Inner Demons

by Azure Sandora

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: I Can Change the Whole World On My Own!

It had been two days since Applejack departed on her journey to Canterlot. She didn't think it was this far away, but then again, every time she and her friends ever went to Canterlot they were either taking a trailer, chariot, or train. She had never tired to walk it before, and she never would again.

At the current moment, she was in a tree trying to get some sleep. Spike had taught her a technique to climb trees that even ponies could use, and ever since then she spent almost as much time in trees as Rainbow Dash (they were perfect for taking naps). She was just waking up when she heard the sounds of galloping. She looked out and saw an army of black soldiers on chariots making their way to Ponyville.


"She's sendin ponies ta go after Ponyville!" Applejack shouted with realization. She was about to rush back to Ponyville, but stopped when she remembered why she was going to Canterlot to begin with.

If she went back to Ponyville, she'd never get to Canterlot. She had no choice. She had to leave Ponyville to Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy. Hopefully they could fight. Rainbow Dash she wasn't worried about. She'd fight no matter what. Pinkie Pie looked really shaken up though, and with Fluttershy disappearing like that...

Applejack jumped out of the tree and straightened her hat, "Ah got a mission ta accomplish. Good luck, girls."

Right when she turned though, she saw something really fast approaching her. Something told her that wasn't a good thing. She was about to turn around, but a black beam flew past her from behind. She turned and saw some of those black soldiers galloping towards her firing black beams out at her.

"Shit! They're after me!" Applejack shouted. No, she realized, they weren't after her, they were after all of them! They were going back to finish off her friends!

The soldiers immediately reached her and a fight broke out. It ended all too fast however, and a second later, Applejack was thrown onto the ground and the soldiers were tying her legs together, two getting her forelegs, and two getting her back legs. When she looked up again she saw the thing that was going up to her. It was a pony. Whoever it was Applejack didn't recognize, and they were riding on some weird bike like thing.

"Well what do you know," the pony said, "The Element of Honesty lives."

"General Scootaloo, what should we do with her?" a soldier asked in a deep and demonic voice. Applejack was shocked when she heard the name, but as they were putting a scarf around her mouth she couldn't call out her name.

"Begin making your way back to Canterlot. I want half of you to meet me in Ponyville. If Applejack is still alive then the other three are still alive as well. I need to see her again before Twilight gets to her," Scootaloo got back on her bike and looked at some of the soldiers, "I expect to get there before you guys, so when you get there, please, get started."

She rode off at high speed, leaving Applejack there with her captors. Good news, she was going to Canterlot, and would probably get there faster.

Bad news... she wasn't going on a rescue mission. In fact, now she needed saving!

She found herself here a lot. Every night in the same black fog. Ever since the day she pushed Macintosh away. Some nights she just stayed where she was, but some nights she felt a need to explore. This was one such night.

"This darkness..." Fluttershy said to herself, "It's perfect for me. Just like my heart." She couldn't face the world again. She forced herself onto Macintosh, she had impure thoughts about her friend despite knowing the pain she was in, and she still allowed herself to have those horrible fantasies of her and Macintosh together. Even now, she couldn't get those thoughts out of her mind, and she had the audacity to still get hot thinking about it.

Oh yes... that's exactly what I want...

What. Was. That? Fluttershy stopped and looked around. She knew that voice. It was the same as before. It sounded like her voice.


I say we go find Macintosh right now, throw him onto a bed, and make sweet love to him...

"Wh, what!" Fluttershy shouted, now feeling flushed.

"Behind you, sugarplum," a voice said, now sounding like it had form. Fluttershy turned around and saw a sight that gave her a heart attack.

She saw herself...

"You... you're..."

"Surprised to see me? I'm hurt," the Fluttershy look alike said in a fake tone, "And here I thought we were so close. You know, I think Twilight had the right idea."

"W-what?" Fluttershy shook her head, "First of all, who are you?"

"Why, I'm you. Well, more so, I'm the more fun version of you," the Fluttershy clone said, "Remember the night at the Gala, when you scared all of those animals away?"

You're... going... to LOVE ME!

"That wasn't..." Fluttershy said remembering that horrible night which she tried so hard to forget.

"And then Iron Will's seminars, how he brought out the beast in you?"

When somepony tries to block... show them that you rock!

"No... no... no..." Fluttershy cried, now remembering the monster she became, and how she hurt Rarity and Pinkie Pie that day.

"Didn't you ever wonder how Discord was able to control you?" the Fluttershy clone said with a sinister smile, "That was me that day. He set me free."

"You... you hurt Twilight that day! You hurt my friends!"

Good boy Angel. Momma's so proud.

"Sorry honey, but that wasn't just me, that was both of us."

"No! I would never do or say any of those things!" Fluttershy insisted.

