Sombra’s Interesting Quest

by Badguy400

Chapter Six: Ambush

The others were being fired upon by bandits; with the arrows narrowly missing them with each shot. Suddenly; one of the arrows shot at Sombra, and nailed his crown to the front door of the bakery. After Tirek opened the door for the group, they all went inside; with King Sombra getting his crown back, and closing the doors behind them... .

Now that the group has made it safely inside the Sugarcube Corner bakery; Tirek and Poundcake went to the back to barricade the doors; while King Sombra followed suit with the front door and windows.

Meanwhile.... .

“Woah.... . That was bad.” Pumpkin Cake said as she’s hyperventilating a little. “You’ve said it”, replied her brother from afar. “I don’t think I’d ever forget about that... .” Cozy Glow; whom is frightened; whimpers, and says; “I’m scared...” and starts sucking on one of her fore hooves. Seeing this; Pumpkin Cake approaches Cozy Glow, moves her close to her, and then says; “ah don’t worry about it; you’ve got your friends to help you out; right?” Cozy Glow was whimpering a little, but then nods and lays her head down on Pumpkin’s lap. With that; she pets Cozy’s mane, and pulls her close to her. With that; Cozy Glow smiles, and snuggles up to Pumpkin Cake with a smile while still sucking on her hoof.

Once they checked to see if all the windows and doors were locked; Poundcake, Tirek, and Sombra then went back downstairs to give the others the good news once they’ve locked all the doors and windows of the Cake Twins’ room. King Sombra began; “alright; so we have good news, and bad news... . Which news do y’all wanna do first?”

Looking at each other; Pumpkin Cake reluctantly raised her hoof, and asked; “can we listen to the good news first?” Her brother then replied; “sure... . The good news is that we still have our stuff.” Poundcake’s sister beamed with pride, and got all excited. Looking a little grim; Poundcake then began; “however...” before sitting down. Pumpkin Cake caught wind of it, and just looked on in anticipation as to what her brother is about to say... . Poundcake then said; “the bad news however... is that all of our hard earned money; plus allowances, are gone.”

With that; Pumpkin Cake started to whine this time, and says; “what? Noooo. That was our hard earned money... . They can’t do that... .” Sombra sighs, and then says; “unfortunately; they can.. . Because they’re bandits, and we’re their victims... .” With a sad look on her face; Pumpkin Cake then looks down at the ground, and pouts with tears in her eyes.

Seeing this; Poundcake then went to comfort his sister, and says; “I know... . But so what?... . Once we’re through with those bandits; we’ll be able to get our lives back to normal ey? What do you say?... . Sniffling; Pumpkin Cake wiped her nose, and then says; “yeah... I guess so...” with a slight determined look. Also looking determined; Poundcake then says; “exactly”, and pats his sister’s back just once; albeit a little hard due to his strength. Feeling that; Pumpkin Cake said; “ow..” with a slight chuckle while looking at her brother with a smile. “That hurt... .” Poundcake snickers, then says; “so what? At least you know what those bandits would feel like once we’re through with them. Am I right?” Pumpkin Cake responded with; “right”, and returns the favor. With that; the two began play wrestling, and stopped while laughing.

Snickering a little too; King Sombra then says; “alright you two.. that’s enough. Save that for the enemy; okay?” Both Twins looked at each other, and nodded back at Sombra. He then continues by saying; “alright then; *clap*. Now; let’s get something to eat, and then bed... . We need all the energy and strength we can get if we’re gonna save all of Equestria. Am I right?” The rest of the group said; “right”, and looked determined as well. “Right”, began Sombra. “Let’s do this... .”