Feyn Do Fin Dovah; Their Rise And Fall, Our Mistake

by mrheadhopper

Chapter 5 - Fin Bruniik Kroniid!

A fierce roar erupted from the library as a massive wingless lizard crashed through the wall that made up most of the door, letting out another loud roar that would reach up to the other half of Ponyville. The dragon's tail swished fiercely as purple smoke oozed out of massive purple dermal plates that surrounded the creature's back. Standing higher than Celestia herself, the enormous reptile forced it's full body out of the building once known as the library, letting out steam from two nostrills placed at the end of his mouth. His jaws were lined with four rows of teeth, and it had massive fangs that escaped from the main jaw and gave the creature a even more fearsome look. Massive neon green spikes crawled up the creature's spine, starting from it's lenghty tail and ending where the cranium started. The parts that weren't covered in bone plate were a dark purple, and the creature's eyes seemed to be a dark, barely noticeable purple, with the pupils being a bright green much like the one on it's spines. Three black claws adorned the end each leg, and said black claws had spikes protuding from where the toes united with the rest of the bone structure. Just out of sheer demonstration, the dragon let out a loud roar that was shortly followed by a massive wave of fire eviscerating the grass infront of the gargantuan reptile. Spike's skull was also covered with bone plating for extra protection, surrounding the entirety of his head except for his nostrils and his lips. The plating, much like the color scheme of the original Spike, was still a purple, altho much darker.

"Well, it worked..." spoke Celestia, coming from behind the magicka dragon. She was proud of Twilight's powers; the purple pony gave the lizard his magical powers, and it was all very apparent because of the purple smoke that oozed out of the dragon's figure.

"..well, let's hope this works." Twilight's voice was tired and somewhat faint.

"I'll be damn'd if I done say that is a... buckin' badass thing." spoke Applejack as she walked forwards, taking her place to the left of the dragon.

"Spike sure does look... fashionable now!" voiced Rarity, complimenting the dragon's extremely visceral looks.

"...it sure does look alot more evil." spoke a obvious member of the group. Behind the shadows that settled beyond the library's hole sprouted a now courageous pegasus, cheering as she flew around the dragon, finally landing on it's back.

"Yo! I think he needs a new name now. I mean, look at the size of this.. thing!" Rainbow Dash added to her sentence by pointing at the now turned head of 'Spike', who was now facing the ponies behind him. "We should call him... Odahviing!" shouted Rainbow, earning confused looks from most of the ponies except from Twilight and Celestia.

"Did you snoop around in my dragon book, Rainbow?" Twilight looked almost concerned.

"Yeah, yeah, I read it over a couple times. Fus ro dah, and all that stuff." voiced Rainbow Dash in a usual lazy tone as she stretched her wings. Spike gave a soft nod and a snort, indicating that he liked his new name and form.

"Rainbow Dash," spoke Celestia as she walked closer to the pegasus, "..you do realize those words can hold inmense power if you pronounce them correctly, right?" She earned a nod from Rainbow Dash as she finished stretching her limbs.

"Yeah, you shout 'em and then all this weird magic stuff can happen dependin' on the words. Yol toor shul gives you a shockwave of fire, iiz slen nus freezes things, wuud nah kest makes you go fast forwards," Rainbow Dash added to her chatter by lazily waving her hoof around everytime she pronounced the words of power.

"Dash, do you know all of the thu'um?" voiced Celestia, her tone ranging from confusion to faint glimmers of hope.

"I know 'em all, and if you give me a min'r two, I can list all of them. All of them." Rainbow Dash spoke proudly as she flexed her wings.


"Joor zah fruul."

"Clear skies?"

"Lok vah koor."

"Strun bah qo?" spoke Celestia, winking at Rainbow Dash.

"Storm, wrath, lightning."

"Truly amazing, Rainbow Dash!" Celestia tuned, joined shortly by the cheering of her friends, including Odahviing, who snarled.

"Now," Celestia's voice was serious now. "I want you to shout. If you can't do it, I'll help you. I've mastered the thu'um myself long ago." added Celestia.

Puffing her chest and stiffening her wings, Rainbow Dash took in some air...

"Any shout will do."

The mare 5 stared at Rainbow Dash as she took off of Spike- Odahviing's back, flying.

"Fo.." Rainbow Dash let out, knowing that the second and third words had a pause after the first.

"Krah diin!" shouted Rainbow at the same time she exhaled. And it worked. A medium sized gust of wind emanated from Rainbow Dash's mouth, steaming against the air, before turning into a frozen bolt and aiming towards a random house wall, breaking into chunks and freezing the surface of said wall as it hit. Celestia and the others, including Sp- Odahviing stared at Rainbow Dash, surprised that she managed.

"Hey, I did it! My.. my mouth is cold..." Rainbow's last words were somewhat shrieky as she quickly brought a hoof to her mouth.

"By myself, you did it! With proper training, you can master the thu'um! You even know the pauses!" Celestia cheered and then, once again, was quickly joined by the other ponies. Including Fluttershy.

"Princess, can all of us learn this thu-" Twilight was cut off by a loud roar emanating from the sky, and the Mane 6 ( Including Celestia ) looked up to see one massive dragon. Fear began to convulse amongst the ponies as everypony ( Save for Rainbow Dash, Odahviing and Celestia ) waltzed inside.

"Rainbow Dash, you.. you have to help! There's two of them!" Celestia pointed a hoof towards a somewhat smaller figure that lurked behind the larger one.

"Just stay behind me, and.. everything will be alright. Our voices combined are true matches against those dovah."

Rainbow Dash hurriedly nodded and instantly zapped towards Celestia's side, somewhat scared.

"...what if they kill us!?" Rainbow Dash spoke, worry apparent in her voice.

"Do not worry; I have my horn. With it I will shield us both should they use their thu'um against us. Renember, use your fire breath against the white one and your ice breath against the dark one." Celestia added by pointing at the respective dragons.

Spike snarled at the two dragons coming and let out a deep roar as the dragons took in to hover mode, circling the two ponies and the magicka dragon, his head pointing upwards towards the two dovah.

Atuhors nose:

Chapter was rushed as fuck. I want to make a bridge to the other ones. DW, I won't rush the other ones!