The Fluttershy clone walked toward the real Fluttershy, a saunter much like Rarity. Upon further glance, Fluttershy saw that her clone was wearing pink eye shadow and mascara. Was this the demon inside of her?

"Not alone, honey. That's why I'm here. I'm always here. Whenever there's something going on and you can't face it, you always withdraw into this place, and I take over for us. Sometimes, you and I start working together, just like that night at the Gala," she said walking by Fluttershy, "You could say I'm the you that's not afraid to admit what we want, like how bad we want Macintosh."

"What does that have-"

"Mmm... just thinking about him makes me so hot. Imagining him lying on top of me, licking my ear, wrapping those powerful forelegs around me, and all of that is before he thrusts his large-"

Fluttershy screamed before she could hear anymore. She didn't want to think about that. She shouldn't think about that when the whole world was going to hell.

"STOP IT! That's NOT me! I don't want that!"

"Now you're denying yourself Big Macintosh?" the alternate Fluttershy shook her head, "I'm disappointed in you. There's nothing wrong with getting what you want."

"I don't want that! I don't!"

"Face it, your body craves the demanding force of a stallion, and Macintosh is the only one who can provide."

"I'm not like that! I'm not you! I'm not! I'm NOT!"

"If you're not me, then why do we look so much alike? Just let it out, Fluttershy. Get him. Make him yours. The world can wait."

"How... DARE you say that!" Fluttershy got up and faced her other self, "I am an Element of Harmony! The world can't be put on hold just because you want some stallion to screw you!"

"There, see? That's the fire! That's the same passion that made the Stare! We are the same."

Fluttershy gave a squeal of sadness and fear at that realization. This monster was her. She really was everything that Twilight said she was, and everything that she insisted she wasn't. She was a slut for fantasizing about such horrible things, and she was a monster for what she did to Macintosh.

As she sobbed, the alternate Fluttershy laughed.

"Why?" Fluttershy asked, "Why are you even here?"

"Didn't you hear me? You were having a rough time, and you brought me here. I'm here because you want me to be."

"Go away," Fluttershy begged, "Please, just go away."

"No, I'm not going anywhere," she said turning her nose up in the air, "You're stuck with me, whether you like it or not," she patted Fluttershy on the back, "It's not so bad honey. Monsters like us have more fun anyway."

She trotted away leaving Fluttershy to cry and whimper by herself. Now she really wanted to die. The world would be much better off without her.

Equestria didn't need a whore like her...

"She still won't come out?" Rainbow Dash asked the manager of the hotel.

"I'm sorry Miss Dash," he said, "But Pinkie Pie insisted on not seeing anypony."

"I see," Rainbow Dash said looking down. Ever since that day Pinkie Pie refused to see anyone. She usually at least let Rainbow Dash in during these times, but this time she didn't even want to see her.

"Well, I guess that's expected," Rainbow Dash said to herself walking out of the hotel, "I wouldn't want to see me either after what I did."

She had asked for few days off from the weather control center, and they gave her an entire week off. That was good, but she was hoping to be back to work by now. Truth was though, she couldn't help but feel like she was forgetting something. There was something she was supposed to do, but she wasn't doing it.

It couldn't be Fluttershy. She had already found her, and she was also isolating herself in her own way. Not by cutting off ties with the world like Pinkie Pie was right now. For Fluttershy, she was withdrawing into herself, and not talking to anypony. The main difference with what they were doing was that Fluttershy actually wanted to talk to somepony. She always closed herself off knowing full well that she wanted to tell somepony what was wrong. Pinkie Pie however literally didn't want to talk about it. She was really extroverted, so if she wanted to tell somepony, everypony would know in a little while.

After a few minutes Rainbow Dash resolved to go do some flying. That was a good way to clear her head. She took to the skies and was on her way to Cloudsdale, but something on the surface made her stop. She saw a pegasus pony riding into Ponyville on some weird bike like thing. They were wearing all black, and whoever it was, they looked like trouble.

"Better follow 'em," Rainbow Dash said flying after them. Whoever they were, they were fast on that bike looking thing. Rainbow Dash noticed that whoever it was they used their wings while driving.

That seemed familiar somehow.

The mysterious pegasus stopped in front of the last place Rainbow Dash thought she would. She stopped in front of the Cutie Mark Crusaders' tree house. Why there? She actually got off of her bike and looked inside. Okay, this was weird, Rainbow Dash thought. She landed in front of the tree house and got in a fighting stance.

"Okay, you got ten seconds to tell me who the hell you are and why you're here!" Rainbow Dash shouted to the pony. She turned around and looked at Rainbow Dash with a smile, but her visor covered her eyes perfectly. Who was this pony? Why did Rainbow Dash have the strangest feeling that she knew her?

"Rainbow Dash, Equestria's fastest pegasus," the mysterious pegasus said, "How I've waited for this moment."

