Power Rangers Harmony Force

by Adamverse

The Underworld Rises

Not too long ago, a planet like no other was in terrible danger; from a threat that could not be stopped by natural causes. The threat was the power of the underworld, trying to conquer the surface words.

King Zombra, his power to command the monsters of the deep and the army of the undead, allowed him to attack the peaceful world known as Equestria. The ponies of this world were no match against the evils of the underworld, they could not stop the rising darkness.

Zombra would have destroyed them all, if it weren’t for a team of brave heroes; warriors that would give their lives to protect the innocent. They are… the Power Rangers.

Kian; the team’s muscle. He would fight to win and protect those who can’t protect themselves; never telling a lie. The Element of Honesty and the Green Harmony Force Ranger.

Rose; she helps the team up when they feel down. Showing all the care she can for the good inhabitants of Equestria; able to turn the biggest of frowns upside down. The Element of Laughter and the Pink Harmony Force Ranger.

Wiktoria; the one you can rely on. Fighting for what’s right and would stick by her friends no matter what the circumstances; she would put her friends needs above her own. The Element of Loyalty and the Blue Harmony Force Ranger.

Adam; the brains of the team. This ranger believes freedom is the right of all beings and that this planet is precious to him; he would never let anyone insult or mistreat them. The Element of Kindness and the Yellow Harmony Force Ranger.

Finally, there’s Rory, the team leader. He holds the ranger team together, leading them to victory against the rising evil. The Element of Magic and the Red Harmony Force Ranger.

During the time being Power Rangers, they were joined in their fight by friends and allies. Friends that also excepted ranger powers, learning to use them for what is right.

Charlie; otherwise known as the Doctor. He accepted the power of the sun; and became Celestia’s Knight.

Heather; using the final Element of Harmony and becoming the White Harmony Force Ranger; chosen by Adam when the situation needed her the most. She finds happiness in giving instead of receiving; including giving all she's got in the fight against evil.

And now with Discord fighting by their side as well, they believe their job couldn't be easier. If only they knew, how wrong they were.
In the underworld, King Zombra sat on his throne of evil and waited for his time. Malagore stomped into the main chamber, he asked, "My master, it is time for the Selection Ceremony." but Zombra looked at him and growled, "You are the only one left you fool! There is no need; however, we will be going to the surface together."

The fire monster wondered what he meant, until he remembered what Zombra's been telling him over the last few days. "You mean, it's time?" the Master of Fire asked. The King of Monsters got of his throne and replied, "Yes."

Zombra began to glow purple, his horn was channelling all the magic in his body to accomplish his goal. His body started to change form, he started to grow ever so slightly; his body shifted into a different shape.

When the transformation was complete, Zombra had morphed into his warrior form; his legs were that of a human but with hooves for feet, he carried his lance that was shaped as a unicorn's horn, his body was suited in black roman armour & his horn grew out of the top of his helmet.

"Yes! At last!" Zombra cheered. Malagore couldn't believe his fiery eyes, his king had regained the power to escape this underworld prison. The King of Monsters turned to Malagore and explained his plan, "The Gate of the Underworld, if the gate was to be opened, all our soldiers could attack the surface world at once."

Malagore reminded his leader about a certain fact, "But Zombra, the only one who can open the gate passed away years ago." Zombra replied with, "I never thought I'd say this, but we need those rangers. Their powers have the ability to raise and open the gate."

"Once the gate is open, I will return to the surface with my army. You will attack the Power Rangers; distract them so Chrysalis..." Zombra then pointed at Chrysalis who had just walked in. "Can grab one of them and use their magic to raise the gate." Zombra then turned to the Changeling Queen, she had a big role to play. "Once you use a ranger's power to raise the gate, bring them back here. Drain them of their power and use to open the gate."

Chrysalis understood her job, so Malagore summoned a portal and went to the surface world. Zombra went back to his throne and muttered, "Every creature in Equestria will be destroyed, the underworld will populate the world." The Changeling Queen then realised what that meant, "Every creature, master."

