MLP FiM x Fairy Tail: Wizards in Equestria

by FL

Chapter 1 (1/2)

Earth Land, Kingdom of Fiore

In Magnolia Town, Fairy Tail guild hall…

Inside the guild hall, the wizards of Fairy Tail are celebrating their victory in the war against the Alvarez Empire, in which the black wizard Zeref and the feared King of Dragons, Acnologia, have been defeated.

The guild master, Makarov Dreyar, gives a speech.

“My children. It brings me great joy to see you all here. No doubt that the war with the Alvarez Empire will be long remembered. There were toils and tribulations, but with the help of allied guilds, we managed to overcome our greatest enemy yet!”

“YEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!” The Fairy Tail members cheered.

“However…” Makarov’s tone then shifts from cheerful to sad. “The first master, Mavis Vermillion, has sadly passed away. But…” He then goes back to being optimistic. “She gave her life for us. And we’ll forever be indebted to her. May she rest in peace.”

“May she rest in peace.” The Fairy Tail members repeated.

“Our future is in our hands now. Now then! On with the celebration!” Makarov declares.

The wizards in the guild eat, drink, and goof around to their heart’s content. As usual, Cana Alberona drinks alcohol from a whole barrel, while her father, Gildarts Clive, wants to spend some quality father-and-daughter time together.

On one side of the guild hall, there is Natsu Dragneel, Happy, and Lucy Heartfilia sitting together at a table. Happy is happily eating a fish and Natsu is scarfing down pieces of meat.

“So Lucy… What do you plan on doing?” Natsu says while his mouth is full.

“I’m thinking of continuing the book I’m writing. What about you?”

“Simple. I’m going to go on more quests!”

At another side of the guild hall, Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser are together at another table.

“Gray, darling… I’m wondering… maybe it’s time to take our relationship to the next level.” Juvia says while blushing.

“Let’s not get crazy please.” Gray replies while being wierded out by Juvia’s advances.

Erza Scarlet sits alone at another table, eating a piece of strawberry cake and thinking about a certain someone. “I wonder how Jellal is doing. I wish he could join us.”

Also sitting together are Gajeel Redfox, Panther Lily, and Levy McGarden.

Levy says a few things to Gajeel. “You know Gajeel. I’m happy that you’re here with me. I was very scared that I was going to lose you.” During the battle against Bloodman of the Spriggan 12, it appeared that Gajeel was going to meet his end, but he miraculously survived. “If you had died back there, I…”

Gajeel pats Levy on the head.

“Let’s not dwell on the past. We’re here and that’s all that matters. And I promise I won’t put you through that ever again.” Gajeel assures Levy.

The Fairy Tail guild continues with their partying. Then suddenly, the guild hall starts glowing and the entire building starts shaking. Naturally, this alarms the entire guild.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! What is happening?!” Happy starts to panic.

“Now what?” Laxus Dreyar says.

The shaking continues and the glow illuminating the guild hall grows brighter. Happy holds on to Natsu, Juvia holds on to Gray, Wendy Marvell holds on to Carla, Bisca Connell and Alzack Connell hold on to their daughter Asuka, Levy and Gajeel hold each other, and the Strauss siblings also hold each other tight. Laxus stands by his grandfather’s side. All the Fairy Tail mages brace themselves for what’s coming. The glow gets bright to the point that all the mages cover their eyes.

After a few minutes, the shaking stops and the glow dims down. When the mages can open their eyes again, they see that the guild hall and everyone in it appear to be fine.

“What just happened?” Gray asks bewildered.

“Whatever it was, it’s weird.” Gajeel commented.

“I thought something scary was coming.” Wendy says nervously.

Max Alors and Warren Rocko walk to the guild hall’s front entrance to take a look outside and what they see is going to surprise everyone. “Everyone! You need to look outside!” The two mages exclaimed.

All the mages then look outside and discover that they’re not in Magnolia anymore. They see that the guild hall is right outside a town with a crystal castle.

“Did the guild hall just move to another location?” Erza asks.

“Where in the world are we?” Makarov wonders.

As if that wasn’t strange enough, the Fairy Tail mages suddenly find themselves in an infinite white space.

“What is going on here?!” Natsu is getting fed up with these strange turn of events.

“Greetings, Fairy Tail.” a voice suddenly calls out to them. The mages turn their attention to the source of the voice. It appears to be a bright yellow glowing entity resembling an alicorn.

