MLP FiM x Fairy Tail: Wizards in Equestria

by FL

Chapter 1 (2/2)


The alicorn of light, Aura Light, brought the Fairy Tail guild to Equestria and requested that they ensure the downfall of an ancient evil known as Scarlet Night. The guild accepted the request.

Meanwhile, in the town of Ponyville, the Council of Friendship had an encounter with servants of Scarlet Night. After they declared war on Equestria, a monster attack occurred.

The attack has been thwarted by Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Carla, Gajeel, and Panther Lily. Happy was there but did not do any fighting.


With the last monster defeated, the dark vortex disappears and the sky returns to normal. The corpses of the monsters remain only for a short time as their corporeal forms evaporate soon after their deaths.

Carla and Panther Lily return to their original forms. Erza returns to her default armor. Sagittarius is returned to the Celestial Spirit World and Lucy returns to her original outfit.

The Council of Friendship, Twilight’s other friends and family, the Young Six, the two former rulers of Equestria, and everypony in Ponyville just saw something extraordinary, which is a small group wiping out an army of monsters, and they still could not wrap their heads around it. After all, one of the strange beings can eat and breathe out fire, another can create ice objects at will, and the little one can summon powerful winds. These strangers not only defeated a monster that was far bigger than them, they absolutely destroyed it. They did not need a rainbow laser to achieve that. Just sheer brute force.

Natsu’s group then turns their attention to the spectators.

“So are those… the ponies?” Wendy asks.

“I knew this world is going to be strange, but this is starting to look like a child’s fantasy world.” Gajeel commented.

“Woah. How many different colors do they come in?” Natsu says with wonder.

The spectators are not close enough to hear what they are saying since they were not speaking as loudly as they were during the battle.

Back at Twilight’s side…

“Did all that just happened? I wasn’t seeing things, was I?” Applejack asks while stuttering.

“I saw it too. After these mean-looking unicorns showed up, these large bug monsters came. And then, these creatures destroyed the monsters. They were like Fire Dragon this, Ice-Make that, Sky Dragon this, and Iron Dragon that” Pinkie explains.

Fluttershy notices the three cat-like creatures. She wants to fly up to them and talk to them, but she is intimidated by the other strange beings.

“What should we do sister? They are clearly dangerous. Should we restrain and question them?” Luna asks Celestia.

“Not a good idea Luna. There’s no telling what they could do if provoked. So far, they are not showing any ill-will towards us so I say we should wait and see what they do next.” Celestia says.

“Mama. Papa. Who are they?” Flurry Heart asks curiously as she is held in Cadence’s hooves.

“I really have no idea sweetheart.” Cadence answers.

Twilight regains her composure. “Girls. I’m going to try talking to them. We need to know who or what they are and what their purpose here is.”

As Twilight takes a step forward, the Mane 7 suddenly find themselves in the infinite white space, the same place that Fairy Tail was in just prior to the monster attack. The seven mares look around confused.

“W-where are we?” Twilight wonders.

“Greetings. Council of Friendship.”

The Mane 7 then meet Aura Light herself.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is Aura Light. And concerning the outsiders, I was the one who brought them here.”

Twilight has so many questions in her mind right now. “Ok, who exactly are you? What is the Order of Scarlet Night? What are those beings that just fought the monsters? Are they humans? And why did you bring them here?”

“They are humans, just from a different world than the one you went to before. As you were already told, a terrible war is coming and those humans are champions I have chosen to assist you in the fight against the Order of Scarlet Night. I already explained the situation to them and they agreed to help.”

Aura proceeds to explain some things about the Order of Scarlet Night.

“So those ten unicorns we just saw are Scarlet Night’s servants?” Rarity asking for confirmation.

“Yes. But those ten belong to an elite group known as the Red Moon Generals. And believe me, among all the dark unicorns serving under Scarlet Night, they are the most dangerous. I say that they are far worse than all your previous enemies. Their master, even more so. And Rainbow Dash. You were incredibly lucky that the dark unicorn that shot you only used a very small percentage of his power. Any more and you could have died.”

Rainbow Dash gulped, remembering how painful that lightning bolt was.

Aura noticed that Fluttershy is shaking in her hooves. “Do not fear. The Red Moon Generals may be a formidable force, but I am completely confident that with the humans’ assistance, you will succeed. Please trust them. Anyway, I have some things to give you to better equip you for the impending war.”

Aura gives each of the Mane 7 the same magical bracelets that she had given to each Fairy Tail member. In addition, Twilight receives a shining silver armor while her friends are given magical robes. Fluttershy is given an additional accessory in the form of a pair of hairpins. The armor and the robes grant some resistance to magic attacks. Twilight and Starlight’s magical powers are augmented, and the rest are given new abilities. Applejack has a lasso that she can control, and she can manipulate the earth and all forms of rocks. Rainbow Dash can control the forces of nature such as thunderstorms and tornadoes (like the power pony Zapp). Rarity can create energy constructs (like the power pony Radiance). Pinkie can pull sparkly explosive objects out of her mane and fire explosive projectiles from her party cannon. Fluttershy’s power lies in her hairpins. She can create barriers for defense, heal wounds, and summon ethereal creatures to fight for her.