"Yes, this underworld will conquer and destroy everything." Chrysalis moved closer to the throne and said, "But my son is up there, if I can convince him to..."


Chrysalis was blown to the ground, Zombra explained, "Your son betrayed your kind, he will be destroyed along with his mare-friend and his in-laws." Chrysalis stood up and replied, "Yes, master." With that said, Chrysalis wandered down the caverns and almost cried.

"He may have betrayed me, I may have no heart; but he's still my son."
Adam was sitting on the couch in the Chaotic Castle, looking at something in his hands; the picture of the Draconequus family that they gave him for his birthday. H just feels happy that he had a hand in bringing the family back together.

He remembered the day he arrived on Equestria, the day they came to the Grand Galloping Gala; the heart warming moment he shared with Fluttershy.

As he was strolling down memory lane, Screwball walked into the room and joined him on the couch. The boy place his arm over her shoulder and she rested her head on his; Adam loved this pony like a sister, she was the most peaceful creature on the planet.

All those bullies who gave her a hard time when she was a filly, he'd like to give them a piece of his mind. After a while the rest of the family joined them on the couches; Fluttershy floated in the air, Zany in one hoof and the other hoof around Discord's neck.

Mothball floated to the couch as well, Screwy sat up off Adam and hugged onto her colt-friend.

A world of peace is the world Adam wants to be a part of. The moment of silence ended when Discord started speaking. "Adam; I can't thank you enough for keeping my family safe, they are the most precious treasure. And you protected them for the time I was gone."

Adam blushed with embarrassment for a moment, he replied, "It was an honour and a joy to watch over them." he then smiled as he turned to Screwy and Mothball. "They are precious to me too." Discord then asked something else, "And what's this I hear about you wanting to stay on Equestria?"

"I have found peace on this world, I can't throw something like that away." Adam explained. Fluttershy smiled and said, "Well remember, you're always welcome to stay here as long as you need to."

Adam was thankful for this life, he is has truly found his home.
Kian and Rory wandered around Sweet Apple Acres, the farm that they've called their home for the last year or so. Their lives as Power Rangers was something they always enjoy talking about; Kian said, "Remember the day I got frozen in ice by Fifty-Below, I was so cold." Rory laughed and replied, "Yeah, that was also the day you unlocked your full potential, and built up the guts to ask Wiktoria out."

Kian sighed when he mentioned that, him and Wiktoria did agree to just be friends after that; they didn't want things to be weird between them. "She told me we shouldn't become an item until after this whole Power Ranger thing is over; just so we're can stay focused on the job."

Rory thought that must have been harsh, get shot down like that. "But you want to be with her, don't you?" Kian looked down and sighed. The Green Ranger then replied with, "Of course I do; but she's right, we need to focus on the mission."

Rory and Kian wandered towards the house, still talking about old times; just before they walked into the house, Kian asked, "Hey, how come you want to get off this planet?" Rory then sighed again and explained, "I don't want to get off the planet, I just miss Earth, our home. We should be on Earth right now, defend our own home planet; but instead were here defend ponies who can't man up and defend themselves."

Kian pretended he didn't hear that, "These ponies are our friends, we defend them because we care about them." Rory started to walk away, "Sorry Kian, I have accepted these ponies as friends; but I'm only here because the O.S.C ordered us to be here." With that said, the Red Ranger wandered off.
Wiktoria was sitting in the her room with Lightning Dash and Prism, just three girls gossiping. "So get this, Thunder Dash's date with Apple Blossom ended early because he was afraid to go on the rollercoaster." Lightning explained. Wiktoria asked, "But you can all fly, except Prism, how is he afraid of roller coasters?"

"Apparently he hates going fast when he's not in control." the Pegasus teen replied.

Prism rolled onto her back and started laughing at the thought of her brother being scared. Wiktoria turns to the little filly and states, "Come on now, Prism; let's not laugh. Even though it is funny." The three of them giggled a little more before changing the subject.