“Who… or what are you?” Makarov inquires.

“My name is Aura Light. And I was responsible for bringing you to this world.”

“This world?” Erza wonders what she meant by that.

“Yes. You all are in another world. Right now, you are in the land of Equestria in the world of Equus.”

The Fairy Tail mages are dumbfounded by her statement. “Equus? Equestria?” That’s what some Fairy Tail members are thinking about.

Aura gives a brief rundown on Equestria and its inhabitants. The Fairy Tail mages are perplexed after hearing about magical ponies and other creatures. Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel show interest about the dragons in this world. However, Aura did not tell them everything such as the names of some of these ponies and creatures.

“Ok. That was all interesting. But I must ask. Why did you bring us here?” Makarov says.

“Because I have a request for the whole guild.”

“A request?”

“A dark force is about to threaten Equestria. It is known as the Order of Scarlet Night. It consists of dark unicorns and their legions of monsters. Their master is my older twin sister, Scarlet Night, the alicorn of darkness.”

“Your sister?”

“4000 years ago, long before the existence of Equestria, Scarlet Night and her forces waged a terrible war on the land and tried to plunge it into darkness. To stop my sister, I made the ultimate sacrifice. Now, Scarlet Night’s servants are trying to revive her. My request is this, ensure Scarlet Night’s downfall.”

“Just to be clear. You want my family to fight in another war?”

Aura then prostrates herself. “Please, I beg of you. If nothing is done, innocents will suffer. The Order of Scarlet Night is too powerful for the defenders of Equestria to fight alone. The reason I turn to you is because I believe that your guild can help Equestria resist the Order of Scarlet Night. I promise that your reward will be great.”

“I couldn’t help but wonder. How do you know about Fairy Tail?”

“I have been observing your guild for some time. I saw the battles your children fought in as well as how they overcame great adversity time and time again. So I ask you this, will you please accept my request?”

The Fairy Tail members ponder for a while. Natsu then steps forward.

“I say we help her.”

“Natsu?” Lucy says.

“Look, I know we just met her. But I can’t turn my back on a world that’s in danger of being destroyed.” Natsu explains.

“I’ll also help out.” Gray agrees. “I can’t walk away from what I know is right.”

“If innocent lives are threatened, then I’ll do whatever it is within my power to protect them.” Erza declares.

“You know. It’s not everyday we get to see another world.” a random Fairy Tail member says.

“Yeah! We beat Zeref and Acnologia! We can do anything!”

No Fairy Tail members express any objections.

“Very well, it seems we are all in agreement.” Makarov states.

“You all have my profound gratitude” Aura says with great relief.

Lucy raises her right hand. “Hold on! How long are we expected to stay in Equestria? Some of us do have rent to pay.”

“No need to worry. When you return to your world, you will find that only a short time has passed there.” Aura explains.

“Before I go, there’s something you need. Please take a look at your right wrist.” Aura instructed.

Each Fairy Tail member did as they’re told and find that they are wearing some kind of magical bracelet. Aura proceeds to explain the bracelets’ functions. They can display a holographic map of Equestria. It also shows the wearer’s position so it can act like a GPS. What’s more is that the wearer can select a location on the map and teleport there in an instant. The bracelets also enable their wearers to store items in a pocket dimension and communicate with fellow Fairy Tail members. The wearer can take their bracelets off anytime they wish, and should they get lost or stolen, the bracelets will teleport back to their owners.

“There’s another thing I need to take care of. Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel, and Laxus. Please step forward.”

Once the four stand in front of Aura, she casts a spell on them. “This is a spell that prevents motion sickness. You four will be able to ride on vehicles without any problems. The spell will remain in effect until you return to Earth Land.”

“Really! That’s sweet!” Natsu says excitedly. “That means I can ride on a train or a carriage without getting sick!”

“There’s just one more thing I want to say to you. To avoid any potential misunderstandings and confusions with the dragons in this world, please avoid using the term ‘dragon slayer’. Just say that you’re dragon wizards and that you use dragon magic.”

The mages then finds themselves back in the guild hall.

“Well that was an interesting encounter.” Gildarts commented.

The mages then see a vortex surrounded by dark clouds suddenly appear in the sky above the nearby town. Out of the vortex comes a swarm of large bug-like monsters resembling beetles, wasps, and mantises. The monsters proceed to lay siege to the town.

