White Light : Guiding Light

by Kujamih

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

The streets of Ponyville, where friendly faces greet and meet each other. Now in smokes and ruin.

"Luster, i know everything is already going wrong.... But isnt it awkward that there's no pony around the village?" Cozy asked.

Luster Dawn is still in a trance, while running beside Cozy.


She snapped out from her trance and faced Cozy with a stressed, haggard face. "I'm sorry Cozy...."

Cozy reached out her hoof to pat her shoulder. "Hey.. its okay i..." She noticed her hoof on Luster is shaking uncontrollably.

Luster had noticed that she wasn't the only one scared and Cozy is trying to stay strong for the both of them.

"Hey...Cozy.... I think we need a little rest. I think I'll... Well we'll break down if we don't take a breather." Luster said while trying to give a smile to Cozy.


Both of them stopped from running, their hooves collapsed and sat from the ground shaking.

From the distance, explosions could be heard.

Light and Madeline's fight continues on, and Light seems to be losing.

"Oohhh is that an opening i see, Light?"

Madeline took the opportunity and jabbed Light from his side.

Light took a direct hit and lost his breath.

He immediately backed off but Madeline was one step behind him... literally.


Another direct hit from the side. This time it knocked Light off his feet and flew to the wall.


" You might be the tenth but that doesn't mean i cant easily beat you, Light." Madeline walked slowly towards the downed pony. " Entertain me more Light... Im getting bored..... Is this all you got?"

" Im just waiting for an opening." Light whispered on Madeline's ears.

Light quickly tried to stab Madeline with Crysalis's throne but she was already at Light's back.

"I have no opening Foo-" a pie suddenly hit Madeline's face.

Light quickly took this opportunity and was able to jab her with Crysalis's throne three times.

Madeline quickly made distance but ended up stepping on a banana peel causing her to slip and fall hard.

Light quickly pounced on Madeline to finish her off but she already phased out and couldn't be found.

" Tsk...i was too slow."

Light looked around and saw Cozy and Luster beside Pinkie Pie.

Light went near them. " ...thanks."

"Well i cant just watch you lose and make her turn me into a crazy overlord, now can we." Pinkie Pie replied.

Both Cozy Glow and Luster Dawn looked at Pinkie with confusion.

"I guess you don't need any explanations then." Light replied.

"Nope," Pinkie smiled. "Buuuuuuut."

"Good lets go-" Light was interrupted by Pinkie's hooves, grabbing his shoulder.

"Hey...Please.... Whatever happens... We have to stop it."

Light looked at pinkie, " don't worry... I will. This time will be different."

" I'm counting on you then!"

"... why'd you have to be so nice." Light murmured.

" What? I didn't quite hear you." Pinkie replied.

" Oh nothing... Quickly! We need to check on Flurry Heart." Light quickly left to the hospital.

Cozy and Luster quickly followed, while Pinkie Pie looked at the direction of the Everfree Forest.

".... Hmm Madeline Pie. I hope i made the right decision..." Pinkie talked to herself.

Mean while on Starlight's side.

"Discord! What's going on! Our magic isn't working as we want!" Trixie exclaimed.

" You're not the only one having a hard time missy! Be greatfull we still have magic to cast at all!" Discord retorted.

" This creatures are quite tough for us magic users. It seems they're the cause of our magic to weaken." Starlight observed. "Scootaloo, Diamond Tiara! You will be our front guard while we support you from the back. It seems they arent physically strong as they look."

" Copy head mistress," both replied.

"Now how do we get ourselves out of this situation?"