by Just_a_guy

1: Prologue

Once upon a time, there were 2 Alicorn sisters named Celestia and Luna. Celestia was incharge of the sun while Luna was in charge of the moon. Together, they brought harmony and peace through out Equestria. When violence came to their land, they act immediately to defeat evil to keep the harmony. Together, they use the Elements of Harmony against all those that bring chaos and Injustice to the land. But things are about to change in this story.

When the summer starts to kick in, every pony stays indoors to stay cool or even go north to an Icey place away from the heat. This upsets Celestia deeply but not Luna. As you can see, Luna likes raising the moon because everypony doesn't complain about the temperature and they praise Luna for that every summer. Celestia sees that their praise to Luna every summer gets loud and loud as a new summer kicks in. One night, Celestia approached Luna at the castle of the 2 sisters. She looks at her sister very happy for the praise she gets but she knows that Luna would not have fame go to her head as she knew her since they were young.

Celestia said "Hey sister, wow every pony is saying your name every night."

Luna looks at Celestia and responds by saying "Yes my sister. I appreciate their praise of me doing my Job and I don't let it go through my head. I do what I have to do to our Subjects"

Celestia then said "I just have something to ask, why Am I being left out every summer? I don't hear ponies singing my name during summer."

"It's hard to say. Ponies have different feelings during different seasons. But hey, ponies praise you during the winter. "

"I know that, but winter is somewhat short than summer. It bugs me that I get praise during a short season."

Celestias horn start to glow but not the usual color of her normal glow. It looks more orange and fiery like the sun. Luna takes notice and said

"Celstia calm down. Look, just don't get this into your head. What's important is that we bring harmony through out Equestria"

Luna gets a towel using her magic and rubs it on Celestia's sweaty head. But as she starts rubbing it, Celestia slaps the towel away from her

"I bet you're pretending to not getting it in your head just to rub it on my face. You've been pretending to just gloat."

Luna was shocked to hear this.

"WHAT? No I would never! Celestia snap out of it. It's consuming you."

Celestia is starting to float but not by using her wings, she uses magic. Celestia is starting to loose it after holding her jealousy of Luna for so long. Her eyes aren'y like the eyes of a princess, but more like a tyrant from Hell.

"You get more praise than I do, I just stand around raising and lowering the sun! And I get nothing out of it!"

"You do get something out of it, you bring balance to the lives of ponies. Don't forget that you defended pony kind like when we defeated queen Chrysalis ."

Luna touches Celestia's necklace which is a symbol of love and hope to them. Celestia slaps Lunas hoof and gets even mad. She says in an angry voice.

" Don't touch me, You were the one that finished Chrysalis off and banished her even though I wanted her dead for hurting an innocent family! And you got more attention for just banishing her while I was just a minority in the story. I was the real hero that saved that family and took down the changeling army"

" With my help! Celestia please stop! "

Celestia snapped and started to become unhinged even at Lunas small innocent words

" Hahahaha I'm sorry that this has to come to this (Her voice begins to change) but there can only be one Princess..... No actually, I want to be queen"

As soon as she said this, she started to change forms. Her once beautiful face, started to become scary that a little filly would be scared of. Her tiara changed into a helmet of war not peace. Her necklace and hoof shoes (I think that's what you call it) became orange and the symbol change into the scorching sun along with her cutie mark. Her mane and her tail turned into the fires of the sun and her eyes glowed orange and red.

Luna then asked her "Celestia! What have you become?"

Celestia answers back with a voice change saying "Don't call me Celestia anymore. She is dead. Now I am..... Day breaker! Your new queen and you will be de eliminated for there can only be one HAHAHA"

Luna hears this and she knew she had to do something
"I'm sorry for this"

Luna sheds a tear after saying this. She then flew and slammed her sister into a wall but not breaking it. In rage, Day breaker retaliated by taking a piece wood using her magic and started to beat the tar out of Luna but Luna was strong enough to resist. Luna used her magic to get rid of the wood and summoned an army or birds at her aid. The birds swarmed in front of Day breaker but all she did was just laugh. She drove away the birds by setting their feathers on fire but luckily, the birds didn't die. Day breaker punched her sister so hard that Luna hit the roof. Luna then flew down and punched Day Breaker back. Day breaker then used magic to paralyze Luna.

Day breaker goes up to Liuna and starts to laugh.

" Mwahahaah. You can't stop me. I am a much powerful version of myself. If only you can turn into something like this, I bet you'd look prettier with sharper fangs."

Luna started to feel pain in her paralysis. She finally begged her sister saying.

"Ok sister! You win... Now tell me what do you want?"

Day breaker thought of this and after 1 minute, she answered her.

"Give me your ability to walk in dreams. To talk to the sleeping ponies so that I can have a deep connection with them."

Luna had a plan. She decided to play with it and said

" If that's what you want....Just let me move sister!"

"So be it"

Day breaker breaks Luna free from her spell. Luna then used her magic but Day Breaker doesn't feel anything flowing into her. She felt that something was wrong so she asked in rage.

" What is this? What are you doing?"

Luna responded


Suddenly, something came up from the floor. It looked like a solar system model, but there were 6 elements that we all know. The elements of harmony started to appear and glow. The element of magic glowed the brightest since it is the strongest element. She used her magic to get all the elements near her and stated the banishing spell.

Day Breaker then said while her eyes glowed orange.

" What is this? Stop what you are doing"

Luna responded.

"I'm sorry for this. I tried to tell you to stop fighting. I convinced you that other ponies loved your work. And I even told you that all the praise and fame didn't matter to me, that the duty of protecting Equestria and raising the moon is much more important to me. Yet, you didn't listen"

" Stop this!"

"Goodbye Celestia. See you in a thousand years."

The elements then produced a glowing bright light that made Day Breaker to cover her eyes. She screamed while saying no and was banished to the sun. As long as she stays in her current form, she will survive extreme heat.

Luna felt regret and said

" I can't believe it...... What have I done?"

Just then, she sees the ghost of her former master that thought her and Celestia everything about leadership. The ghost said to her

" I never knew that it would come to this. You and your sister fighting again, but this time something big rather that who would be the best in a dress"

Luna chuckled a bit to what he said last.

" Hehe I remember those days. The Celestia now is dead. There is only Day Breaker. I don't know how to get Celestia back"

"You will my student. Any pony can be saved."

Luna felt touched by these words that she tried to hug her master. But the master was just a ghost, or a figment of her imagination after experiencing something bad. Luna then continued to do her duties and this time, raised both the sun and the moon. This is how Day Breaker began, how she was born, and her return will change the fate of the Mane 6. Especially Twilight.