Prism turned to the Blue Ranger and asked, "Are you going back to your home, once your job is done." she looked a little upset when she asked this. Wiktoria opened her arms and invited the little pony in for a hug. "You and I both know that me staying here was going to be temporary." she said as she wrapped her arms around Prism.

"I've loved living here, but Earth is still gonna need me once the job is done. But don't worry, I'll come back and visit sometimes." Prism nuzzled into her human friend's arms, Wiktoria held her tighter. She then stretched her arm out to let Lightning Dash join in; the three of them let all the bad thoughts go away.

Suddenly, Rainbow Dash called them down for lunch, Wiktoria let the two ponies go downstairs. She sighed at the two of them, let them know she had appreciated the friendship they've given her.
Rose was walking through town; Jewel in the stroller she was pushing, with Gemstone walking along with her. The little unicorn was happy with her new baby sister, she had been helping Rose look after here during the times Rarity and Fancypants were too busy.

“Hey Gemstone, you want to hold Jewel for a second?” Rose asked as she stopped walking and lifted the baby out of the carriage. Gemstone was more than happy to hold her baby sister; Rose handed Jewel to the filly, she sat on the ground with the baby in her hooves. Meanwhile, Rose dug through the baby bag to try and find the bottle.

Gemstone just sat there, making silly faces at her sister and making her laugh. The day was going so well, Rose found the bottle and handed it to Gemstone; she began to feed he sister with the bottle, Rose sighed at the two of them.

Suddenly, a blast of fire was shot at the baby carriage; thank Celestia Jewel wasn’t in it. Rose jumped and grabbed the children to moved them out of the way, she looked back at the carriage; it was completely destroyed.

The Pink Ranger turned her head the other way and saw the one responsible for its destruction; Malagore was stomping through town, shooting fire balls at whatever he came across. When he saw the ranger with the two fillies, he roared, “It’s time, this world will burn! And you with it!” Rose had no time to take Gemstone and Jewel home, so she did the next best thing, “Gemstone, take your sister and hided somewhere. I’ll find you once I’m done with hot-head.”

The little unicorn ran for one of the market stalls, Rose was left with the Master of Fire; she stated, “You either leave peacefully, or I kick you back into the volcano you crawled out of.” But the monster did nothing but laugh. He explained, “Fool, you may have destroyed every Evil Element you’ve fought, but I’m not like the others. I was born in the planets core, I don’t just have power, I am power!”

When he finished, he released a giant fireball at the building; once it struck the structure, the roof came down, the ponies inside just made out.

Rose wasn’t going to let this monster get away with this, she decided to take action. The ranger pulled out her morpher a spoke the magic words, “Magical Source; Harmony Force!

Once she was at full power, Rose charged towards the monster; as she ran, she leaped into the air and chanted another spell. “Legendary Source, Harmony Force!” the legend from her legend mode made Malagore cover his eyes for a sec, giving her the chance to kick him away.

As the monster stumbled back, she used one of her special attacks to knock him off his feet; “Code 1, Tornado Twirl!” the whirl wind blew Malagore into a wall. Rose was cheering because of how easy this was; she didn’t think she needed the rest of the team, however, she called them anyway.
Adam received the call from Rose, so he pulled out his morpher and chanted the spell; “Magical Source, Harmony Force!”

Now that he was morphed, he used his magic to teleport to the fight scene.

Rory, Kian and Wiktoria were all in different places, but they all got the call and morphed at the same time. “Magical Source, Harmony Force!” the cheered in unison.

The three of them teleported as well, all of them meeting with Rose at the battle.
Malagore got back up when the other rangers arrived, Rose de-morphed from her legend mode; the whole team stood in a line, ready to take down the last of the Eight Evil Elements.

Rose stated something to the others, “Don’t be afraid rangers, this one’s easy.” But when the Master of Fire was ready, he stated, “Fools, I was barely even trying. Prepare to face the full power, of fire!” Malagore’s claws then caught fire, he threw two fire balls at the rangers, striking them to the ground. Kian recovered from the blast and leaped at the monster, but the fire creature just slashed him with his claw.