“Look’s like that town’s in trouble!” Natsu is the first to rush into action.

Happy, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Carla, Gajeel, and Panther Lily follow after him.

Rewinding time back a little…..

The town of Ponyville…

It has been one year since Twilight Sparkle became ruler of Equestria. During this time, Ponyville is still mainly inhabited by ponies.

The town is celebrating the anniversary of Twilight’s ascension to the throne, and the ruler herself will be coming to Ponyville. Rainbow Dash’s job is to clear the skies, Pinkie and Applejack are in charge of the sweets and food with assistance from the Cake Family and the whole Apple Family, Fluttershy rehearse with her song bird choir, and Rarity works on decorations. Starlight Glimmer oversees the preparations with Trixie Lulamoon and Sunburst assisting her. Starlight thoroughly goes over her checklist.

“You know Starlight. You are really starting to act like Twilight.” Trixie says.

“Really? You think so? I never thought about that.” Starlight replies.

Starlight, Trixie, and Sunburst then meet up with Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity.

“Hello everypony. How are the preparations?” Starlight asks her friends.

“I cleared away all the clouds.” Rainbow says proudly.

“Everything is marvelous.” Rarity feeling pleased with herself.

“I can’t wait for Twilight to try the cakes I made for her!” Pinkie exclaims while bouncing up and down.

“Good, good, and… Oh! Look who have just arrived!” Starlight notices that the royal family from the Crystal Empire has come. Starlight immediately greeted Cadence, Shining Armor, and their daughter Flurry Heart. Cadence and Shining Armor say that Flurry Heart has been looking forward to seeing Twilight the most.

Celestia and Luna, former princesses of Equestria, as well as Twilight’s parents, Twilight Velvet and Night Light, are also at Ponyville for the occasion. The Young Six also gathered. Discord has not arrived yet, but Fluttershy is certain that he will be here soon.

Shortly later, a chariot pulled by a pair of pegasi arrives and on it are Twilight Sparkle herself and her royal advisor Spike.

Once Twilight and Spike step off the chariot, they are met with a warm reception. The Young Six went up to her first and give their greetings to their former teacher.

“Auntie Twilight!” Flurry Heart immediately flew to her aunt.

Twilight gives her niece a warm hug. “Flurry! How’s my favorite niece doing?” She then turns to her other friends and family. “Everypony! I have finally arrived! I had a lot of tasks to complete before coming, but I’m now I’m here to take part in this celebration with all of you!” Twilight notices that Discord is absent. “Where’s Discord?”

“We haven’t seen him yet. But knowing him, I’m sure he’s somewhere close by preparing to pull some kind of prank.” Starlight answers.

Twilight and Cadence walk up to each other and perform their ladybug dance before hugging each other. Twilight then went on to hug each of her other friends and family.

“Now that we are all here, LET’S PARTY!!!!!!” Pinkie shouted with great joy. The others wholeheartedly agree.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a large puff of smoke appears with a loud bang, and this alerted the group. When the smoke clears, ten strange-looking unicorns all wearing light-red cloaks emerge.

“We meet at last, Twilight Sparkle!” says the one who is standing in front of his peers. “If you’re wondering about your friend Discord, we sealed him away in the chaos dimension.”

Fluttershy is alarmed by that statement. “Discord is trapped there!” The rest of her friends are surprised too.

“W-who are you?” Twilight asks with both curiosity and concern.

“We are the Order of Scarlet Night! And we are here… TO DECLARE WAR!!!!!” the leader says menacingly.

“Declare war?! But why?!” Twilight as well as her friends and family were confused by this sudden declaration.

“The Order of Scarlet Night? I never heard of such a group.” Celestia says.

“4000 years ago, we undertook a mission to destroy this land! And now, we have returned to finish the job!”

Rainbow Dash wasn’t going to hear any more of this. “I don’t know who you ponies are or where you came from, but if you come here looking for a fight, then you got one!”

“Rainbow Dash! Wait!” Twilight shouted.

Rainbow Dash flies fast towards the leader, intending to tackle him. She then crashes hard against a magical barrier. One of the other unicorns then strikes Rainbow Dash with a lightning bolt, sending her flying back to her friends.

“Rainbow Dash!” her friends screeched. The bolt was nonlethal, but it still hurt as Rainbow Dash is lying on the ground in pain.

