White Light : Guiding Light

by Kujamih

Chapter 13

Pink Labyrinth, where all the Pinkie Pie's mind congregate. A pink maze field with confettis and different kinds of pink doors. And in the middle of the labyrinth, a pink draconicous is standing on a pile of burnt doors.

" Silly Light, it's no use hiding from me." The pink draconicous spoke. " You're just making it boring for the both of us. As long as we exist, no one can stop me!"


a door opened loudly. And within that door is a Pinkie Pie with her child.

The draconicous felt a sting on her heart.

" Are you here to mock me!?" The draconicous shouted with pain in her voice. " You... You want to be burned down like the rest of them?"

As the draconicous slowly approach the opened door, another door has opened. This made the draconicous stop on her tracks.

"Another fool?" But before she could locate the newly opened door, another one has opened. " ...What is the meaning of this?" But before she could utter another word, another door has opened, but this time more and more are starting to open.

The Labyrinth became loud from the doors opening, that it became deafening. The draconicous could not bear the noise. She could only close her eyes and scream.

"No... Stop!... Quiet!... Please!..." The draconicous shouted in irritation as the doors continuous to slam open. "AAAAAAAAGH!...."

As the final echoes of the scream of the draconicous subsided, silence dominated the labyrinth. As she opens her eyes the labyrinth is lighted up by the opened doors. And within those doors are Pinkie Pies standing on the other side smiling at her.

"...WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!!" The draconicous screamed from the top of her voice with pain.

Then one by one the Pinkie Pies turned away from her and the door and slowly moved away from it while the door slowly closes.

As the doors close one by one, so as the light in the labyrinth begins to deem.

" So that's it?..." The draconicous cried.

As the final door closed so as the light inside. As the labyrinth starts to fade and crumble.

"So Light... This is your answer?" the draconicous said as her emotion starts to fade and her hope dying. " A fitting grave for one such as I. A being full of regret, should die alone and forgotten into the abyss."

As the walls of the labyrinth fade and only emptiness will begin to fill the place... A single door appears infront of her.

" ...What are you up to Light? You've already won?"

As the draconicous paused and ponder at what Light was up to. She smiled.

" Whatever... Since this will be my finale... Might as well give them a damn good show! You better not regret this Light!"

The Draconicous heads to the Door and opened it.