Just as he was about to blast the rangers again, a white blast came out of nowhere and knocked him to the ground again.

The rangers turned their heads and saw Heather, morphed and aiming her staff at Malagore. When the monster got back up, the white ranger charged at him; the two of them met in a brawl with the weapons. The Master of Fire’s mace was swung left and right, trying to knock the ranger to the ground; but Heather was quick, kicking and punching him.

The other rangers began blasting him with their staffs, Malagore was knocked of guard; letting Heather kick him once last time. The monster was knocked to the ground and rolled away, the White Ranger joined the group; they were ready to finish him.

Just as the team would combine their weapons, a blast of green energy was shot at them from afar. Chrysalis flew down towards the group of rangers, she grabbed Heather by her arm and dragged her away from her friends.

Heather tried to resist, yanking her arm free and kicking the changeling away. While the two of them started fighting, Malagore got up again and unleashed his full power on the Power Rangers.

Adam tried kicking him, but he grabbed the Yellow Rangers leg and threw him across the street; Rose and Wiktoria met similar problems when Malagore slashed them both with his claws and knocked them to the ground. Rory kicked him away from the girls, and Kian leaped into the air and kicked him again.

The White Ranger tried her best to defeat Chrysalis, but she was no match for the Queen of the Changelings; Heather was knocked down of guard and was trapped by the fore-legs of the changeling. Once Chrysalis had an element barer, he began to put the plan in action; “By the power of an Element of Harmony; let the Gate of the Underworld rise up.” Heather couldn’t stop her, she could shout, “No!”

The ground suddenly started to shake, in the distance, the ground started to crack open; when the gorge was wide enough, a terrifying structure began to rise from the deep. The Gate of The Underworld was as big as a giant monster, opening that would let the whole underworld loose on the surface world.

The rangers attention then turned to Malagore, who had grown into his giant form; he roared, “NOW THAT YOU HAVE HELPED RAISE THE GATE, I HAVE THE HONOUR OF CRACKING IT OPEN!!” he turned and marched towards the gate. Chrysalis watched him moves towards the gate, she stated, “Now that the gate has been risen, you’re coming with me to open it properly.” She summoned a portal and was taken back to the underworld, pulling Heather down with her.

Adam cried, “Heather!” as the rangers watched their friend be pulled down to the pit. They then turned back to the monster who was punching the gate, trying to open it. “We need to stop this, once and for all.” Rory ordered; the ranger team then Titan-ed Up. The team typed the spell code into their morphers and changed form.

“Mystic Minotaur!” Kian cheered.

“Mystic Breezy.” Rose stated.

“Mystic Aquamare!” Wiktoria chanted.

“Mystic Griffon!” Adam announced.

“Mystic Phoenix!” Rory said as he stepped in front of his team. “Alright rangers, let’s turn this lava guy into charcoal!”

The five Titans had got Malagore’s attention; he turned to see them chanting another spell. “Gowan Mysto Odious!” the spelled. The five of them began to combine; Kian’s Minotaur spun it’s head around and awaited the rest, Wiktoria shifted into leg armour, she attached herself to Kian’s legs. Adam shifted into the wings, locking himself on Kian’s back; Rose and Rory combined to form the chest piece, which them locked onto the rest of the Megazord.

When the transformation was complete, the rangers cheered, “Titan Megazord!” The five of them sat in the cogpit, ready to fight.

Malagore stopped punching the gate when he noticed the Megazord marching up behind him; he turned to the rangers and started attacking them. Rory ordered the team to try and punch back, but the Master of Fire grabbed them and held them in a bear hug.

“HAVE YOU HUGGED YOUR ZORDS TODAY?” he joked. Malagore then through the Megazord at the gate; when the rangers impacted, the zord had taken some damage. Sparks were flying around in the cogpit, the Megazord tried to stand back on its feet; until they got a surprise from behind.

