My Little Hunters: Friendship is Achieving

by PoH


Hello, beloved reader! I am here to say that no, I have not forgotten you or this story! I was recently drawing up plans for future plot and refinement within the story when I was interrupted by some shocking news...

So, as some of you may know, a particular character within my story has just come to light and is now facing outstanding reprimand and removal from Rooster Teeth and, hopefully in the future, law enforcement. Personally, I am shocked and disgusted by such a surprising rise of claims, photos, screenshots, etc. I would like to state on the record that I wish to send my condolences to the true victims of his acts, namely his wife and children, his coworkers at Rooster Teeth, and the community that Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter has built. There is no forgiving what was knowingly done by said character. Behavior like that has no place in this fanfiction that I had poured my love for Achievement Hunter into. Reading back on my story doesn't feel right anymore. It feels...tainted.

For him to be such a prominent character in the upcoming chapters and ultimate endgame just for these things to be shown to the community breaks my heart. I can't bear to continue having him even be a part of the story let alone being a crucial character. The amount of work put into my drafts, timelines, and illustrations has now been for naught and it kills me. Not because I feel I've wasted time or anything selfish like that, but because I cannot bring myself to finish this story with such an abhorrent character inside of it. And it breaks the promise I had made to you, the reader, that I would finish this story and be one of the few complete Achievement Hunter stories on Fimfiction. I wish I could give you the chapters that all of you well deserve, but it has become difficult to even type his name. As of now,

This story is retired.

On a lighter note, I have another fanfic in the works. It won't be Achievement Hunter themed so I'm sorry you all won't get the fantastic ending I had planned for this story. Nonetheless, I will try my best to bring better and better caliber work to all of you!