White Light : Guiding Light

by Kujamih

Chapter 9

A bright light shines outside of Ponyville, followed by a deafening explosion.

As the dust from the explosion dissipates a suited unicorn jumped out off it, as if trying to avoid something from inside of the dust.

"Tsk..." It clicked its tongue. "Shit an oversight....Identify yourself!"

Then a white pony came out of the dust. It was Light.

"...Private White!?... What the hell are you doing here," the suited unicorn tried to calmly say.

"Watch your tone Bright. I out rank you." Light then showed his cutie mark towards Bright.

He quickly salutes to Light. "Tenth! Sorry for the disrespect, SIR!....but standard protocol requires me to ask for the code...since you are clearly from a farther future than we originally are."

"Well sorry to inform you but that information, wasn't past on."

  Bright quickly clicked something from his neck and shouted. "We have been compromised! I repeat, compromised!"

Bright looked at Light seriously. "I always thought this mission wont be that easy to begin with.... But a defected number... Thats too much."

" I didn't defect... We actually won....but the results....that is needed to be fixed."

"Why would i believe you?"

"You don't." Light looked at Bright with a sad expression on his face. "Rest now Soldier, leave the rest to me... Ill fix this."

"Rrrrgh! Die Disarray Scum!" Bright shouted while charging a much more powerful spell towards Light.

At this point the dust was gone and Cozy glow and Flurry heart was the only one conscious to hear the conversation.

" Evade the laser!" Flurry heart shouted.

"Princess. If i did that, youd be killed." Light replied.

Then a flash of light came beaming towards them.

As Cozy Glow and Flurry Heart was shocked and their lives were flashing in front of their eyes, Light faced the giant laser beaming towards them.


It was pitch silence.... Flurry and Cozy opened their eyes, to check if they're still alive. And in front of them a figure of a unicorn is blocking the laser, where Light was supposed to be.

Their face was in awe for a miracle has saved them.

As the laser grew weaker it dissipates and the blinding light cleared of and showed the unicorns face.

"...Light?" Flurry Heart couldn't believe her eyes

A dark, jagged knife like horn is sticking out of Light's forehead.

"The Horn of Chrysalis Throne!?" Bright blurted.

"Nah i got the hole set!" Light was then covered in darkness. Then pieces of armor starts to materialize on his legs, head, chest and back

He now resembles a dark knight with sharp jagged wings.

" Burn bright in my light and know true power!" Light told Bright, as he continues to shine brighter and brighter until Bright was blinded by his radiance.

The only thing Bright could see now is the floating set of Light's armor and the blinding light surrounding it. "You might out rank me... But im still one of the Numbers."

"Shinning Armor!" As Bright cast the spell, he also shined and caused a big explosion, causing another big dust cloud. And this time, Light's blinding presence stopped.

"Tsk...so he has the armor." Light silently whispered to himself.

As the dust clouds cleared, Bright was no where to be found. Light approached Cozy Glow and Flurry Heart.

"Princesses, are you alright?" He asked

"Princesses?" Cozy questioned.

" Oh... Nevermind what i said...is she alright?" Light turned his attention to Flurry Heart.

She can only gawk at the sight of Light, until the pain on her pierced wings return to her. "Aaaakkk!"

"quickly! we should head to the hospital."

As soon as he finished his words, a pegasus crashed towards Light and almost kicked him. Light evaded its kick and was forced to move away from Flurry and Cozy. Then a shinning pumpkin started to grow beneath his feet and exploded.

"Get away from our friends!" Said the twins.

Light didn't flinched from pumpkins magic.

"These guys are too...weak? No they're too kind."

Light retracted his armor, to show less aggression. "Please, im on your side."

"You dimwits! He saved our lives!" Cozy yelled.

"What.... really?" The twins said.

"Wait wheres Luster?" Cozy asked.

Then a spark of light ignited above Light.

"You're mine!" Luster yelled.

"You're too excited," Light replied.

He was able to beam up Luster. Now she's unable to move and cast her spell.

"Wha- what did you do to me!"

" A simple hold spell... Im just holding you. What? Cant break a simple spell?" Light stared at Luster.

Luster struggled to break free.

"You know a hold spell is easily broken right? especially if an earth pony is casting it."

Luster is shocked at her situation. she could only struggle and tear up.

"...what am i doing..." Light released Luster from his grab and dropped her.

Luster still couldn't move from the shock. She could only look at Light in fear.

Her friends on the other hand couldn't do anything for her as they were afraid aswell.

" Hey. Your friend needs treatment." Light reminded them.

Cozy Glow stepped up and acted for them. "Pumpkin, Pound. Carry Flurry to the nearest hospital." Cozy quickly flew towards Light and Luster. " Um sir Light..."-She bowed.-" Please forgive my friends who misjudged you." Cozy quickly grabbed Lusters head and forced her to bow as well. "Right, Luster Dawn?"

" Wa?... I mean yes...sorry..." Luster still flustered.

"We would also like to properly thank you, oh great hero."

"You were always good with your flattery princess." Light replied.

Cozy blushed and confused. "Princess?"

"Ahmm Cozy Glow, we need to go and find Pinkie pie and Diamond Tiara. I believe they'll be the next target of our enemy."

"Uh... Well hero... Pinkie Pie is just here in ponyville. while i believe Diamond Tiara assisted Head Mistress Starlight."

" I guess we save the witch first..."

Cozy and Luster gave an awkward expression toward Lights remark.

"Hurry! lead me to her."