An arm reaches out from the gate and grabs the Power Rangers by the shoulder, when they turn to see what’s going on, they see Zombra; trying to break through. “Hello rangers; long time, no see.” Malagore raises his arms and cheers, his master his finally free. Zombra explained, “Your Megazord cracked the gate’s lock, enough for me, to slip through.”

When the Megazord steps away from the gate, they see Zombra breaking through. Once he slips through the crack, he states, “Oh rangers, I’m back.” He then slashes them with his lance, with the power of dark magic.

The Titan Megazord was thrown across town by that blast; Zombra walked out of the gate, it instantly closed again once he escaped. Zombra muttered, “Now it’s up to Chrysalis to open it fully."
Down in the underworld, Chrysalis dragged heather into a chamber; then through her to the ground. The White Ranger was sitting in a circle drawn on the ground, it generated a shield that was keeping her trapped; Chrysalis summoned an hour-glass with her magic.

She explained, “When this runs out of sand, your power will drained into the gate and it will open. Releasing the army the undead on the surface world.” She turned back to the hour-glass and turned it over. “It isn’t long, my dear; no it isn’t. We can’t wait forever for our victory.”

The Changeling Queen then leaves the room, leaving Heather to have her powers drained.

Every few minutes, Heather would receive an electric shock from the force-field; that was the power leaving her body.
Meanwhile, at the Castle of Chaos, Discord and his family were gathering all their friends together; giving them a safe place to stay until the fighting is over. The Lord of Chaos and Charlie were making sure nothing attacked them while they were off guard.

“Charlie, head inside; keep yourself safe.” Discord ordered. But Charlie shook his head and replied, “Not a chance Discord; were both the last of our kind, but you’ve got a wife and kids in there. You’re the one who should stay safe.”

As the two of them spoke, they heard something from the distance; suddenly, a group of Ghouls sprung from the trees. The monster minions charged towards the castle, and it was up to Discord and Charlie to stop them. So the two of them chanted, “Magical Source; Harmony Force!” and morphed into their armour; they then charged towards the incoming Ghouls.

The two rangers fought off the ghouls, Screwball watched her father and his friend protect the castle from the window. She wanted to run out and help them, but she knew that her father wouldn’t let her, nor would her mother if she saw her run out to the battle.

The only thing the chaotic pony could do, was use the communicator that Adam gave her to try and contact the other rangers. “Adam, come in? Do you copy?”

Adam replied, but it sound like it was a bad signal, “What is… it, Screwy?”

“My dad and Charlie are trying to keep the ghouls from getting into the castle, we may need some back up.” Screwball explained. Adam responding with, “Screwball… were a little… busy at the… moment!”

Screwy got her prove when she looked in the distance and saw the Megazord struck down, and standing over it, was a giant King Zombra titan and the Master of Fire.

Charlie and Discord stopped fighting for a second, they saw the Megazord go down; Discord turned to the gold knight and said, “Go help your friends, I handle these guys.” He said as he struck down another Ghoul. Charlie nodded and ran away from the castle, towards the other battle.
Back over at the Megazord fight, the rangers were not able to fight both these monsters at once; last time they fought Zombra and another monster, Discord came to save them. But this time, they had to deal with it themselves.

Rory said to his friends, “I’ve got a plan. Titan Megazord, Dragon formation!”

When he said that, the Megazord changed shape; Rory’s zord disconnected from the rest and waited for the others to form the dragon before jumping on its back. The dragon flew into the air, shooting fire balls at the two monsters; being the Master of Fire, Malagore caught one of the fire balls and threw it back at the rangers.

The blast was a strong one, so strong that Rory fell of the dragon and the dragon fell apart. The ranger titans all were on the ground, too weak to get back up. “You rangers are too easy to destroy; I thought you’d at least put up a challenge.” Zombra insulted.

Suddenly, a fiery blast knocked the king of monsters of balance and sent him flying into Malagore. The rangers turned their heads to see the… “Solar Streak Megazord!” Charlie announced. He used his special attack again to give the Power Rangers a chance to recover, “Furnace Blast!” he stated, the blast knocked both the monster off their feet again.

