Feyn Do Fin Dovah; Their Rise And Fall, Our Mistake

by mrheadhopper

Chapter 6 - Kotin Fin Krah

Aojun landed on a nearby hay mansion close to the library building, causing the whole building to stir under his weight and finally give him appropiate sitting, apt for the watch he was about to perform. Before the two had flown to their location, Salazknyr told him that he wanted to prove herself, to who he wasn't sure. All he knew is that she wanted to kill all those ponies, and that the large lizard acting as their companion was just an extra challenge. Aojun knew that, should the female end up in a bad situation, he was to come in her aid and finish off the juvenile equestrians or just give her some breathing room so that she could ease her recovery. It took the male dovah a little while, but he finally noticed that the purple magicka dragon was missing, and so was his confidence. Something snapped behind him, and he turned just to see it staring right back at him, fierce determination in it's eyes. Aojun took off into the air but not before being struck by a lightning bolt emanating from the reptile's mouth, and so he began to lure him away from Salazknyr.

Salazknyr on the other hand had landed right infront of Celestia and Rainbow Dash, causing the two ponies to shake as the ground around Salaz stirred and let out heaps of dust. She snapped her jaws at the two sub-horses, narrowly missing but earning a flinch from both of them as the two took into cover. The ponies backed up and, as soon as Salazknyr reared her lower body backwards and started inhaling sharply, Celestia conjured a shining, blue transparent wall over herself and Rainbow Dash, protecting them from the fire that Salazknyr had released in the interval between Celestia's conjured shield. In the meanwhile, Spike ( alias Odahviing ) valiantly battled the ice dragon in an attempt to keep them away from Celestia and Rainbow Dash; the two had enough trouble as it was. As soon as Celestia released the ward wall she managed to release a conjured firebolt towards the dragon's face, aiming for the dragon's left side. Rainbow Dash was attempting to distract the dragon, adrenaline taking over her and sending her around the dragon at great speeds, giving it confusion. Salazknyr grew angry and she began to throw her jaws at the insolent equestrian, achknowledging the burns on her left side with a pained groan. Once again, Celestia took the opportunity to propel yet another fireball towards the dovah, this time against it's right side, causing it to steer it's head to a side as it winced in pain.

Spike fell from the hay building, not wasting a moment to propel himself up with ethereal wings and breath fire against the dragon. Unluckily for him, he didn't really know that the dovah had already whispered the words of power, causing it to breath frost back at the purple drake, causing a strange blueish effect to appear where the two first crossed breaths. Celestia, on the other hand, was already conjuring a massive shockwave of fire. She planned on telling Rainbow Dash to skyrocket and allow the fire to wrap itself around the dragon, killing it or maybe atleast wounding it enough so that it would retreat and finally leave the group alone. Celestia's ears jumped into attention nigh instantly as a unholy scream of pain efficiently lapped all noise as the red-eyed dragon sunk its front row of massive teeth inside Rainbow Dash's hindleg. Instead of biting where she was, the female dov decided to bite where she was going to be; the movements of the pony were way too fixed and planned. She would've aimed for the wing or the torso, but grabbing onto a leg was good enough for the dovah. Fiercely shaking her head around with the juvenile equestrian's leg still stuck in her mouth, she finally let go and tossed her towards the same hay home that Aojun was resting on. The word 'was' resounded in the dragon's ear, she didn't quite see him adjusted over the now burning hay mansion and watch her gore the sub-horses with relative ease. Her distraction gave room for Celestia to finally release a massive fire wave towards the dragon, emitting one of the loudest growls of pain she had heard in a while; one of those that she missed from her days of dovah killing.

"I really don't understand what's up with this silly spell thing. When are you all gonna take us to 'Ewqoostrea'?" muttered a armored nord in his usual thick accent as he stepped around the borders of a massive blue circle etched with pretty glowing runes, arms crossed as symbol of his impatience.

"Oh, excuse me. Let me adjust my eyes so I can just blink you all the way to Equestria." spoke a dark elf sarcastically as he continued on reading the spell thrice over. Two other imperial mages were holding the circle down and casting a massive translucent blue orb over two nords and a redguard.

One of the nords, the same that was complaining earlier, was dressed head to toe in Stormcloak attire, helm and all. He had two axes strapped to his thighs that shook as he edged around the circle. The redguard, on the other hand, sported a bald head, thick muscles and a even thicker beard that suited his scaled armor and ancient nord boots just perfectly. He was sporting fur gloves that held together a steel & orcish dagger, both held in their respective hands. On his back also rested a bow and a quiver full of arrows along with a large backpack, holding together 10 healing potions and many lockpicks, along with rations for the small party to eat. In the center of the circle sat a woman sporting plated steel armor, her body held on a relaxed position as a steel shield and sword laid in the lady's hands. One would guess she was an imperial from the way she tended to play around with a lone septim that sat on the dirt.

"Hey Sarah, what's the plan once we get to the other world?" asked the nord, stopping in his tracks only to redirect himself towards the center, where the imperial sat. Rorik soon followed to listen to her answers, sitting next to her.

"We should probably walk carefully to the nearest town..." Sarah began,

"If there is one." added the nord.

"Oh, shush, Eolgrund." Rorin, the redguard, chuckled slightly. "We also need to avoid any trouble. Who knows, maybe the creatures there are extremely powerful daedric demons that hide under the guise of pretty sparkly horses." Sarah laughed heartily.

"Hey, you three! The spell is almost ready. As far as I know, you're gonna be teleported directly in the center of the new world, so.." A unidentified mage in black robes said, his face hidden by a massive black hood. He approached the orb and pointed at the group. "Make sure Alduin is dead. We will erect an statue in your honor should the greybeards sense his presence vanish. There aren't any chances of you returning, so... goodbye." The group only nodded, knowing that they already bowed their knee to several jarls, indicating their acceptance in the quest of killing the destroyer. They knew that they would be stuck in this other world, and they had already parted with the ones that needed parting. Eolgrund got up and quickly gripped his axes, unholstering them. They may be iron, but they were enchanted and they'd already saved his life over a hundred times by now. Sarah also got up and raised her shield as she kept her sword tucked next to it, pointing towards her front. The Redguard unholstered his bow and slowly readied a arrow as the energies around them began to accumulate before sending out a massive blue beam towards the sky, granting a blue glow to a large portion of the sky. Finally, the grass around them began shaking before several elements from the ground, mages not included, gathered up in a massive whirlwind that slowly rose up and aligned with the beam.

"Heh. I wonder if they have meat there."

Just then did the energies collapse upon themselves before imploding in a massive blue shockwave that swooped the area clean, leaving only clean dirt as the massive ball rose to the sky with a massive chunk of ground floating along.