“Listen well Twilight Sparkle! And everycreature of Equestria! Very soon, this land will be ravaged by chaos and destruction!”

There is then a big flash of light and the unicorns are gone. Twilight’s group is at a loss for words.

“I have a terrible feeling about this.” Fluttershy whimpers.

“Those unicorns were giving me the chills.” Spike says.

The vortex surrounded by dark clouds appears in the sky above and the swarm of bug-like monsters emerges. The Ponyville residents scream and run for their lives. The monsters home in on their target, which is the Council of Friendship. Since Twilight and her friends are grouped together, the monsters go in one direction, towards them. The Mane 7 (including Starlight), Celestia, and Luna prepare to fight while Spike, Trixie, Sunburst, the Young Six, the Crystal Empire royal family, and Twilight’s parents stay back.

What happened next wasn’t what anycreature was expecting. Suddenly, Natsu strikes the lead monster from above and smashes it into the ground with a fist imbued with fire. The other monsters immediately recognized Natsu as a threat and charge at him.

“FIRE DRAGON WING ATTACK!” Natsu instantly destroys many more monsters.

Happy, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Carla (in her human form), Gajeel, and Panther Lily (in his battle form) arrive at the scene.

“You always have a knack for going straight into danger. ICE-MAKE: HAMMER!” Gray squashes some of the monsters with a giant hammer of ice.

“Open! Gate of the Golden Bull, Taurus!” Lucy summons Taurus. “And now. Star Dress: Taurus form!” Taurus swings his giant axe at the monsters while Lucy strikes with the whip in her hand.

“IRON DRAGON LANCE: DEMON LOGS!” Gajeel launches a large number of iron spears at their enemies multiple times in rapid succession.

“SKY DRAGON WAVE WIND!” Wendy also pitches in.

Carla also fights using swift and powerful kicks.

Erza and Panther Lily attack with their swords. In a few seconds flat, they cut down numerous monsters. A wasp monster charges at Erza with its stinger, but Erza simply cuts the monster in half.

As for Happy, he just watches from the sidelines.

Twilight Sparkle, her friends, her family, and every resident of Ponyville watch as the battle goes on. They are completely awestruck as they witness a small group decimating an army of fearsome monsters with little to no effort. They also paid attention to what some of the strange bipedal beings are saying whenever they attack. They heard words like Fire Dragon, Ice-Make, Sky Dragon, and Iron Dragon. Twilight herself noticed that they look like the humans from the world Sunset Shimmer lives in, but wonders if they are actually humans at all.

Eventually, the strange beings destroy all the monsters.

“Is this all of them?” Natsu asks.

“It appears so” Erza says.

However, the vortex in the sky remains and a new monster arrives. It is a massive gigantic creature resembling a rhinoceros beetle and it stands many meters tall.

“Looks like we got a big one.” Gajeel says without any worry.

The giant monster then charges at the wizards.

“REQUIP: THE KNIGHT!” Erza instantly dons her Heaven’s Wheel Armor. She then summons hundreds of swords and launches them at the monster.

“ICE-MAKE: LANCE!” Gray attacks with multiple ice lances.

Lucy returns Taurus to the Celestial Spirit World. “Open Gate of the Archer, Sagittarius!” After she summoned her next Celestial Spirit, “Star Dress: Sagittarius Form!” Both Lucy and Sagittarius fire a volley of magical arrows.

After taking all that punishment, the monster’s mouth then glows orange as smoke comes out of it. It then releases a large torrent of fire. Natsu goes in front of the flames and swallows it all up.

All the spectators watched this with wide eyes and jaws dropping. They are all thinking, “DID THAT CREATURE ACTUALLY ATE ALL THOSE FLAMES?!!!!!!!”

“I wonder what fire tastes like” Pinkie becomes curious.

“Heh, Let’s show this monster how to really roar. FIRE DRAGON….”



“..…ROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAR!!!!” Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel unleash their roars simultaneously. This combination attack severely damages the monster and knocks it down.

All the spectators are now thinking, “WHAT KIND OF CREATURES ARE THEY?!!!!!!

The monster is not yet finished as it slowly gets back up. However, before it gets back on its feet, Natsu jumps onto its chest.


Natsu has dealt the finishing blow. The monster wails as its body burns and crumbles.

With the monster’s destruction, the dark vortex in the sky disappears.