MLP: Rainbow of Light

by Justin1019

Prologue: What is to Come

Out in the plains of Montana was a ranch. There was a house along with a barn, stables, a hay field, a well, crop fields, and the like that were all surrounded by fencing that covered much of the ranch. There was a road that lead to a paved road. The ranch was owned by the Williams family who bought out the ranch. In the house were three siblings. Megan Williams was the oldest of the three siblings at age 16. She was much like her mother, who was gentle, patient, kind, resourceful, and motherly. Of course, she was also like her father, who was a natural-born leader, a thoughtful man who, at times when he was in trouble, stayed confident. Daniel Williams, or "Danny" as everyone calls him, was the second oldest sibling, being only 14 years old. He was a rambunctious young lad. He was often confident and a bit of a wisecrack who also likes to tell a joke or two. He would often not take things seriously and even acts lazy and bored at times. Megan always chastises him for being lazy and not taking things seriously. He sometimes acts with mischievous intend so he could alleviate his boredom. Molly Williams was the youngest of the siblings, being 11 years old. She was creative and sweet as a cake. Though she likes to be like her brother one day, she detests his puns and his mischievous behavior.

Their grandmother Hannah was left to them to take care of them as their parents were out on a trip to Texas. Megan was in charge of taking care of the animals, especially the family's prized horse TJ and the ox Tauro. TJ was a horse that Megan took care of herself. TJ would let Megan ride on his back and often played tricks with her brother while also caring for Molly. Tauro was a stubborn bull to work with. He liked to be outside the barn and when the time came to put him back in the barn, it was going to take someone just as stubborn as him to get him in the barn. That someone happened to be Megan. In time, the bull respected Megan, but was still stubborn as ever. Danny and Molly would be left to do the chores while Megan worked with the animals and that their grandmother would take care of the plants.

Megan was wearing her usual attire, blue jeans, an orange short-sleeved shirt with brown boots, a matching vest and belt. She had thick blonde hair which she tied in a ponytail that flowed past her waist just down her back. It was mid-afternoon. She would always go to the stables to find her favorite stallion lying down. She'd been working all morning. She needed to vent out some steam.

"Hey, TJ, you feel like galloping across the ranch?" Megan asked, "Wanna stretch out your legs very quickly?"

The horse perked his ears up and made an enthusiastic whinney.

"Well then giddy up already! I'll get the saddle and everything!" Megan said.

The stallion rose on his legs as Megan went to get the saddle. TJ walked out of the stables before Megan came back with the saddle. She fastened the saddle and the bridles on TJ and hopped on.

"Alright TJ, giddy up!"

The horse let out a neigh before it trot out. As the two left, Megan spotted her brother and sister outside the house. Her brother wore a blue-white shirt and a red-white cap with the letter B on it. It had a blue trim. Molly was wearing her usual white shirt with pink overalls.

"So, running off to break your record again?" Danny asked, "You know, he'd make one heck of a racing horse."

"Oh be quiet Danny." Megan scoffed, "Besides, shouldn't you be doing something?"

"Oh no, I've done everything I could for today." Danny said.

Molly glanced with annoyance on her face.

"Liar," Molly said.

"Me? Liar? What do you mean?" Danny asked mockingly.

She pouted.

"I mean you still didn't-"

"Put my clothes in the washing machine? Made my bed? I even fed Tauro by the way, thank you very much." Danny said.

"You still didn't wash the dishes for Granny." Molly said.

"Of course I did!"

"You only did the dishes! You didn't wash all the spoons or the forks!" Molly said, "You didn't wash the knives! I had to wash everything while trying not to cut myself!"

"Hey! Knives are sharp! I wouldn't want to lose my finger." Danny said.

"Danny..." Megan said, slightly raising her voice, "We talked about this."

"Alright fine, I only did the dishes because I needed to play with my buddies online. I mean I just finished that raid with them just last night." Danny said, "Can't I just-"

"No bro, you can't."

"Oh come on! I've been working my butt off all day!"

"No excuses Danny. Just cause you're 13 doesn't mean you skip out on chores." Megan said, "And that also doesn't mean you can just go find yourself a girlfriend."

"WHAT?! You don't even have a boyfriend!" Danny said.

"That's cause the ranch is a lot more important than boys." Megan said, "We gotta care for the ranch and each other because we're family, got it?"

"I get it..." Danny sighed.

"Now Molly, you just go back to what you were doing." Megan said.

"Ok sis." Molly said.

"Alright, TJ, giddy up!" Megan said.

TJ neighed and galloped off to the open fields.

"And remember to be back by dinner, ok?" Molly asked.

"She will, you'll see." Danny said.

Megan could feel the wind in her hair, the adrenaline rushing throughout her body. She always liked having the feeling for adventure. It made her feel alive, and riding TJ was always a blast. The way the stallion huffed and puffed with the wind in his mane as he galloped across the open space, all of it gave her such a thrill. The way the stallion turns in response to how she handles the reins and on cue gives her a sense of synchrony and union with the horse.

She loved this sort of thing ever since she first rode the horse. Ever since then, she's always wanted to do this sort of thing.

She pulled her right arm back, tugging the rein, signalling TJ to turn right.

And he did so.

She felt his weight shift as he went into the turn. She then tugged the reins to the left, telling him to turn left.

And turn left he did.

"Yahoo!" Megan howlered, "Now jump!"

Tj jumped into the air, his hooves clearing the grass. He landed with grace and galloped.


"Whoa!" Megan yelled, pulling hard on the reins.

TJ neighed and reared back on his hind legs. She and TJ looked to the distance and saw what looked like some kind of rainbow colored... sonic boom? This close to the ground? Then came something speeding right-!

TJ instinctively galloped to the right as something came down hard.

"Whoa! Whoa! Easy! Easy TJ! Calm down!" Megan called to the horse as he was roaring.

She rubbed the stallion's head, reassuring TJ that everything is fine. She kept doing this until he stopped roaring and took a breather. She noticed a rainbow coming from where she had witnessed the whole thing and trailed it with her eyes. It ended right into the ground where the unknown object fell. She got off the horse and went over to the crater. She waited for the dust to settle and jumped down into the small crater. What she found was...

'What in the hell am I looking at?' Megan thought.

The supposed thing she was looking at was a pale light grayish cerulean colored pony with wings and a rainbow colored mane. She began to put it together. This horse... It was a Pegasus, like those of Greek mythology, winged horses that could fly. But what kind of horse would have a cyan colored coat with a rainbow colored mane? And... was that a rainbow colored thunderbolt on the pony's flank?

'Who the hell puts a tattoo on a horse's flank?' Megan thought.

This was already becoming weird. Now that she knew what this horse was, now she needed to know two things, how old was it and whether or not it was male or female. She sighed.

'I'm sorry, pal, but I got to find out everything before I have to figure out what to do with you.' Megan thought.

She lifted the tail... and... yup. This was a female.

Judging by the length and height, Megan guessed that this horse was an adult, approximately 5 to 7 years old.

She touched the wings and... they felt like real wings. Feathers and all. She checked the mare's legs. None of them seem broken.

'I gotta get Granny.'

She got on TJ's saddle and the two made for the ranch.


A ball of light was approaching the house. It slipped through the window and was in Megan's room. It circled her. It sensed a pure heart. A heart with love, compassion, care, bravery, and virtue. She is what it had been looking for. It left its own world behind to find someone truly worthy of bearing its powerful light. It found a vessel that could contain it. A heart-shaped locket that was next to Megan's bed on a drawer. It opened the locket and went inside before a tendril of light came and closed it.