King Zombra was open to a final strike, if the rangers combined their powers with Charlie’s; they could finally defeat Zombra. Some the team of titans concentrated their magic to give it to the gold Megazord; “Power Transfer.” They said in unison.

Once Charlie had the power, he opened his chest piece to fire one last blast of power. “Powers United.” Charlie shouted. Once the cannon was fully charged, the Gold Ranger yelled, “Fire!” A beam of gold light was fired at King Zombra.

However, just before the blast hit him; Malagore jumped in the way of the beam, it hit him instead. The rangers couldn’t believe what they just saw, that blast will surely destroy him; Malagore muttered, “Finish… them… my lord.” He then fell forward and exploded in a large ball of fire; the last of the Eight Evil Elements, was no more.

Zombra stared at what used to be his last loyal monster, he then turns to the rangers and cries, “I will destroy you, all of you!” he raises his lance in the air and chants, “Behold the power of the Master himself. Dark Magic Strike!” Zombra uses the dark power to strike the rangers to the ground, they cried out in pain as they crash into each other.

The Power Rangers were too weak, they de-morphed from their titan forms and tumbled to the ground. Charlie’s Megazord crashed into the hills, causing powerful damage; enough so that he fell out of his zord and landed next to his team. They tried to get back up, but they’d lost too much power.

“What do we do now?” Wiktoria asked. Rory got up and replied, “We need to stop Zombra from destroying Ponyville; and we also need to stop Chrysalis from opening that gate.” The whole team waited to hear their leader’s plan. “You guys try and stop Zombra from doing any more damage, me and Charlie are going to save Heather from the underworld.”

“Right.” The four rangers said in unison. They brought themselves to their feet and chanted the titan spell again; Kian, Wiktoria, Rose and Adam transformed into their large titan forms. They combined into the dragon, to try and work together to defeat King Zombra.

“Come one, Rory. We might be able to slip through the gate.” Charlie explained as they ran towards the large underworld-ly structure.

When they reached the opening, they were ambushed by Ghouls; “Where’d you guys come from?” Rory asked. The two rangers drew their swords and began the fight against these undead creatures. As they fought, Charlie shouted, “Rory, go find Heather, I’ll handle this.” Rory nodded in agreement and ran towards the gate, kicking down any Ghoul that got in his way.
Heather was still trapped in the spell ceil, unable to call her friends or use her magic to escape; Chrysalis watched the sand in the hour-glass fall, waiting for the gate to open.

Suddenly, the Red Ranger pounced into the room and kick the hour-glass over; shattering it. He then stated, “I’m not leaving without my friend, witch.” But all Chrysalis did was chuckle, they she revealed something that she’s been hiding from her master.

“Behold, Red Ranger; Toxic Jack’s stone of the undead. He could use it to resurrect the fallen monsters you and your friends have destroyed.” Her horn begins to glow and she places the rock on the ground. “Rise fallen warrior, rise and live once again.” She chanted.

The stone only had enough power left to bring back one monster, and Chrysalis chose wisely before selecting. When the monster’s body was formed, Rory couldn’t believe his eyes, “Cyclops?!” he said.

“That’s right Red Ranger, I told you I’d be back to get you.” The monster explained. With that said, the villain swung his war hammer and slammed Rory through a portal & out of the underworld. He landed next to where Charlie had finished of the Ghouls, only to see his friend being followed by a fallen enemy.

“Two rangers, this’ll be fun.” Cyclops said, before charging towards the Power Rangers. Charlie helped Rory up and the two of them got ready to fight; they charged towards Cyclops.

When their weapons clashed, all three of them grunted and tried to push the other back. Until Rory leaped backwards and kicked Cyclops in the stomach; the monster stumbled back for sec, giving Charlie a chance to cast a spell.

“Bassalitchy El Fraido!” with that spell, a portal appeared behind Cyclops, it was a one way ticket back to the underworld. “Time to send you back you belong, big guy.” Charlie stated. Him and Rory stood side by side, they got ready for when Cyclops was going to attack.

