the Fire of Courage

by NinjaMare

Chapter 4: Flamedramon vs. Shining Armor

The barracks, this is not just where the royal guard not only go to change in, or out of their armor and swift shifts with other guards, it also act as the guards primary training ground. behind where the ponies would house their armor, is a large training area where ponies hone their skills. Unicorns practice their magic, pegasi work on their acrobatics, and earth ponies train in martial combat and restrain tactics. But today the barracks didn’t have ponies training or testing their skills, today the barracks was full of guards sitting or standing and making bets or talking with one another, as their captain has challenged the strange creature that has accompanied Twilight Sparkle to the castle.

“So who do you think is going to win this little sparing match?” a guards mare asked her fellow guards as ponies were placing their bets amongst their little groups.

“Well the captain didn’t get his rank for nothing.” A stallion said as his wings ruffled as he looked to his fellow guard. “He was the one to ace not only the exam for the post, but showed the most skill in training to make captain.”

“Maybe.” A unicorn mare guard said as she brushed some of her mane out of her face. “But that other guy is ripped!” she said as she looked at the Digimon’s well-toned body, even licking her lips as she looks at Flamedramon’s muscles.

Speaking of said digital monster, and captain, both were standing int the center of the barracks where the main sparing ring stood. As for Twilight, Rarity, and Spike, they were among the guards, watching as both Shining Armor and Flamedramon take their places in the ring, but what they found odd was that Flamedramon wasn’t dawning his armor.

“To make it clear Shining Armor, this is a sparing match. Not a real battle to see who wins or not, correct?” the Digimon asked as he and the captain stretch out their bodies.

“That’s right. but I don’t want you to hold back, I want to see what your really capable of, to see how I can stack up.” Shining Armor said as his horn flushed with magic, revving up his magical flow.

“I would advise against fighting me at a hundred percent.” Flamedramon warned as he finishes his stretching.

“I can tell that your, strong, just not strong enough to face me if I were to go all out.” Shining Armor again looked offended that again Flamedramon seemed to look down at him, or say that he was weaker than he was.

“As I said before, I’m stronger than I look, so don’t treat me like a colt playing soldier.” The captain said with a snort of irritation. The Digimon then gave a sigh as he shrugs his shoulders.

“Very well then.”

The Digimon raised his arms and held them in a X formation in front of his face. then in one swift motion swung his arms back down to his side, while they, his chest, feet, and head burst into flames! Everypony in attendance was thoroughly shocked in seeing the flames just, erupting out of nowhere, and just bathing the Digimon. Then as the flames died down everypony saw that Flamedramon was now dawned in armor, and was already getting into a fighting position. And as he did, the atmosphere in the room changed, as if the air has become humid and thick, making it hard to breath. The atmosphere wasn’t the only that changed. When Shining Armor, or any pony looked upon the Digimon, they all felt an intense feeling emanating from the digital monster, a sensation that caused all of them to shiver. Shining swallowed the lump that had developed in his throat, before getting into a battle-ready pose, horn lit with magic to ready any spell.

A guard then approaches the area, a tall stout unicorn, and as he does so he glances between the captain and the Digimon.

“This will be a friendly sparing match; the winner will be decided win one of the combatants surrender. Challengers, are you ready?” both competitors nodded their head in confirmation.

“Then, begin!”

The moment that the stallion started the fight, Flamedramon bolted over to Shining Armor with such incredible speed that from the onlooking crowed, it appeared that the Digimon had teleported! Shining Armor was taken aback by the Digimon’s surprising speed that he couldn’t defend himself probably, only able to bring up a small shield spell to block a punch from the Digimon, but it was shattered upon making contact and the punch continued on with its flight until it struck the stallion square in the face! the captain was sent flying backwards across the ring, till he skid to a stop two feet away from the edge of the ring, after recovering from the attack the captain retaliated by firing a fairly strong magic blast.

But as it closed in on the Digimon, it was instantly backed hand by Flamedramon’s right gauntlet, dispersing it with ease. The captain then gathered a lot of magic into his horn, and then fired a few more magical blast’s at the Digimon, but like the one before, they were all knocked to the side or up in the air. Where they quickly dissipated back into the ether. Shining attempted to fire five blast’s at the same time, each being fired in different directions, before arcing towards Flamedramon.

But the Digimon didn’t even flinch. In an impressive display of skill and speed, the Armored Digimon either punched, or kicked each magic blast till it dispersed. After the fifth magic blast was bested, the ponies, including Shining Armor, were just left in awe. However the captain was brought out of his state of awe when the Digimon again lunged towards hum, forcing him to create another shield, only this time he was more prepared so when the Digimon went in for a punch, the shield held, barely. A sizable crack covered the surface of the shield where Flamedramon struck, and before the stallion could repair or even counter attack, Flamedramon spun on his feet and delivered a powerful kick, shattering the shield in one go! But the stallion didn’t waver, or get distraught, Shining Armor went in for a counter attack, standing on his hind legs and going in for a punch while the Digimon recovers from the wide kick.

