MLP FiM x Fairy Tail: Wizards in Equestria

by FL

Extra: Natsu and Happy's Little Stroll

It’s a bright sunny day in Equestria.

Two Fairy Tail members, Natsu and Happy, decide to do some exploring in this world. They go to the Everfree Forest.

“So Natsu. Why did you choose this forest?” Happy asks.

“Because I heard that there are dangerous creatures living here. I want to see them for myself.” Natsu answers.

A pack of timberwolves jumps out of the nearby bushes and block Natsu and Happy’s path.

“Wow! Are those woodwolves?!” Natsu asks with wonder.

“I don’t think that’s what they’re called, Natsu.”

One of the timberwolves lunges at Natsu. On reflex, Natsu punches the timberwolf back.

“Oh, you want a fight? Bring it.” Natsu taunts.

All the timberwolves then charge at Natsu, trying to use their numbers to overwhelm him. What happens next is the timberwolves being reduced to a pile of ashes. Natsu and Happy continue walking on their merry way.

After walking for half an hour….

“Is there anything else out here?”

The moment Natsu asks that, he and Happy encounter a bugbear.

“Hey! Is this a beebear?!”

“Natsu, I think you’re getting its name wrong.”

The bugbear charges with its stinger aiming at Natsu. He dodges by jumping out of the way.

“Alright then, show me what you got!”

The bugbear flies towards Natsu again.


The bugbear has been defeated with one hit.

“Oh well, guess you’re not tough after all.” Natsu says casually before walking away.

Natsu and Happy later go to Froggy Bottom Bog.

“So why now this place, Natsu?” Happy asks while he and Natsu stand close to the swamp.

“I heard there’s something big living here.” Natsu is eager to see what he can find.

“Well, I already feel sorry for the next wild creature that you’re going to meet.”

A green smelly gas surrounds the two.

“Ugh, what’s this smell?!” Natsu asks while pinching his nose.

“It stinks!” Happy says with disgust.

The hydra emerges from the swamp.

“Hey there!” Natsu greets the hydra.

The hydra gives a threatening roar and licks its lips.

“Looks like we just found your next unfortunate victim.” Happy says casually.

The hydra’s heads strike out at Natsu and Happy. Natsu uses his agility to evade the heads while Happy flies away.


The hydra is toast. Natsu leaves disappointed and Happy continues tagging along.

Later, the two set up a campfire by a river in another location. The two are currently having lunch, and their meal is the fishes they caught from the river. Natsu grills his fishes while Happy eats his food raw.

“Mmmmmm… I’m glad Equestria has yummy fishes too.” Happy says while eating the fish he’s holding.

“I’m glad we got some time to enjoy ourselves. There’s no telling how long this war is going to be.” Natsu comments.

Suddenly, a swarm of fly-ders appears and surrounds the two.

“What the?! Where did they come from?!” Natsu exclaims.

One of the fly-ders bit Natsu on the arm. “Ow! Hey! That hurt!” He immediately swats the bug away. “What are these?! Spiderflies?!”

“These are my fishes! You can’t have any of it! Go away!” Happy yells at the fly-ders.

One of them shot a web that covers the right side of Happy’s face.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I got a web on my face!!!!!!” Happy starts to panic.

The fly-ders start shooting webs at Natsu as well.

“Hey! You’re getting webs all over me! Cut it out!” Natsu shouts at the fly-ders.

“Natsu! I don’t think they’re going to listen! Do something!” Happy is getting covered in bite marks.

Natsu then breathes out fire and incinerates the entire swarm, not leaving a single trace of the bugs behind.

“Well that was a mess!” Natsu tries wiping the webs off his clothes. “I say we go back to Ponyville and get a bath.”

“Aye” Happy agrees.