Legal Troubles

by Blue Aurora

First Blood

Twilight groaned in frustration, this simple task given to her by Celestia had taken up most her day. The bright ball of light going down to reveal Lunas beautiful night. The bothersome job given was simple on paper, but not so simple in action, this task you might ask was to get drunk. The mighty sun goddess had tasked twilight with the challenge to assemble her freinds and get drunk. The good mare that was twilight frownd in annoyance. This was going to be tricky.

The sky was shady and dark as twilight informed her freinds of her ludicrous assignment. She started of with pinkie pie, she was the most likely to say yes as her attitude to life was a more live it on the edge.

Twilight softly opened the door to sugar cube corner expecting the room to be empty, but to her surprise there was a rather large ammount of ponys around the counter of the confectionary shop. Twilight walked over to the counter and looked around, the sweetshop was filled to the brim with large stallions and powerful mares a rather unfitting place for the muscle driven ponys they appear to be. Her gaze drifted to the back door, yells and shouts erupted from it and a fluffy pink pony got launched out of the room.

"High twi" zipped pinkie pie as her flailing form hit the purple pony in the face.
Twilight looked extremely confused and asked in a questioning tone " what was that pinkie?"
"What" replied the crazy pink party pony.
"The what where you flew at me in Mach speeds" yelled twilight her shouting not even breaking the top noises in the room.
"Oh that silly why didn't you just say that, I was playing a game called Boxing, Lyra invented it." Practically yelled the mare.
"What is this boxing you say," asked the purple mare.
"Oh so what you do is you drink this, it's called alcohol, it makes you clear minded," beamed the mare.

Twilight came to a realisation, she could fulfil princess Celestias orders and do this new thing that pinkie likes. Twilight slid the bits on the counter and told Berry Punch to hand her her strongest alcohol.
Berry looked at twilight and asked " your knew to this aren't you"
Twilight nodded embarrassed as Mrs punch slid over a bottle labelled STALLIONGRAD vodka and a large glass and she then poured out about an eighth of the glass of the vodka and the rest cola.
She then said " I don't think your ready for a pure shot so here you go," sliding the drink over and the bits back she said "you can keep the bits its on the house"

Twilight drunk the drink its flavour stinging her throat. The taste of vodka blended so well with the cola a mental tear slipped from her eye.

About 30 minutes later twilight had gone through her fifth drink an was practically falling over. Pinkie came back from the back room and asked if twilight was ready to play her response of a sour grunt was all she needed to hear as the drunk pony was pulled into the dark room.
The pink pony said to the purple one, " so what you have to do is if your opponent goes to punch you you duck ok, and after they punch you punch back ok, and finally you pin them to the ground to win ok." Pinkies slurred explanation was understood by the groaning protégée.

Blinding lights filled the room and the previously obscured platform in the middle became more and more inviting. It's elastic railings and moving headlights reminded twilight of the old movie that Lyra showed her called jocky it was about a pony who wanted to do something twilight couldn't remember and he punched ponys to do it. She stepped into the rectangle ready to face her opponent, a mist enveloped the stage and a lone figure could be seen. The figure uttered three words, " it is I"

Trixies coughs could be heard echoing through the room as her own smoke caused her to have to swig what Twilight hoped wasn't liquor trixie then staggered the centre of the stage her front hooves of the ground rearing up as if to throw of bags on her back twilight then realised this is what pinkie meant by punching and ducked out of the way of a speeding hoof. She could hear the noise of the air rushing around the magic mares hooves.

Twilights attention faltered by a small fly buzzing by, a large hit to her muzzle snapped her out of it though. Blood running down twilights muzzle and a crazed look on her face twilight did the only thing she could have possibly done and reeled her hoof back, she flung forward with intention to hit through trixies shoulder the burning anger in her eyes furling the fire that was her fist. Trixies stood still a look of fear on her face , the sheer fear of dying to this punch standing like a deer in headlights.

Twilights legs crossed tripping her over the difficulty of stand on her hind legs showing as she rolled over and started shouting obscenities at anyone who met her eyes. Trixie just looked at twilight with confusion. All of that for nothing and then to have a tantrum right after pitiful if I do say so she thought, trixies smug expression never wavered as she turned around and walked away to the corner and waited for the pony to get up.

She tuned around and was face to face with twilight her bloody nose and bloodshot eyes expressed her crazed demeanour she gazed into her eyes and realised that she had to move. A flurry of punches came trixies way the speed only seen in those japonyse cartoons with pontaro and pegasio and there ghosts Stary Luna and The Celestia. The flurry of punches continued and all trixie could do was dodge and weave her way around the vicious purple blur. Trixie then saw an opening and took it but twilight was too fast and responded with a punch in the temple.

Trixie went limp and cheers erupted from the crowd shouting "twilight twilight twilight" this felt exhilarating she thought and made a mental note to have a try at this again. She walked over to a sad looking pinkie and when twilight got close she said "I had 1 bit that you would loose."
Twilight shot an offended look at pinkie and said "ok your next."
Pinkie looked amused and laughingly said" I was only joking twi I had 10 bits you would win"
"And now I have enough bits to buy alligator food."

A large crash came from the front room. And shouts of get down could be heard. But everyone in the back room were either to drunk or didn't care as the Royal guard stormed sugacube corner.