Soldier in Equestria

by robberrito

Small Talk

“Why did it go with him?” A mysterious entity asked.

“What do you mean?” A second voice asked.

“I mean that something else came with him!” The first entity asked in slight anger.

The second one shrugged, “What? It’s a teleporter. That idiot Soldier needs support from his teammates or he would run out of ammo to shoot.”

The first being continued with an accusation, “The deal was to only bring one entity from that dimension. You broke the rules of the deal and are subject to consequences.”

The second one rolled his eyes, “Whatever, the deal was to bring one entity capable of causing chaos. I can just as easily take him away, even if you were able to do something in that dull prison.”

The first one fumed, “Oh fine, I will make an exception to this rule, but only ONCE! Otherwise, if you do it again, punishment for you will be the first thing on my mind once I get out of this prison. I’m sure you know what I’m capable of, don’t you?”

The second one began to laugh, “Oh you are truly silly. Please, sir, let’s just calm down and realize we’re on the same side. We’re both trying to deal with something very annoying that will benefit both of us.”

The first one sighed, “I guess you are correct in that regard. But please, don’t do that again without consulting me first.”

The second one assured him, “Don’t worry, I’ll inform you firsthand if I need to do something.”