Wrong Slice

by SkarletIce


"Twilight" spike called to the mare staring into space. "TWILIGHT!" he waved his claw in front of her.

"Huh, oh it's you spike. Whats up?" Twilight asked, shaking her head.

Folding his arms, "You've been staring at the wall for 10 minutes." Spike said.

"Sorry spike, you know it's just that things are quiet around here, and you know it can be a little boring." she replied, lowering her head.

"Oh right." Spike rolled his eyes, "Cause it so boring when the fate of Equestria isn't in the balance."

"Don't give me that. It's just you know, I'm still kinda new to these pricess duties and Celestia hasn't really given me much to do." Twilight said standing up.

"Well just cause you're a princess doesn't mean you aren't a pony." Spike said hopping on his crystal throne. "Maybe you should find a hobby."

"Like what?" she replied, turning to him. "I've read every book Celestia sent us, and the others are out solving friendship problems."

"How about your other friends? Maybe you can hang with them." Spike suggested.

"UHG'' she plopped her head on the crystal table. "I don't know Spike, they all have lives to live and I don't want to show up uninvited."

She looked over at the mirror across the room, above it a book with a symbol of the sun. "That's it!" Twilight shouted. Spike looked at her confused as she hopped off her throne, trotting over to the mirror. She grabbed the book with her magic opening it to a blank page. "Spike quill and ink please."

"Coming right up" he walked to a cabinet on the far end retrieving the supplies. "Here you go" he said as she took both in her magic.

Twilight wrote the words she said aloud.

"Dear Sunset Shimmer,

I was wondering if you guys are available to hang out anytime soon? I'd love to visit again.

Your’s Twilight Sparkle."

She placed the book back atop the mirror and sat waiting for a response. After a few minutes the book began to buzz and glow, Twilight literally flew out of her seat eager to read the reply.

"Dear Twilight

We'd love it if you came back around. If you show up tomorrow we can set up a sleepover.

Sunset Shimmer (:"

"Looks like we're going to canterlot high, Spike." Twilight cheered.

"We aren't going anywhere" Spike said, getting a look in response. Spike side while facepalming "Me and big mac are going to Creston to watch the opening hoofball game of the season."

"Oh." Twilight said quietly.

"Come on you'll still have fun without me." Spike replied, climbing on her back.

"I guess you're right." Twilight raised her head. "Better start getting ready!"

Twilight woke to the sound of the roster Applejack kept in her room of the castle. She gave a groan as she slid out of bed onto the floor, she peaked at the time reading, 7:00.

Picking herself up she noticed Spike was already gone. After a long stretch she walked to the main hall of the castle, taking a seat she yawned. PLacing her head on the table she looked at the mirror across the table for a minute before it dawned on her. "Oh My Gosh! I almost forgot Spike!"

Twilight looked down at the smaller throne beside her to see a bag instead. On top there was a note reading

"Have fun.

-Your #1 assistant."

Giving a smile she placed the bag on her back with magic, then walked over to the mirror flipping the switch on the side. A swirling pattern appeared on the mirror, Twilight took a deep breath before stepping through.

She wasn't completely used to the stretching and pulling that the portal did to her but she did her best to repress a scream, as she flew through the colorful distortion of space.

Twilight stepped out of the newly rebuilt statue in front of Canterlot High fist balled as usual. She looked around at the empty grounds, not seeing any one she approached the entrance to the school. She pulled on the door but it was locked, she tilted her head confused. It took a second before it sunk in "Today's Saturday" she said face palming.

Waiting around for an hour a blue motorcycle pulled up to the school. The driver parked the bike removing her helmet to reveal rainbow hair.

"HEY! Twilight!" She called out.

Twilight looked up seeing her friend she stood and began running towards her. "Rainbow Dash''. Getting close enough Twilight gave Rainbow a hug asking "How have you been?"

"I'm alright," Rainbow replied, returning the hug, "Let's get going, the others are waiting". Rainbow turned to the bike presenting a conveniently colored purple helmet.

Rainbow got onto the motorcycle first, with Twilight behind her. "You're gonna want to hold on," Rainbow said.

Twilight put her arms around her saying "Like this?" she asked.

"Tighter." Rainbow replied. Twilight was now fully pressed up against her, getting a smile and engine rev from Rainbow.

Twilight screamed, closing her eyes as they took off, getting a laugh from the rainbow. As they drove Twilight gained the courage to open her eyes, watching they drove past people and buildings both out of sight before she could register any of it.

Rainbow decided to slow down as they pulled into the residential area, she felt Twighlight's grip loosen as they came to a stop. Getting off the bike twilight's steps were wobbly nearly tripping over herself. "You gonna be okay?" Rainbow asked.

Twilight replied with a nod, walking behind her friend. Rainbow was about to knock when Pinkie Pie opened the door with a gasp. "OH MY Gosh, Twilight's here!" she shouted.

