MLP FiM x Fairy Tail: Wizards in Equestria

by FL

Chapter 2 (1/4)

Three days after their declaration of war, the Order of Scarlet Night began their attacks in earnest. However, thanks to the magical bracelets given to them by Aura Light, the Fairy Tail wizards can go to any place in Equestria at a moment’s notice.

Dodge Junction was attacked by an army of goblins wielding swords, spears, axes, maces, and crossbows. The ponies screamed and fled in terror as the goblins set their houses on fire. A little filly was also running for her life, but she tripped and fell. One of the goblins approached the small defenseless pony and prepared to stab her with a sword. The filly closed her eyes, preparing for the worst. She was then saved when Natsu fire punched the goblin in the face. As Natsu attacked the nearby goblins, Lucy picked up the filly and carried her to safety while Lucy’s Celestial Spirits, Taurus and Leo (who is commonly known as Loke), assisted Natsu with repelling the goblin army. After returning the filly to her parents, Lucy then joined the fight.

Elsewhere, Laxus and his group, the Thunder Legion (which consists of Freed, Bickslow, and Evergreen), destroyed a Scarlet Night base and defeated all the dark unicorns and monsters there.

Ponyville was also attacked by a horde of beast monsters. Thanks to the barrier constructed by Levy and Freed, none of the monsters could enter the town. Starlight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy donned their magical robes and took the opportunity to test out the powers that Aura granted them. With her enhanced magical power, Starlight can instantly disintegrate a lesser monster with one shot. Rainbow Dash summoned lightning storms and Applejack crushed the beasts with boulders. Rarity launched diamond-shaped projectiles at their enemies. Pinkie fired sparkly explosive bombs from her party cannon and Fluttershy summoned a stampede of ethereal bulls to repel the monsters.

Not all of Fairy Tail stays in Ponyville. The Strauss siblings volunteered to stay in the Crystal Empire to protect Shining Armor, Cadence, and Flurry Heart. Due to Twilight Sparkle being considered the most important pony in Equestria, Gildarts is entrusted with protecting Canterlot.

Speaking of Twilight herself, she is continuing with her royal duties with Spike’s assistance, though she missed the times when she was with her friends whenever the fate of Equestria hangs in the balance and she was anxious to wear the armor that Aura gave to her. Despite the dark unicorn and monster attacks occurring at various places, Fairy Tail fighting on Equestria’s behalf does put Twilight’s mind at ease. Ever since meeting Aura Light and the Order of Scarlet Night, Twilight became very curious about the two alicorns that she never knew existed. She searched the Canterlot archives, the library, and even the library’s restricted section, but she could not find any information pertaining to Aura Light and Scarlet Night. She tried calling out to Aura to ask her more about her history, but Aura never answered her.

Discord is still trapped in the chaos dimension due to a magical seal used by the Red Moon Generals and no one knows how to free him.

In spite of their efforts, Fairy Tail encountered some setbacks. Any attempt to capture a dark unicorn for interrogation has been futile. Whenever a dark unicorn is defeated in battle, they disintegrate even if they’re just incapacitated. Levy theorized that a curse is placed on them as a safeguard to prevent capture so they won’t divulge any important information, such as the location of Scarlet Night’s stronghold. As for the monsters that serve the dark unicorns, Fairy Tail did not have much luck gaining information from them either even from the variants capable of speech. Monsters’ evaporating after death prevented any detailed anatomical or biological studies. Also, any captured monster died off in captivity if they were unable to escape.

Time flew by and the fighting had gone on for over a month and so far, none of Fairy Tail has crossed paths with a Red Moon General yet. But, as they will soon see, the Order of Scarlet Night is proceeding with a nefarious plan and the Red Moon Generals will be making their move.

One day, a visual projection appeared in the skies above Ponyville and Canterlot, which drew the attention of everypony in these two locations as well as every member of Fairy Tail. The Fairy Tail members who were neither in Ponyville nor Canterlot were watching this through their magical bracelets. What they saw from the projection was a sight to behold. They saw a gigantic flying hexagonal-shaped ship, larger than any skyscraper, hovering directly above Mt. Everhoof.

A dark purple light began to emit from the bottom of the ship and this light turned into a concentrated magical energy beam of destruction. In the next moment, Mt. Everhoof was completely obliterated. Those who just witnessed this were completely stunned.

The image in the projection then shifted to a dark unicorn, one of the ten that wears a light-red cloak but his face was obscured by a hood.

“BEHOLD Equestria! This is our superweapon! The DOOM CRUISER! Did you see its awesome destructive power!?” The dark unicorn boasted proudly. He then took a moment to cackle.

“A superweapon?! Why do the bad guys always have to get one of those?!” Lucy said annoyed.

“Imagine the devastation this weapon can cause if used on a more populated area. This ship’s next target will be… Manehattan!” The dark unicorn went on with his speech.

Those who were currently watching this broadcast had a chill ran down their spine.

“Unless… both Twilight Sparkle and Fairy Tail agree to some demands!”

Everyone in Ponyville and Canterlot, especially Twilight, listened attentively.

“Here are our demands! First, Twilight Sparkle must surrender Equestria to the Order of Scarlet Night! Second, Fairy Tail must return to their realm and never come back to this world! If our demands are not met in four hours, Manehattan will be wiped off the map!” The dark unicorn took a moment to pause. “Honestly, we didn’t expect to unveil our superweapon this soon, but Fairy Tail has forced our hooves! Make no mistake! One way or another, we will bring Equestria to its knees and we’re not about to let a bunch of outsiders ruin our years of planning! Remember! You have four hours to accept our terms… or Manehattan is toast!”

The projection in the sky then faded away. Everyone who just watched the broadcast began talking amongst themselves concerning the dark unicorn’s threat.

Inside the Fairy Tail guild hall…

“Everyone! We really have a problem!” Mest Gryder spoke up. “I just saw Mt. Everhoof with my own eyes! That dark unicorn’s threat is no bluff!”

“And according to the Magic Radar, that ship is heading towards Manehattan!” Warren explained.

Twilight communicated with Makarov through the magic bracelets. “What should we do, Makarov?”

“Obviously… we are NOT going to do what they say! We are going to bring that weapon down!” Makarov declared.

“That’s right!” Natsu shouted out. “If those dark unicorn jerks think that thing is going to scare us, then they got another thing coming!”

“Gather around my children! We need to form a plan of attack!”