“There you go. Whenever you need them, you can summon your new garbs to you at will anytime, anywhere. Now, I shall leave you to get acquainted with your new allies. Best of luck.”

The Mane 7 then find themselves back in Ponyville and they are no longer wearing their new garbs for the time being.

Meanwhile, Natsu’s group is contemplating on how to approach the ponies.

“Can’t we just go over there and say hi?” Natsu wonders.

“Natsu, let’s not forget that we’re outsiders in this world and they never saw our kind before. And judging by how they’re staring at us, it appears that they are intimidated by us. We need to approach this delicately. One wrong step and this can go south very quickly for us.” Lucy explains.

“She does raise a fair point” Erza agreeing.

Carla steps forward. “I’ll talk to them. I’m sure these equines will be more at ease if something as small and harmless as me speaks to them.”

“Will they be able to understand you?” Panther Lily asks.

“We were able to talk to Aura Light, so it’s worth a shot.”

Carla takes several steps towards the ponies. “Hello there! I know that we may seem strange to you, but that is because we came from another world!”

The ponies then stare at the talking cat.

“We were brought here to this world by an entity that calls herself Aura Light! And we have been commissioned to help defend this world from an enemy known as the Order of Scarlet Night!”

The ponies are just confused. Aside from the Mane 7, they do not know anything about Aura Light or the Order of Scarlet Night.

Back to Twilight’s side….

“Alright girls. Aura said to trust them, so let’s trust them.” Twilight says.

Pinkie immediately dashes to Natsu’s group, startling them.

“Hey there! I’m Pinkie Pie!” Pinkie then asks so many questions in rapid speed that the wizards have a hard time following what she was saying.

They just stare silently at her, waiting for her to finish with her rambling. Once Pinkie finishes, she starts breathing heavily from talking so much so fast.

“At least we don’t have to worry about the language barrier” Panther Lily says.

The rest of the Mane 7 and Spike approach the wizards while the other ponies and creatures just stand close enough to hear this interaction.

“Hello” Twilight speaks up. “My friends and I just spoke to Aura Light and she said that you are here to help us.”

“Hello there. And who are you? Oh, Sorry! Where are my manners?! We should be introducing ourselves first! I’m Erza Scarlet.”

“I’m Natsu Dragneel!”

“Gray Fullbuster.”

“Lucy Heartfilia.”

“Wendy Marvell”

“Gajeel Redfox”

“And I’m Happy!”


“Panther Lily.”

“Oooooh! You three look so adorable!” Fluttershy says to Happy, Carla, and Panther Lily.

“Aye!” Happy responds.

“T-thanks, I guess.” Carla says.

“Well, pleased to make your acquaintance. I’m Twilight Sparkle, the princess of Equestria.”

“You’re a princess?!” Erza immediately gets down on one knee and bows. “Please forgive us. We had no idea that you are from royalty.”

“She seems pretty nice.” Starlight comments about Erza.

“It’s fine. Let me introduce you to my friends. This is my royal advisor, Spike. And this is Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Starlight Glimmer.”

After this introduction, Gajeel is thinking, “what kind of names are those?

“Anyway.” Rainbow Dash speaks up. “What kind of powers do you have?!”

“What you all just did was beyond incredible!” Rarity says.

“Are you guys superheroes that came from a world similar to a comic book?” Spike asks with his eyes beaming.

“What we use is magic and we are wizards.” Natsu explains.

“And we came from a world filled with magic” Erza added.

“WHAT?! All those things you did were magic?!” Twilight then bubbles up with excitement. “You have to tell me more! Like, how does your magic work! And tell me about the world you came from!”

“Hold on!” Erza stops her. “Pardon for the interruption. I know you all must have a lot of questions to ask and we’ll be happy to answer the best we can. But before we get to that, I think it’s best if you meet our guild and speak with our master. They are also involved in this.”

“Wait! There are more of you?!” Twilight asks surprised.

“Yeah, Aura Light brought the whole guild hall here. It’s just right outside this town.” Gajeel explains.

Natsu’s group then leads the ponies to the guild hall.

“Here we are. Meet our guild. Fairy Tail.” Erza introduces the ponies to the guild.

All the Fairy Tail members that stayed at the guild hall couldn’t help but stare at the pastel-colored ponies. Asuka immediately becomes fascinated with them and Mirajane Strauss thinks they’re cute.