“Wow! He’s really good!” one guard said in bewilderment as he watched the captain miss two punches, while Flamedramon spun around the captain and knocked him to the floor with a low sweeping kick.

“I hate to say it, but the captain is defiantly out classed.” Another guard said as she watches the captain recover from his drop to the floor, dodging a tail smack from the Digimon who went back on the offense with punches, and kicks.

“I don’t even think this guy is even taking the captain seriously.” Another guard said, his eyes watching the Digimon very closely. “I mean it may just be me, but he doesn’t seem to be using a whole lot of his power.”

Twilight and her two friends continued to hear various comments that the guards were making, and while Twilight, Rarity, and Spike weren’t adept in fighting…they could definitely tell that Flamedramon wasn’t using probably half of his skill and power. at least based on what they’ve heard from the Digimon himself.

“Twilight are you sure your brother will be, alright?” Rarity asked as she watched Flamedramon deliver another punch to the stallion, causing Shining Armor to ‘gaffa!’ and drop to his knees.

“I hope so!” Twilight said worriedly as Flamedramon just stood over her brother, clutching his stomach as he looks up to the Digimon.

“Do you give up?” Shining gritted his teeth as he looked up to the Digimon, but as much as he would like try, he knows that right now…he wouldn’t be able to best the Digimon.

“I give up.” the stallion said as he hung his head, while the guard that started the sparing match declared the official winner, getting a resounding cheer from the guards after witnessing the Digimon’s skills. And seeing their captain try his best to fight back.

The Digimon dis-armored himself in another flurry of fire, starting the ponies again, as he now stood over the stallion in the buff. Flamedramon then offered the stallion a hand to take, and once he did Shining Armor was lifted up from the ground onto his hooves. The guards, along with Twilight and her two friends, trotted towards the group and started to check over the two. Mostly on Shining Armor as he was the one receiving all the hits, while Flamedramon nary has a blemish on him. after the guards and Twilight checked Shining over, the stallion turned to look at the Digimon, who was getting praises from the other half of the guards for his skills.

“Well, I’d have to admit, your definitely a lot stronger than I thought you.” the stallion said as he looked up to the Digimon, who looked down at him with a small smile.

“Same for you.” Flamedramon said as he held a hand out. “You certainly did better than I thought you would.” The Armor Digimon complimented the stallion who gave a small chortle.

The stallion gave the Digimon an equally friendly smile, and placed his right hoof in the Digimon’s hand where the fingers wrapped around it, then shook it in a show of good sportsponyship. After the sparing match was over with, Flamedramon and his friends left the castle, bidding the guards and Shining a farewell as they made their way through the city. Heading straight for the train station.

“Well this was certainly a bit more, exciting than I initially thought it was going to be.” Twilight said as the group based by a large group of ponies that were leaving a restaurant, who upon seeing Flamedramon immediately started to gossip amongst themselves.

“You can say that again.” Spike mused as he rode on Twilight’s back. “I’m still blown away on how you handled that fight Flamedramon, I mean Shining is a really tough pony, yet you handled him like he was nothing.”

“Well I have more actual combat experience than he does.” Flamedramon said as the group got to the train station, where they could hear the train coming towards them. “Training can only take one so far.”

“Well hopefully the rest of the day will be more relaxing.” Rarity said as the group stands amongst the small crowd of ponies on the stations flat, all either glancing, or looking right at Flamedramon.

The train started to make its way into the station once it left the tunnel, and came to a slow stop once it finally pulled in. the train was then unloaded from it’s passengers as they exited the cars, getting a mild shock when they saw Flamedramon standing there. but before the group bordered the train they all saw Flamedramon jumped on top of the train.

“Flamedramon, what are you doing darling?” Rarity asked as she, her friends, and the ponies about to go in the train all looked up at the Digimon.

“No offense, but your trains are rather, cramp, for my liking. I’ll just make my why back to town.” Flamedramon said as he looked over his shoulder at the group, before looking out towards the mountain side.

Then in one huge leap, the ponies saw Flamedramon just flew off into the air! Quickly rushing into the train, all of the ponies plus Spike, heck even the conductor watched from the window Flamedramon scaling down the mountain. Watching him effortlessly landing on the cliffs and ledges with such grace and fluidity, before leaping to a new spot. None of the ponies could even say anything to describe what they are witnessing, as Flamedramon soon was out of view. No longer visible to the ponies as they just, sit there, looking out the windows with looks of amazement plastered on their faces.