Legal Troubles

by Blue Aurora

Day in the life of Upside

Upside whistled happily, the warm air of appleoosa beaming down on his crimson coat. The townsponys looked at him with looks of confusion on their faces each hiding an accent of mirth, this mirth directed to the seeming to be crazy stallion walking down the dusty path whistling out of tune and sounding like a cuckoo on crack. The supposed craziness of the pony added to by its smiley face sun cutiemark making people convinced that this Colt was as mad as a hatter.

The red being of joy stopped next to a decrepit house its walls made of wood falling apart and the crooked sign unreadable, the building had a large stack of papers next to it and a typewriter along with a note. This note read ' Dear Upside, this place you are looking at is your new home as well as your base of operations. I have seen to it that your stuff is already in the house and you have at least the bare minimum of materials to write your work in. Yours truly Cross Doo."

Upside was elated more than he already was, free housing although a tad bit broken, a free work setup and a letter from the chief mailmare Cross Doo. He put a hoof to the door pushing it open, there was no lock he would need to get that replaced, the front room of the house was a mess. Broken pieces of chair were everywhere the papers scattered about and the table oh the table, the table was brand knew its shiny gloss covered exterior and the ornate legs curving around like gusts of wind, he then realised something, this was his table.

Before going upstairs he decided that the best course of action was to clear the house room by room so he did. ( I do not want to write tem paragraphs on cleaning so I'm just going to do one.) The rooms of the houses were tiresome to clean their messiness fluctuating between moderate to dark souls difficulty. The most difficult of all though was the bedroom. The four poster bed of upsides was a mess it being plonked right on top of the crumbling draws upside had to move the bed and then re build the drawers then put it back it was an extremely arduous task. After that upside was exhausted so he made use of his bed and went to sleep.