Sonic Boom

by Wuten

Bros to the End

The next day…
“Ugh, what… what happened last night?”
You sit up and shake your head a bit, and immediately you feel the after-effects of all of the drinks from the night before. Your head is throbbing, and you fall back down onto the cushions of the couch.
At least the sun’s blocked from coming in. Thank Celestia for the snow yesterday; the clouds are blocking the deadly rays of sunlight from beaming through your window and into your face.
…Wait a minute, what’s this soft, furry thing next to you?
Oh yeah, last night. Rainbro must have fallen asleep and crashed on your couch. Well, being the bro that you are, you wouldn’t want to ruin a bro’s good sleep. So, you simply smile, and slide out of the blanket, making as little a racket as possible.
…Well, you would, if you weren’t completely shit-faced the night before. You fuck up, trip, and fall flat on your face on the cold, hard floor. So much for that plan.
Rainbro slowly opens her eyes, looking around. “Heh, awesome night, huh Anon?” she asks as her eyes lock onto you. You don’t even look up, but you hold a thumbs-up to her before changing it to a fist. She chuckles a bit, before completing the glorious ritual of bro-ism.
“Ugh, my head…” you mutter, slowly getting to your feet. “Not the best way to get up in the morning. Especially on Hearth’s Warming Eve…”
“Oh yeah, that’s today, right?” she asks, stretching a bit and flapping her wings a few times, before floating up into the air. “So, what do you have planned for today, Anon?”
You think for a moment. That’s right; you didn’t really plan anything…
“I’m snowed in, but I’ve got enough food to last a few days.”
“So, a chill-out day?” she asks, grinning at you.
“Hell yeah!” you exclaim, pumping a fist into the air.
“Sounds good to me! I’m gonna head into the kitchen to see what’cha have,” she says, landing on the couch.
“Alright; I’m gonna go head into the shower, then.”
She nods, a slight blush on her cheeks, but you assume it’s from getting completely hammered the night before. No time to focus on that right now, though; time to wake up for the day.
You head into the bathroom, and even from here you can hear her moving stuff around in the kitchen. After stripping out of your clothes, you walk into the shower area and turn the nozzle.
The feeling of time stopping in the split seconds between turning the nozzle and the water falling onto your head is always relaxing, it’s wonderful that the ponies were willing to help you create a house that was almost identical to-HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, COLD WATER! COLD WATER!
You let out a yelp as the water runs down your back, every pore and skin cell freezing down to the very DNA that created them. It’s like Mr. Freeze just decided to drop into your water supply and fuck with you.
Oh shit… she heard your yelping. The sound of clanking around in the kitchen has stopped, and you can quickly hear the rushing sound of her wings as she flies in your direction.
Oh no, oh no, oh no… you have to quickly move! Water off! Clothes! Shit, they’re on the other side of the bathro-
Your thought process is interrupted as Rainbro comes running in. “Anonymous?! Are you alri-” she begins, but then her magenta eyes go wide as she sees you standing there, in the middle of the bathroom, looking like one of those discus-thrower statues.
Only you’re reaching for your clothes, and not throwing anything. And you’re frozen in place…
Her eyes are locked on only one place.
The awkward silence between the two of you is almost unbearable and you inch ever so slowly to the nearest pair of clothing.
“Um… sorry about that. Heh,” you mutter, finally grabbing a piece of clothing and covering your lower regions with it.
A sock. Wonderful, Anonymous.
Still no response from her, aside from complete shock.
After a few moments, she quickly shakes her head to snap out of her stunned state. “Oh, sorry about… walking in on you like that, Anon,” she mutters, her wings still rigid like statues, her face red as she tries to look away from you. She may move her head away, but her magenta red eyes are still locked firmly on your naked form.
You quickly move to grab the rest of your clothing, picking them up to have something decent covering your lower regions.
“I’ll… I’ll just be going back to the food, alright?” she forces a nervous smile as she quickly scurries off, back into the kitchen.
You breathe a sigh of relief. Crisis averted.
Back to your shower.

It was a lot more calming than you thought it would be. Especially after the spectacle that took place here.
You walk out of the shower, slipping into your pants from the past night. They’re not dirty, so why waste the resources getting them clean?
Into the kitchen you go, where Rainbro already seems to be cooking something.
“Smells good!” you exclaim, a smile on your face as you surprise her. Nearly threw her off there.
She smiles, and turns to look at yo- You don’t have a shirt. Her blush instantly returns, and she mutters. “It’s just… toast, y’know. Nothin’ really special about it.”
You shrug, walking over to her. She’s cooking it on the stove, in a skillet. It’s new to you, though you’ve heard of it made in similar ways. It looks like she covered the slices of bread with butter before she threw them onto it too, giving off that delicious smell.
You open the cabinet, and pull out two plates. Time to show her what you’re made of.
“Hey, bro!” you call to her, startling her slightly. “Pass those slices of toast over here!”
She grins at you and nods, waiting just a few more seconds before taking the skillet off of the stove and flipping the slices of toast into the air. You proceed to dive through the air, plates outstretched in your hands, as you slam onto the kitchen floor face first, the two slices of toast landing directly onto the two plates.
Oh yeah. You’re feeling like a complete boss right now.
The two of you sit down at the table, and Rainbro grabs a jar full of berries and tries opening it with her teeth, to no avail.
“Here, lemme get that,” you say, grabbing the jar and gripping the lid tightly, before twisting it off. “There ya go.” You hand the jar to her, and she nods, pouring the contents onto both of the slices of toast. You smile, picking one up and taking a bite out of it.
Huh. This is new; usually you’d put jelly on your toast, bu-HO MY SWEET MERCIFUL GOD THIS IS DELICIOUS.
…This may very well be the best damn slice of toast you’ve ever had. You hold your fist in the air, and Rainbro does the same with her hoof, before the two of you slam them into each other, the very air around you crackling with static electricity as a lightning bolt strikes the ground outside, causing a booming thunder to shatter every piece of glass in your house.
At least, that’s how epic it felt.
“So yeah, sorry about walking in on you like that,” she says, “I was worried that Fluttershy could have been hiding in there.” This mare, man. This mare, right here. Always got your back.
“S’all good. You were just looking out for your bro, that’s all,” you say, taking another bite out of the food of the gods.
She stares at you for a few seconds, eyes wide. “So, you’re not mad or anything?” she asks, surprised by your reaction.
“No way! We’re bros, after all; it’s not like you’re Fluttershy or Applejack, or something,” you laugh. Yeah. Applejack had recently started following down the dark path of Flutterslut. Only with her, she was much more… up-front about her needs.
If that’s the right word to use.
Her face turns a light pink. “Yeah, I wouldn’t try anything like that,” she says, stumbling over her words a bit. Heh, she’s probably still surprised you’re not wigging out on her or anything.
“Hey,” you say, bringing your open hand over to her back, patting it. “You and me, Rainbro. Bros to the end.”
She nods a bit absently, but you don’t notice because you’re too busy RELISHING IN THIS DELICIOUS CONCOCTION MELTING IN YOUR MOUTH. “Yeah… bros to the end…”