"Oh really? Glad to see my reputation has been spread out all over Equestria. Did you come to bask in my awesomeness? Sorry, cause I'm not in the mood to have anypony grovel at my feet right now," she had to think about what she just said, "Okay, that's a lie, you may bow to my awesomeness, but keep in mind I'm feeling generous today."

The pegasus laughed, "Grovel at your feet? I'm sorry Dash, but my days of grovelling are over. In fact, I'm here to show you that you aren't the fastest pony in Equestria anymore."

That hit a nerve, and Rainbow Dash glared to the pegasus, "What was that?"

"Starting today, you're in second place, while I'm shooting straight for first. I'm the fastest pony in Equestria now, and soon, I'll be the hero that changes the whole world."

"Who the hell do you think you are talking like your some big shot?" Rainbow Dash shouted at her.

"You really don't recognize me?" the pegasus asked, "That's to be expected, after all, the last time you saw me, I was some little filly who couldn't even fly."

It took a second to register, but Rainbow Dash suddenly realized who this might be. But that... was impossible...

It couldn't be...

"H-hold on. You can't be serious."

"I used to be your biggest fan," the pegasus said, shocking Rainbow Dash, "but now I'm your biggest threat."

"No way... no bucking way..." Rainbow Dash said shaking her head. That confirmed it. She did know this pony. She practically raised this pony.

This pony was Scootaloo...

Pinkie Pie looked in the mirror, at the pony she barely recognized. Her mane had fully straightened now, and her coat was now dull. She was still Pinkie Pie, but not the Pinkie Pie that everypony else knew.

Not too many ponies she knew understood what went into her mind. She may have been overly cheerful, but even she had her limits. In fact, in some ways she was forcing herself a lot of the time. She had a lot of issues that only Rainbow Dash knew. Issues both emotionally...

And mentally...

Laughter isn't a medicine...

It's a curse...

Pinkie Pie looked around in fear as she heard the dark voice. The same dark voice that she always had to listen to when she had dark thoughts of any kind.

"No... go away!" Pinkie Pie shouted.

This is easier...

Just close off the world...

It's ugly anyway...

"Shut! Up!" Pinkie Pie screamed.

You can't even trust Rainbow Dash anymore...

She betrayed you...

Dispite being the Element of Loyalty...

"Sh-she was protecting Fluttershy!" Pinkie Pie backed away from the mirror still looking around, "She... didn't mean... to..."

Twilight told you though...

She would do it...

And now Twilight is evil...

Applejack wants to kill her...

The whole world is dark and ugly...

"Stop talking! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Pinkie Pie shouted holding her head, "I don't like you! You tell me horrible things about my friends, and tell me to hurt ponies! I HATE YOU!"

I tell you the truth...

As for the ponies you hurt...

You did all of that...

"Leave. Me. ALONE!" Pinkie Pie screamed, now crying on the floor, "I'm not listening to you anymore!"

Right now I'm all you have left...

Unless you want to put your faith in Rainbow Dash again...

"She'll save me..." Pinkie Pie sobbed, "She always does... Help me... Dashie..."

Help me... Dashie...

Rainbow Dash thought she felt something. Pinkie Pie crying out to her.

"Where do you think you're going?" Scootaloo shouted before Rainbow Dash could fly off, "We're just getting reacquainted."

"Scootaloo, what happened to you?" Rainbow Dash asked, hating that she was making Pinkie Pie wait again, "Why are you... and what are you talking about? This being a hero? Changing the world?"

"It's all thanks to Twilight!" Scootaloo proclaimed, "She did more for me in one day than anypony did for me in ten years!" Scootaloo looked down, "My mom was always drinking! My deadbeat dad didn't do anything but abuse us! Even the kids at school treated me like I was just a piece of shit, all because I was the pegasus who couldn't fly!"

"But you have me, kid!" Rainbow Dash stated, "I always believed in you!"

"BULL. SHIT!" Scootaloo shouted, making Rainbow Dash step back, "All you wanted was somepony to follow you everywhere and stroke your ego! That's the reason why you kept me around!"

"Scootaloo, that's not true! Okay, so you did help my ego, which I thank you for by the way, but I do care about you! Besides, what about Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloo-"

"Don't you DARE say that name to me!" Scootaloo shouted, "She told me we'd be friends forever, and then what does she do? She turns around and ditches me for Silver Spoon! If that's what friends are worth, then I don't need them! I don't need Apple Bloom, I don't need my folks, and I don't need you! I'm going to make a new world, one where no one feels alone again! Where no one has to wonder what their special talent is! Where no one has to cry the tears I cried EVERY NIGHT!"

"Scootaloo..." Rainbow Dash had no idea that Scootaloo felt so strongly. She always seemed to brush things off, so Rainbow Dash just assumed that they were alike like that. Apparently not though.

