they don’t find us either... . Okay?” Pumpkin Cake nodded; “okay”. and went to go find her brother so she can help him with something... .

After a few minutes; the twins returned to the living room once more to discuss the plan with the others... .

“So; what are we gonna do?” began Pumpkin Cake. Cozy Glow got in front of her, and then replies whilst moving her hoof on the map on the table; “I think we have to go to either one of these secret passages so we won’t get noticed by the bandits.”
King Sombra then said; “okay... . But how are we gonna get past them without them noticing us?... . And besides; it’s daylight out. We’ll stick out like a sore hoof. We’d be caught... .” Poundcake then places a noisy plushie on the table, and replies; “we use our old baby plushies to create a distraction. Sombra nods in approval, but says; “might work... but what if it’s too much of a distraction?... .” Poundcake then replies; “then we’d run as fast as we could. Simple.” Sombra nodded again, and says; “alright. So; we’re good on this plan?” All nodded their heads, and then Sombra continued; “alright then... let’s do this.”