When the villain ran towards them, the two ranger delivered a strong kick to his chest; the kick was so strong, Cyclops went tumbling backwards into the portal. When the vortex closed, Cyclops was trapped in the dark pit. “Alright.” Rory cheered.

But the fight wasn’t over yet, the rangers failed to save Heather and their friends were still losing in the fight against Zombra. Rory didn’t know how to help his team, he was supposed to be the leader, and he can’t think of a way to help them.

Charlie turned to him and said, “We have to find a way to give you and the other rangers an edge in the battle.” Rory thought of a way to do just that, but he had no way of accessing it. “If only I had the Pony of Shadows, the last time we combined, the power was incredible.” The Red Ranger explained.

“Then you’ll have to do it again,” Charlie stated. “Maybe we can combine our magic to find a way to take control and summon him.” Rory was up for it if Charlie thought they could do it. So the two of them did it, they grasped their hands together and concentrated their power, their hands began to glow together, a mixture of gold and red light.

Until suddenly, there was a flash in the sky; suddenly, the giant Pony of Shadows was looking down at them. “Whoa.” Charlie and Rory said in unison. Charlie then turned to his friend and said, “Go, go help your team. I’ve got to go check on Discord at his castle, and make sure everypony got there safely.”

So as the Gold Ranger ran off, Rory looked up at the new zord; he shouted, “Hey, remember me?!” he then turned into his titan mode and leaped onto the Pony’s back. The two of them rode towards the battle between the rangers and the King of Monsters.

However, Charlie stopped when he looked back at the gate; the ranger began to mutter, “It took the power of the dark to create the gate, the power of the light should be enough to destroy it.” Charlie channelled all the power of the sun he had, creating a power ceil; he threw it at the gate, filling it with light magic.
Zombra fired another wave of dark power which knocked the rangers to the ground again; to them, it seemed all hope was lost. Adam said, “I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I can take another hit like that. Kian replied and said, “Don’t give up, we have to keep trying.”

The monster king heard their words and laughed, “Fools, you really have no chance against me. Who can stop me now?!”

Suddenly, a blast of light magic struck the gate; Zombra turned to the only way for his army to escape, something was happening. When the gold light disappeared, the large gate began to crumble, the magic had destroyed the gate. As the Monster King watched the gate turn to rubble, he roared, “Who has done this?!”

“That would the Power Rangers!”

The Power Rangers and King Zombra turned to see Rory and the Pony of Shadows charging towards the fight; as they past Zombra, Rory struck his armour with his sword, sending the mighty king to the ground.

“Okay Pony of Shadows, just like last time.” With that command, the Phoenix and the stallion began to combine. “Centaurus Phoenix Megazord!” The other ranger saw the mighty Megazord before their eyes once again, this gave them some hope.

Zombra got up and charged towards Rory, “Arh!” he cried. But Rory turned around and struck him with the Megazord’s large flaming weapon. To deliver a power attack, Rory used this… “Fire Tail.”

The long tail at the back of the Megazord’s head swung around and sliced through the king of Monsters; he fell to the ground once again and was weakened from the blow. Now that they had an advantage, the Power Rangers came together to finish this; once and for all. “You guys ready?” Rory asked for the final time. The rest of the team replied, “Yeah!”

The Pony of Shadows was sent back to the underworld, and the five titans combined into the Titan Megazord one again. The ranger were ready to finish this false, for good; the two giants charged into each other, their weapons clashing upon impact.
Meanwhile, Heather was still trapped in the underworld; but now that the gate had been destroyed, her magic was no longer being drained. Chrysalis had left the chamber to go and watch the final battle between good & evil.

“I have to help my friends, but I’m still trapped.” That’s when she remembered a spell that Celestia personally taught her. “I can help the rangers, but I need to concentrate.” She muttered.

