Sonic Boom

by Wuten


Rainbro nods, still hovering over you, part of her lower mane hanging down onto your shirt. “I have… for a long time now, Anon…” her eyes lower a bit and her gaze detracts, but then soon returns to you. “Until now, I dunno… I guess I didn’t have the guts until tonight to tell ya.”
That is probably the biggest cliché in the book, but hearing it from Rainbro makes it completely different for you.
Especially since y’know, both of you are completely shit-faced drunk.
“…How long?”
You keep asking questions so that your brain can still process the last question she just answered. Turns out ever since she met you, she’s had an infatuation for you. Your enjoyment of sports and athletics were just the right things to get her interested in you, apparently. Fluttershy and Applejack just made it even easier for her to get close to you when they started their own attempts to get with you.
Of course she’s been having her own fantasies of being with you like that, but never acted on them for fear of you putting her in the same category as the other two.
Also, she’s telling you all of this in the span of about ten seconds, because she’s so nervous. You still find it hard to believe that your mind can actually process this fast despite being intoxicated. Hell, your regular state of mind could probably never process it this effectively.
All the while, she’s slowly inching closer and closer as she talks…
…Until her snout boops your nose.
The two of you are quiet for what seems like hours, neither of you moving a muscle.
Suddenly, Rainbro tries to stifle a giggle. She fails miserably, and the two of you are immediately laughing in drunken stupor. Once the two of you calm down, you smile up at her and wrap your arms around her in a hug.
“Well, must’ve taken a lot of guts to say something like that. Definitely a classic Rainbow Dash-style way of doing things.”
Her eyes widen a bit in surprise. “Wait, Anon… you called me Rainbow Dash…?”
You snicker a bit, before a sly grin curls across your lips. “Well, why not?” you ask, leaning in close and placing a small peck on her forehead. Nothing big, but a small token of affection. “You’re my special somepony after all, y’know?”
Her eyes widen to the point of where you think they’re going to pop out of her head. You’re suddenly wondering how those female characters in Japanese animes are able to pull it off. She blinks a few times, smiles, and then her eyes roll back and she collapses, falling limp on your chest, a deep blush on her cheeks.
Well, guess that’s one way to react.

That following morning, there’s a knock at the door. You slowly open your eyes, only to find out that fucking Celestia decided to waltz on into your sleepy time with her fucking sunlight burning through the fucking window into your fucking eyes FUCK IT’S SO BRIGHT.
You hold up your hand to block the light, notice RD sleeping soundly on your chest. The events from last night are still a bit of a blur due to your hangover, but you remember everything you need to. You smile lightly, slowly easing your way out to not wake her, keeping the blanket wrapped and tucked around her like a cocoon.
You walk over to the door and open it, stretching a bit as the morning sun hits you.
“Oh, Anon, glad to see you made it through the snowstorm. I’ve been looking for Rainbow, have you seen her?” an enthusiastic female’s voice comes from below your view of the sun.
It’s a purple unicorn, with a dark purple mane and a pink highlight running through the middle of it.
Twilight Sparkle.
“Oh, yeah…” you mutter groggily, nodding and scratching your head before your eyes widen and you kneel down to eye level with her, placing a finger to your lips and making motions to let her know that Rainbow was still sleeping.
She nods in understanding. “I’ll come back later then,” she whispers, smiling and nodding as she walks off.
Speaking of which, it looks like the snow’s stopped falling. Fillies are playing in it outside, and you notice that Twilight conveniently made a cleared path to your doorstep from the sidewalk.
What a bro, even though she’s not quite Rainbro-tier status quite yet.
In the distance, there’s an orange mare trotting towards your house, her head hanging down a bit dejectedly.
Fucking Applejack’s coming back for round three.
“What do you want?” you grunt, closing the door slowly behind you as you walk outside.
“Listen, Anon… Ah’m sorry ‘bout the way Ah’ve been actin’ towards ya. Guess it’s just mah instincts, that’s all,” she says, looking up at you. You don’t know what it is, but you can definitely feel the sincerity in her voice.
“Well, I’m still a bit skeptical about that, but I’m willing to forgive you in time. Though, I’m not letting you off the hook that easily,” you grin. “I want seven apples from your orchard every week. I get to pick them out myself.”
“Heh, sounds like a plan,” she smiles. “Friends once again?” she asks, holding out a hoof
You smile, taking it in your hand and shaking it. “Friends.”
“At least until ah decide to hit ya up next,” she winks slyly at you.
You give her the smuggest grin you can make. “Well, we’ll see how Rainbow thinks about that.”
It takes her a few seconds to process this. “Wait a minute… so does that mean you and Rainbow…?” Applejack’s jaw drops when she realizes what you mean by that.
You grin, turning around and walking inside the house, fully confident that Applejack has been thoroughly shocked by your handiwork. Well done, Anon.
As you enter, Rainbow’s slowly nodding herself awake. “Ugh… wha? What happened last night?” she asks, turning to look at you. “I had the best dream…”
“Oh? What was it about?” you ask, leaping over the top of the couch, plopping down onto the cushion next to the sleeping pegasus.
She immediately blushes. “Uh… nothing, it was just a dream, that’s all!” she exclaims, trying to hide her blush from you.
“You sure, Rainbow? You absolutely sure about that?” you ask, a grin still plastered on your face. And like Applejack, when she realizes what you mean by that, her jaw drops. You laugh, and pick her up into a tight hug. She returns it, nuzzling into your neck.
“Happy Hearth’s Warming, Rainbow Dash.”
“Happy Hearth’s Warming to you too, Anon,” she mutters, muffled by hiding her face in your shirt, which had suddenly become moist where her eyes were. “Best gift I could ever ask for.”