Return of primordials

by Cursebringer

2 - introductions and returning to the surfers


“Where are our manners” We said.

“my name is Thanwen.” he said.

“and my name is Tiamat.” she said.

When we spoke our own names we said it in our own voices.

-3rd pov-

As the dragon told them there names the pony’s and drake looked shocked that it spoke with a male and a female voice.


“Are there two dragons in this cavern i thought that i only sensed one.” Was what I thought.

When I looked around i saw only the one dragon.

Thats when the other dragon spoke again. “Ah i see you are confused with why i spoke two names and also in different voices.” As we nodded the dragon chuckled and replied with. “That is because we are two dragons who’s bodies can become one do to something that happened in our past, don’t worry we have already removed the negative side effects of the magic. Also without that we would never have become mates.” Was the answer that they gave.

As they sed that i thought that it was a pretty weird story.

Thats when i remembered that we were still in a dark cavern so i sed. “Hé guys let’s head back to where we had set up camp so we can see how our new guest looks like in the light.


As we have returned to the campsite we finally were able to see more details about the dragon. They have sharp claws and black scales. There eyes a heterochromia of red and blue. The have two large horns coming out there head and have them curving backwards with on each Side four horns that become smaller. They also look very strong but on the other side also agile. Than they have large than normal wings and the wing membrane and underbelly scales are a little lighter gray. Last but not least there tail has a sharp blade like end that looks like it could cleve through Wood without a problem.

“Man you look intimidating.” Was the first thing that came out of my mouth.

“Why thank you.” Was the fist thing the dragon replied back to my comment.

“Now than that you have seen us let’s had back up to the surface before something happens to you children.” Sed the dragon.

When they sed that i saw that rainbow was trying to protest but daring stoped her.

“We have no idea on how you survived coming down here. We mean how did you survive the crystal hydra?” Sed the dragon.

When we heard that we were immediately scared because we hadn't seen one and a normal hydra is already very dangerous.

“Alright everypony lets leave as soon as possible.” Was twilights immediate response and everyone agreed with it immediately.

“Well if that is you response we guess you haven’t encountered it yet. Well then follow us we know a quick path to the first level of the cave the hydra shouldn't show up there.” Sed the dragon to the group. “And you spike stay close to us.” They ordered.

*5 hours later*
-3rd pov-

As the group was following the smaller dragon they didn’t notice the emerald eyes following them. It also took them less than 5 hours to get to the first level of the cave.

At this point the eyes became desperate and pounced.


As we were guiding the pony’s and dragon out we saw a young crystal wolf following us. When we were almost at the end the wolf launched it’s attack.

As we saw that we Immediately sprang into action as i cast a spell to bind the wolf. i immediately grabbed it so it could do nothing. When Tiamat casted the spell her horns lit up with a silver white collar. “This would be a good gift.” We thought.

“Spike come here” we sed.

As spike came closer i casted a spell to bind it to spike. “Here now it’s your pet and guardian.” We sed and spike looked surprised.

what you never got a gift or a pet before. I sed to the little one.

“Well now that that is done let’s continue.” We sed as the purple pony kept asking questions about the spells we used.

*20 minutes later*

Not long after i got the crystal wolf we saw the exit to the cave.

Thats when i thought about what would happen if an unknown immensely powerful dragon would step out a cave close to canterlot surrounded by guards. “Um... first of what should i call you when you are like that.” I asked first.

They responded with. “You can call us black shadow or shadow for short otherwise it would be hard to speak to us like this.”

“Alright shadow it may be a good idea to let us exit first and maybe lower your magic power output (in this world one can estimate how strong someone is by how much magic they ‘leak out’) otherwise you might cause problems with the guards surrounding the place.” I sed to shadow and the others agreed.

‘Hmmm... you have a good point there.” They sed and almost immediately i noticed that there was almost no leaking like less than a foal.

“How, how is that possible.” Screamed twilight when she noticed it. “How can you stop that much leaking and in such a short time, tell me.” Twilight demanded while shadow ignored her.

“Now than lets get you out, yes?” Shadow asked.

*oudside the crystal cave, a few minutes earlier*

-3rd pov-

Outside the entrence of the cave a few groups of guards stood with celestia and luna a bit further away.

“It has only been a few days don't worry sister” sed luna to celestia as celestia was pacing in worry.

“I know i know but sister i just have the feeling something big is going to happen.” Was celestia’s answer for her sister.

That’s when they saw twilight and the other’s leave the cave.

“Twilight i see you have returned i hope the expedition went well.” Celestia asked as she was walking to the group.

That’s when she noticed the crystal wolf with them and asked. “Twilight my i ask what that wolf is? And why it is so docile?”

“Well it is a crystal wolf. They are like the timber wolfs but for the crystal creatures. And the reason why it is so docile is is that it was tamed, i think.” Answer twilight.

That’s when spike spoke up. “Princess when we were exploring we met a very old dragon that was waking up so it led us out of the cave. It decidet to wait for a little bit so you can be prepared and don’t do anything rushed like attack it.

“Ok shadow you can come out we have told them about you being with us.” Spike yelled into the cave.

What steped out whasn’t the shrunken shadow they were with but one that was a bit larger making them stand over celestia.

*cave mouth a little before exiting*


As we waited we decided to undo the shrinking a bit so we would be larger than the pony’s. After we did that we heard spike yell for us to come out. So that is exactly what i did.

When we walked outside the first thing we noticed were the two large pony’s speaking with the group i led out.

“Well this is interesting we have never before seen a pony like these two” we sed.

“It looked like they weren’t expecting that thought.” We thought.

“Now then it is time we introduced ourself” we sed.

-3rd pov-

“Twilight why is this dragon speaking in third pony?” Celestia asked. “Is it maybe an important dragon from the past?”

“We don’t know the only creature they spoke with was spike.” Twilight answered.

“Why do you refer to it as they?” She asked again. To witch twilight answered. “You will see.”

“Ahem may we continue without being interrupted.” Shadow asked.

“Yes, sorry for my sisters rudeness you may continue.” Luna answered.

“Well then. Good day everyone in this form you can call us Black Shadow. But let’s not be rude and tell you who we really are and show you our true form in a smaller size.” They sed.

At that point shadow walked back to get some more space.

And then they started leaking a bit of there power. Even if it was a bit it was still overwhelming and frightening.

Thats when they started to glow...

To be continued...