Return of primordials

by Cursebringer

5 - natures call for help



“Also spike were is the crystal wolf we gave to you? And have you named her?” I asked.

“She is at the library with Twilight, and yes I have named her. Her name is Shimmer do to the shimmering of her coat.” Spike said to me.

“Now then Spike I think it’s time for you to go home.” I said.

“Yes it is, goodby and good night.” He said to us.

now that I have done that and Spike went home I thought it a good idea to just relax and maybe have some fun.

As we went home we looked at wat we saw in the forest.

trees and bushes everywhere with creatures skittering around.

after a few minutes of walking we saw a group of timberwolves.

when the wolfs saw us they emediatly came yipping to us.

When they came closer I saw that they were in a bad stat of decay.

There wood was rotten or even dead in some places, there eyes glowed a sickly green, they had other pieces of dead foliage on there body and there were almost no leafs on there bodies. But worst of all we could detect that there connection with nature and there life tree was almost completely gone, something that should be impossible especially not for the life trees guardians.

Thats when I asked. “Oh guardians of this forest, what has happened to put you all in such a bad state... and where are the caretakers of the forest and it’s tree of life.

When we listened to them we became angry to here that they ware some of the few natural forest left.

“We will come back tomorrow with at least a pony and a young drake to show this to them, you will take us to your life tree.” I said to them. “To believe creatures would actually try to destroy Gaia’s life work.” I thought.

“Honey let’s calm down and prepare for tomorrow.” Said Thanwen to me.

“Your right we should do that.” I said to him.

“Now than deer let’s see if we remember Gaia correctly.” I said to Thanwen.

“Gaia is a doe, with a light Brown coat and white dots speckled over it. She has emerald green eyes and hoeves a little darker than her coat. Wherever she walks small flowers would always grow. As for her standing in this world she is a lesser goddess of nature. Am I right Thanwen?” I sed and asked him.

“You had it almost completely correct deer. She isn’t a lesser goddess she is the goddess of nature.” Thanwen said to me.

“Ah yes how could I have forgotten that.” I said as I hit my head for forgetting something like that.

“Don’t worry deer, everyone forgets things especially when they come close to our age.” Answered Thanwen to me.

“I know, I know it’s just so annoying that something like that happens.” Was my response to him.

“Yes that can be quite irritating. Anyways I’m wondering how little Gaia is doing, it has been some time since we last have seen her and the others. I’m especially curious what the other primordials have been doing lately.” Said Thanwen.

“Yes I’m also a bit curious about what the others have been doing since the last time we were all together. Oh it looks like we have come home.” I said to him.

“Yes that is nice let’s head in and go and sleep for some time.” Thanwen said to me.

“Alright that is a good idea.” I said to him back as we walked in.

When we entered the cave we saw that nothing has changed. The stalagmites and stalactites were still where they were and the walls still looked fine. At the back of the cave was the place we slept before.

Before we went to sleep we made a plan to help the forest. We decided to only take Twilight and spike with us, to not overwhelm and also to make it so they can try and figure out what was going on and make sure they can spread that there is a problem with the life trees and there guardians. And if they can’t figure it out in time we can always help them a little.

As we laid down where we slept Thanwen suddenly asked me softly a question we hadn’t thought about for a long time. “Tiamat how do you think our little Pytyron is doing?”

“I’m not sure it has been a some time since we last heard of her.” I answered. “Anyway let’s just sleep for now.”

To be continued...