White Light : Guiding Light

by Kujamih

Chapter 10

Sugarcube Corner´╗┐´╗┐, where the witch brews her cauldron.

"Smoke is coming out of the windows! Quickly!" Light urgently said.

Light rushed in the building, followed by Cozy Glow and Luster Dawn.

Both quickly searched the burning place, but could not find anyone inside.

As they head outside of the burning building. A Pink haired pony is waiting for them outside.

"So?.... Did you find anything, Light?" The pink haired pony asked.

" Tsk... Madeline Pie... Where are they."

" Awh don't worry white, i havent done anything...yet." Madeline then piercingly gazed at the group. " I think auntie sensed me and quickly left the building and forgot to turn off the stove... Shes so careless sometimes haHAHahA." She snort. "I really wanted to meet someone like me.... A perfect pie."

Light remained on his guard, while Cozy and Luster was scared and confused.

Madeline noticed the silence and got bored, so she broke the ice once more.

"Well enough about me! Look at you Light, eyh! When i went to the portal 5 hours ago you were a promising private. Now! Now you are the top COMMANDER!?" Madeline screeched. " How'd you do it Light? Did ya do something heroic? Or did you pull some strings to get where you are?"

In an instant Madeline is at the back of Light.

Cozy and Luster was shocked that Madeline was already in front of them, that the only thing they could do at that moment was choke at where they stand.

"What now Light?"

Madeline quickly trusted her front hoof to strike the back rib of Light.

Light quickly released his armor to block Madeline's fist, but noticed Madeline's grin on her face and adjusted quickly and tried to avoid her punch instead.


A piece of Light's armor fell off and a crack is visible on his back.

"I almost forgot that you are a Pie."

" Tsk and i was soooooo close to break you in half Light. But now." Madeline then looked at both Cozy And Luster, who is four feet away from her.

"What will happen to the little chicks who left their mothers wingzzz." Madeline fiercely said to them while grinning scarily.

The both of them could only shake at where they stand.

But a hoof on her shoulder stopped her from her tracks.

"You're not the only one who knows Madam Pinkie's phase out technique."

Light lifted Madeline and threw her to the ground. But no body hit the ground.

Madeline suddenly phased out of Lights hand and phased in behind Light again, then made a swiping motion of her lower legs to trip Light.

He quickly evaded by back flipping and landing behind her and quickly kicking her.

Madeline was able to block the kick but was flingged far and hit a building.

"Akk!!" Madeline shouted as she hits the walls.

"You two! Snap out of it!"

Luster tears suddenly dropped while Cozy slowly tried to collect herself.

Cozy Gulped "I think I'm good." She nervously said.

"Well Luster isn't." Light put on his guard once more and faced where Madeline is. "Both of you find Pinkie Pie and head back to the castle! I'll handle her."

" Oh i like being handled." Madeline whispered at Lights ears.

Light quickly released Crysalis's throne to stab Madeline but she quickly dodged it by back flipping.

" I guess your limit for phasing in and out is two times in a short time while needing to recharge."

" Well yours is only once so...yeah."

" You Pie's are really hard to have a conversation with." Light replied with a ticked face.

" That's what makes us interesting i suppose."

Madeline quickly phased behind Light again and tripped his legs.

Light quickly phased out and in, behind Madeline. But to his surprise, Madeline is already behind her.

" Hey...where you looking for me?" Madeline said while striking from above, looking down on Light.

As she crashed from above Light, an explosion of dust erupted.


Light was flingged off of the dust cloud with his Crysalis's throne fully activated and badly damaged.

As the dust settled, Madeline can be seen with a giant iron gauntlet on her front hooves.

"Man! You got away sooo quickly! No one shouldve avoided that. Unless.... You already know about me huh Light?"

Light quickly stand up and patted off some dust on him.

" Wouldn't you like to know? Defector."

" Heeeh.." Madeline grinned. " Handle me more LIIIGGGHHTTTT!!!"

" and i thought you wont get anymore creepier Madeline."

Madeline suddenly phased at the back of Light with both gauntlets facing up, about to strike Light from above.

"Oh Light just call me MAD! Mad Pie!."