After formal introductions between Twilight and Makarov, Pinkie adds another party to the anniversary celebration, a welcome-to-Equestria party for Fairy Tail. In the following moments, the wizards spend their time getting acquainted with the inhabitants of this world. Per Aura’s request, the dragon slayers referred to themselves as dragon mages that uses dragon magic. Some ponies are either fascinated or weirded out by the fact that Natsu eats fire and Gajeel eats iron. Meanwhile, Twilight learns a lot about Earth Land after interviewing numerous mages. Some Fairy Tail members entertain the foals by showing their magical abilities. Laki Olietta uses her Wood-Make magic to create wooden sculptures. Levy amazes the foals with her Solid Script magic. Gray and Juvia create ice sculptures together. Reedus Jonah painted portraits for Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda and for Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon.

After the party is finally over, Twilight returns to Canterlot with Spike and her parents. Cadence, Shining Armor, and Flurry Heart return to the Crystal Empire. Celestia and Luna return to Silver Shoals.

As for Fairy Tail, Starlight provides them guest rooms at the Castle of Friendship. They also begin making preparations for the coming storm. The guild hall is set up as a base of operations. Levy and Freed Justine construct a magical barrier around the guild hall and Ponyville and designed it to keep out dark unicorns and monsters. In the guild hall, Warren sets up the Magic Radar to monitor for dark unicorn and monster activity.


As Aura Light explained, the Order of Scarlet Night consists of dark unicorns and their legions of monsters. At the top, there is the dark alicorn, Scarlet Night. Serving directly below her are the Red Moon Generals, the ten highest-ranking dark unicorns in the Order of Scarlet Night. Each of them received a portion of Scarlet Night’s magical power, which augments their own power. Each Red Moon General has a number engraved on their left eye. They are divided into two groups: the upper generals (numbered one to five) and the lower generals (also numbered one to five). The upper members have gold numbers while the lower members have silver numbers. The number signifies their ranking among the Red Moon Generals, based on their level of strength. The weakest is Lower 5 while the strongest is Upper 1.

Currently in Scarlet Night’s hidden fortress, the five upper generals are having a meeting.

Shadow Mayhem: Red Moon General Upper 5
(Stallion; left eye is green, right eye is yellow, both eyes have red sclera; dark gray coat; light gray mane and tail; wears a black mask that covers his face except the eyes)

Blade Dancer: Red Moon General Upper 4
(Mare; dark green eyes with gray sclera; light brown coat; indigo mane and tail)

Roaring Blaze: Red Moon General Upper 3
(Stallion; orange eyes with red sclera; dark orange coat; red and yellow mane and tail)

Sapphire Butterfly: Red Moon General Upper 2
(Mare; violet eyes with red sclera; light blue coat; dark blue mane and tail)

Dread Lord: Red Moon General Upper 1
(Stallion; red eyes with black sclera; white coat; black mane and tail)

The one thing all the dark unicorns have in common is that they possess red horns that shine like crystals.

While having their meeting, the upper generals watch the footage of Fairy Tail’s interference in the attack on Ponyville from a crystal screen.

“That was an unexpected development” Sapphire Butterfly commented.

“I can’t believe that they managed to destroy all those monsters! And none of these beings even suffered a single scratch!” Roaring Blaze exclaimed.

“The small white cat said that Aura Light brought them to this world” Shadow Mayhem points out.

“Grrrr. Of course she would try to make things difficult for us. I don’t know how, but apparently, she can bring creatures from other worlds” Dread Lord says.

“So what about the plan?” Shadow Mayhem asks Dread Lord.

“Our plan hasn’t changed. Our war will still bring about negative emotions, which will create the negative energies needed to awaken Scarlet Night.”

“What should we do about the wizards?” Blade Dancer wonders.

“We should exercise caution. Aura Light is no fool. She would not go through the trouble of bringing them here unless she is certain that they can help her. After all, judging by how they fight, it is clear that they are no amateurs when it comes to battling. Nevertheless, we will still have our monsters wreak havoc on various places in Equestria. As for these wizards, we will observe them and gauge on their capabilities. Right now, our top priority is to awaken Scarlet Night.” Dread Lord explains.

“And depending on how this war goes, we may have to fight them ourselves eventually” Sapphire Butterfly comments.

“I hope I get a chance to meet the one with the red hair” Blade Dancer takes an interest in Erza.

“And that fire wizard piques my interest” Roaring Blaze says.

“If there is nothing left to discuss, then meeting adjourned” Dread Lord concludes the meeting.


It is night time in the Crystal Empire and most ponies there, including the royal family, are asleep. Inside Flurry Heart’s bedroom, the ghostly form of Aura Light emerges. She approaches the little alicorn while she is soundly sleeping. From the tip of her horn, Aura creates a small orb of light and levitates it to Flurry Heart. Once the orb enters her, Aura leaves while Flurry Heart remains unaware of her presence.