Sombra’s Interesting Quest

by Badguy400

Chapter Two: An Unexpected Visitor

King Sombra; now at Twilight’s castle with the others; has sent the Cake Twins and Cozy Glow to await for him somewhere in the castle to gather his belongings, and to await further instructions. Once Sombra has gathered his belongings once more; he then begins to sharpen up his weapons for battle, and to count his inventory; making sure that he isn’t missing anything during his last adventure with Flurry Heart.

Meanwhile... in Twilight’s bedroom... .

“Ugh; I’m so bored!” Pumpkin Cake said in slight discomfort and boredom. “We’ve been waiting here for what seemed like hours! When’s he coming back?”

Cozy Glow rolled her eyes, and then said; “well... . He did say to wait here for him while he gets his stuff right?”

Pumpkin Cake blushed a little, and then says with slight embarrassment; “y-yeah?”

Cozy Glow then replied; “well there you go... . Besides; knowing King Sombra; he’ll most likely bring some stuff with him that he’ll need to help us fight off those bandits out there... .”

Poundcake got a bit worried, and then said; “w-what? B-bandits? B-b-but why?”

Cozy Glow then replied; “because friend; King Sombra’s the only one who knows how to fight out there... . And besides... . He was the one that helped me and the other villains defeat those yetis, and become heroes for once.

Poundcake went speechless for a few seconds, and then says; “wait... that was him?”

Cozy Glow then replied; “mhmm. And all of the other villains too... . Well... me, Discord, and Queen Chrysalis; hehe.”

Pumpkin Cake then said; “wait... . Queen Chrysalis helped out too?”

Cozy Glow nodded, and then said; “yes sir... . She helped us through and through. Well... not at first; I mean... .”

Both twins looked at each other, and then Poundcake starts to say; “well... alright then... . But wait... . If you and the other villains helped us... . Then what happened to Tirek?”

Without a moment too soon; King Sombra entered the room with all his stuff packed together in a backpack of sorts, and then says; “Tirek was still set in stone when we were helping Flurry Heart back to her homeland.”

Pumpkin Cake thought for a little bit, and then said; “maybe... . But why? I thought he was gonna help y’all too?”

Sombra sighs, but then says; “I don’t know kid... . He might help us... . Or he might try to betray us, and gain all of his strength back through any means necessary... . Either way... he hasn’t been out of stone sleep for quite a while... . And I don’t think that he’ll be out of it anytime soon; okay?”

Pumpkin Cake sighed as well, but says; “I guess so... . But wait.. . How’ll we know if he won’t do that to us?”

As if on cue; Tirek stepped into the room, and says; “well... child. If I were to do that, then none of y’all would still be here if I did haven’t I?”

Suddenly; all eyes turned to Tirek in both surprise, and horror; knowing that the centaur Tirek, has been awakened from his stone sleep. Who knows what he’ll do next? And who knows what horrors might await for the new heroes if Tirek were to be on their side, or not.... .