"First, I'm going to beat you!" Scootaloo said walking over to Rainbow Dash, "Then, with the past behind me, I'm going to charge forward to the future!"

"You know I can't let you do this Scootaloo!" Rainbow Dash said walking to her now, "As your friend, and unofficial guardian, I have to knock some sense into you, and if this is the only way to do it, then I'm not losing this race!"

"Then bring it, Rainbow Dash!"

For a second, the two pegasi just stood there glaring at each other (Rainbow Dash still couldn't see Scootaloo's eyes through the helmet though), but then they instantly took to the skies and flew off. They instinctively knew the route, but that wasn't important. What was important was that they proved who was faster.

For a long time, the two of them alternated with who was in front, but it was always a close race. Rainbow Dash knew that even if she was using magic, Scootaloo wasn't as trained in flying as she was. If she lead her to Ghastly Gorge, then she might be able to slow her down.

Once there, Rainbow Dash flew through the small crevices and tight spaces with ease, confident that Scootaloo would be stuck. She'd fly back and help her in a little while, after she proved her point.

A point that was missed completely. Scootaloo ducked, dodged, flipped and dived in and out of the Gorge with ease Just as much ease as Rainbow Dash.

"How the hell!" Rainbow Dash cried out.

"I had a lot of time to practice on my scooter!" Scootaloo shouted flying next to Rainbow Dash, "Even if I couldn't fly, I could still move! After all, that is my talent!"

"You're what?" that was when Rainbow Dash noticed the mark on her flank. The trail of fire...

Her Cutie Mark.

"You got your Cutie Mark?" Rainbow Dash asked, wavering between happiness and fear.

"Twilight showed me all of my accomplishments with a spell, and I realized what I was supposed to do! I'm just like you, Rainbow Dash, only stronger, better, and faster!"

"Until you can prove that then you're all talk! I gloat, but when you're as awesome as me, you have a reason to gloat!" Rainbow Dash then picked up speed. If Scootaloo was going to talk the talk, she had to trot the trot as well. And that meant she had to really beat her.

Amazingly, Scootaloo was right next to her a second later. This was getting serious. Scootaloo just might be able to win this.

No, there was one thing she could do to insure her victory. No pony alive could beat this, no matter how fast. If she was going to win this race, she needed to do a Sonic Rainboom.

Rainbow Dash picked up even more speed, this time not stopping. She had to go faster. In order to reach that speed, she to be flying at just over 800 miles per hour. As she picked up speed, she saw Scootaloo still right behind her, and she was catching up.

Not this time. You lose, Rainbow Dash thought.





An explosion of multiple colors pushed Rainbow Dash faster than ever. This speed she only reached three times before this. Once when she was little, again two years ago to save Rarity, and again last year at Princess Cadence's wedding. She felt so alive at this speed. This was where she needed to-


Another explosion was heard, and Rainbow Dash noticed something flying after her. It was Scootaloo! She had a trail of fire behind her, and she was catching up, easily. Rainbow Dash tried to fly faster, but she reached her top speed. Scootaloo on the other hoof, was actually passing her.

Once she flew past Rainbow Dash, she dived down into the forest. Rainbow Dash flew after her, but an explosion pushed her back, causing her to fall down awkwardly. She didn't break anything thankfully, but she was in a lot of pain.

When she looked up she saw the forest ablaze. This was because of Scootaloo's trail! Rainbow Dash looked forward and saw Scootaloo trotting towards her.

"Do you see now?" Scootaloo asked darkly, "Do you finally understand? You can't stop me. The student has outmatched the teacher."

"Scootaloo, you're not thinking clearly," Rainbow Dash tried to reason, but Scootaloo shook her head.

"I'm thinking clearer than I've ever thought in my life. This demon you're looking at is the real me. The race has started and I don't plan on stopping until I reach the finish line, and I plan on coming in FIRST!"

It began to rain, putting out the fire around them (the pegasi must have seen the fire from Cloudsdale). Rainbow Dash tried to get up, but she fell down instantly. She was so tired.

"Don't bother getting up," Scootaloo said, "My men should be here any second to finish you off."

"Finish me off?" Rainbow Dash asked looking up, "But why would you..."

"Because Twilight told me to, and she's just a means to getting what I want. All ponies to me from here on out are pawns in my game, my plan. All you are to me, is a symbol of my past that I'm letting go."

"Damn it Scootaloo..." Rainbow Dash said before falling to the ground exhausted. Her sight was getting blurry. She couldn't even think anymore.

"Pinkie... Pie..." Rainbow Dash said before she saw black.

As Scootaloo walked out of the forest, she saw her men now walking into Ponyville. She took one last look at the forest, and at the pony she left behind inside.

"Good bye, Rainbow Crash," she said spitefully before turning her back to the forest again and trotting off, permanently leaving her past behind her.