Pinkie pulled them both into the pink house, "Every one she's her!" Pinkie said.

"Twilight!" her friends called out hugging her.

"Hi guys" she said as they surrounded her.

"Twi, you gotta tell us what yer been up to." AppleJack said dragging her to the couch.

"Oh you know a little this, some of that" Twilight answered twirling her hair.

"Ooo, anything exciting" Pinkie said, surprising Twilight.

"Pinkie! Give her some space, she just got here." Sunset said, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Twilight gave a long sigh before speaking "In truth things are kinda slow for me back in Equestria, all of your pony counterparts are out on friendship missions and even Spike is busy today. So I'm kinda left alone today."

"Well I for one am glad you showed up." Rarity said "I'd be at home, or running the boutique today."

"I agree with that, I love workin the apples but it’s nice to get a break." AppleJack agreed.

Looking around twilight noticed someone was missing, "Where is Fluttershy?" Twilight asked.

"Oh the poor thing had to watch the shelter today she'll join us later tonight." Rarity answered.

"If you ask me she spends too much time there." Rainbow said from in the kitchen. "Twilight, you want something to drink?" she called, grabbing a water.

"No, I'm fine. Thanks." as she responded her stomach growled, she smiled rubbing her head in embarrassment. "Sorry I guess I forgot to eat this morning."

"It's fine I always have plenty of cupcakes," Pinkie said, pulling two from her hair, offering one to Twilight as she devoured the other.

"uhhh" Twilight stammered.

"That ain't no meal, let's go see what we can whip up." Applejack said, leading them into the kitchen.

They sifted through the cabinets and fridge finding copious amounts of flour, sugar, and cupcakes, along with peanut butter and some bread. "Well there ain't much to work with here" Applejack said folding her arms, looking at Pinkie.

"What? I know what I'm good at." Pinkie defended.

"Hold on, Fluttershy isn't here right." Rainbow interrupted.

"Right" AppleJack and Pinkie answered.

"Sooo, let's order, PIZZA!" Rainbow Shouted.

Everyone gasped, then shouted "Pepperoni!".

Rainbow pulled out her phone placing the call, "Hi there, I'll take two large pepperoni. Yeup. 306 Sun Ave. You have a good day too". She put the phone back into her pocket. "We're all good" she said.

Pinkie and Rainbow Dash tried to explain MineCraft to Twilight while they waited. Right as Twilight made her first pick a knock was heard at the door. Sunset opened the door to a delivery man.

"Two large Pepperoni?" he asked.

"That's us." Sunset replied presenting two twenty dollar bills. "Keep the change" she smiled

"Thank you," he said, passing the pizza. "Have a nice day."

"You too," Sunset said, closing the door. "Foods here!" she called out placing the boxes on the island in the kitchen.

"About time." Rainbow said vaulting the couch.

"Save some for the rest of us" AppleJack called behind her.

Twilight was the last to enter in the kitchen as her stomach growled once again. Hearing it Rarity passed her a paper plate with two slices.

"Eat up dear it'll get cold." Rarity said before taking a bite of her own.

Twilight looked at the red discs that lay across the food. She wanted to ask what they were but didn't, seeing as her friends enjoyed it. She grabbed a slice from the plate taking a bite with pepperoni in it. She gave a relaxed sigh as it hit her tongue, the flavors melded together in her mouth. She finished both slices before she realised it.

"Personally I prefer Joe's pizza but some people like Mrs. Cake's better." Rainbow said scarfing down another slice.

"I wouldn't say it's better, she just got a better price." Applejack replied

"Uh could you pass me another," Twilight asked, interrupting them.

"Sure thing" Rainbow said. "What do you think of Twilight?"

"It's delicious" She said taking a bite "Who thought of shuch a thing"

Sunset was talking with Pinkie Pie when she saw Twilight taking a bite. Seeing the pepperoni she was reminded of something awful, causing her to shout "TWILIGHT!"

Twilight paused "Yeah?"

"OH uh, I was, uh just wondering have you had pepperoni before?" Sunset asked, approaching her.

"No." Twilight replied, putting the slice down to her plate. "Why?"

"I was just curious, with pepperoni being meat." Sunset replied.

"Meat?" Twilight tilted her head.

"Meat." Sunset repeated. "Oh no, you haven't digested meat before have you?"

"I don't think so," Twilight said with a concerned face. "Is it bad?"

Sunset placed a hand on her shoulder and looked into her eyes saying "From one mare to another, I'm sorry for not warning you."

"What are you talking about?" Twilight asked, putting the plate down.

"Lets just say what you're gonna go through is tougher than any challenge you've ever faced." Sunset said, removing her hand.

"What does that mea---" Twilight was cut off by a gurgling sound in her stomach.

"Every one clears a way. Pinkie take her to the bathroom!" Sunset called.

About an hour later Twilight came back down sweaty and visibly exhausted. raising a hand she said, "Next time I think I'll get plain."