She raised her arms in the air and began to chant the spell, “Velco Alister, Velgo Astrabba.” Heather could feel the magic, it was working; she was projecting her spirit out of her mortal body, now she could help her team.
Zombra was ready to destroy this team of Power Rangers for all the times they’ve beaten him; but he thought, ‘Not this time, and never again’. Chrysalis was standing on a hill, watching the battle and rooting for her master. Zombra charged at them, but stopped when he saw the bright light coming from the Megazord.

Inside the cogpit, the rangers looked up and saw a colourful light; the lifted their magic staffs into the air and they absorbed the power. Adam asked, “Where’d this energy come from?” And Wiktoria replied, “I don’t know, but it couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Rory said to the team, “Who cares where it came from, let’s use it.” The Power Rangers channelled all the power to the sword, “Ancient Powers, Mystic Spell Ceil.” The Megazord slashed through the ceil; Zombra filled his lance with dark magic and was ready to block it.

When the two weapons clashed, something strange happened; Zombra’s lance was turning to crystal, the whole weapon was now made of diamond. “What?” the Monster King question, until his lance shattered from the pressure, causing him to stumble back. Meanwhile, all the rangers were questioning what they just did.

“How did we do that?” Wiktoria asked.

“We turned it to diamond.” Kian replied.

“It’s got t be…” Rory started.

“Heather?” Rose finished.

“You mean the White Ranger?” Adam corrected.

Suddenly, a ghostly hand caressed the hand of the Megazord; the Rangers turned to see the spirit of the White Ranger standing beside them. “Heather.” Adam and Rose said in unison. That’s when Rose realised something, “Guys, we have all six Elements of Harmony.”

Rory replied, “Yeah, now we can’t lose. Ready guys?”





“Together!” they said in unison.

The Megazord lifted the sword above its head, the power of the White Ranger boosted the energy; the whole team cheered, “Harmony Strike!”

That one final slash won them the day, the light magic was too much for Zombra; he roared, “No! You insolent little… ANTS!!” he began to fall to his knees, but first stating his final words. “The great King Zombra has been defeated, but the Master will prevail!” the King of Monsters was done for, he fall backwards and exploded, chunks of him were blasted into space; he was finally defeated.

Chrysalis cried, “Zombra, it can’t be!”

The Power Rangers cheered, Rory saying this to his friends, “Great job, rangers; King Zombra’s gone.”

“Finally.” Kian said.

“Forever.” Rose replied.

“Nice.” Wiktoria stated.

“Sweet.” Adam said.

Megazord raised its sword in the air, to celebrate this great day; it was over.
Heather was able to use the rest of her power to escape the underworld, she teleported to the Castle of Chaos; where the Mane 6, and their families were waiting with Charlie.

“Heather.” The Time-lord said as he gave the White Ranger a friendly hug, she hugged him back, happy to see him.

As all the ponies and other creatures came outside to join them, the rest of the ranger team arrived to join the celebration. Screwball ran up and hugged Adam, Wiktoria was ruby tackled and hugged by the Dash Twins, and Kian kneeled down to hug Cinnamon Rolls.

Suddenly, Celestia, Luna, Twilight and her family teleported to the celebration; the sun princess had some things she wanted to say to the rangers. “My human friends, you have done incredible things for our world; you defeated the Life Cell villains, defeated the Eight Evil Elements and now you have finally saved our world from evil, by defeating King Zombra.”

Everybody and pony came together for one giant group hug, this world was finally safe; the darkness had been destroyed, and it was not coming back.

However, as the group hugged, Adam couldn’t help but remember the thing Zombra said before was destroyed; ‘the Master will prevail’. “Who’s the Master?” the boy whispered.

“Tomorrow’s problem.” He then said, letting himself have this moment. The Power Rangers had done it again.
However, at the site of the Gate’s destruction, something was causing the rubble to move. Something, no one knows what, was digging its way out of the mess.

Suddenly, a hand broke through, a human hand; this being muttered something as he crawled from the rocks, “I….am….FREE!!” he then laughed like a monster, the Power Rangers’ work, wasn’t over yet.