My Little Ninja Turtle (Part 2)

by MlpTmntDisneyKauane

Back to New York

After Shredder's defeat, the ponies turtles and the Mane 6 celebrate, the group went to Ponyville with all the ponies there shouting with joy thanking the heroes, all celebrating the victory while Pinkie and Mikey rejoiced in the celebration making it a party, and Applejack reunited with her family who were pony again.

After the celebration, it was now night, the group was all in the Twilight's castle still happy with the victory, including Pinkie and Mikey who were even more.

"Who saved the world!?" Mikey asked.

"We saved the world!" The boys cheered.

"Say again, who saved the world!?" Pinkie asked.

"We saved the world!" The girls cheered.

And then Mikey and Pinkie ask at the same time. "We didn't hear, who saved..." But then they are cut off by Raph. "Can you two stop this!?" He asked angrily. "Yeah, we already get it, we are awesome." Rainbow boasted smirking.

"So Twilight, how's the portal studies going?" Leo asked.

"In fact, I'm done, I know how to send you home." Twilight said.

"Oh well, I couldn't take Mikey and Pinkie's company anymore." Raph frowned and turned his eyes to Mikey and Pinkie who were still having fun and making noise.

"Don't worry, you'll be back in your world by now, but i need your help for this, Donnie" said Twilight.

"My help? Of course, and for what?" Donnie asked.

And then the group was in the library, Twilight explained to Donnie what to do on the mirror portal.

"And then this portal that leads to a world other than yours, if we cast this spell, that portal will be activated by the other world that is yours." Twilight explained.

Donnie read the spell book a little and understood how he should do it. "Okay, I think i get it." Donnie said.

"So, are you ready?" Twilight asked.

"Ready." Donnie replied.

And then they ascended their horns and cast the magic on the mirror portal, the others were watching while Mikey and Pinkie watched with their eyes shining.

"So shiny!" The two spoke at the same time.

And then, Twilight and Donnie turn off their horns and the mirror portal was open to the turtles's world.

"And there you have it, the portal is open, boys." Twilight said.

"And it will go straight to our lair, trust me." Donnie said.

"Ah yeah, we're going back to New York!" Mikey cheered.

"Aw, can I go too?" Pinkie asked sadly.

"Not today Pinkie, maybe one day when the boys come back." Said Applejack.

Pinkie was saddened. "Aw, don't be sad Pinkie, I also wanted you girls to go, Spike to go too." Mikey comfort her.

"Yeah, it would be good if I became a dog again, well, if I really became a dog in this world." Spike said.

"Okay, it's just ... it's just ..." Pinkie was trying hard not to cry, but she started to cry with waterfall tears coming out of her eyes and hugged Mikey. "I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH MIKEY!" Pinkie cried.

Mikey couldn't help feeling the same as Pinkie. "Me ... Me too, Pinkie." Then Mikey starts crying waterfalls like Pinkie, the two hugged each other crying.

"Oh my, this is so sad!" Said Fluttershy wanting to cry.

"Okay, enough of the two of you, you are wetting the floor with these tears." Raph complained as he took off his hooves in the pool of tears.

Then Mikey and Pinkie cut off the hug and wipe their tears. "Well, goodbye Mikey." Pinkie said goodbye smiling.

"Goodbye Pinkie, but I wish there was at least one way for us to talk between our worlds, like sending a message or ..." But before Mikey completed, Twilight remembers something. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that!" She said.

Twilight went to one of the bookshelves and levitated a book with a turtle shell design on the cover and give to Leo.

"Here, I want to give you this." Twilight said.

"A book?" Leo asked and opened some pages that were white.

"It's not just a book, me and Sunset Shimmer have this same type of book so that we could talk to each other without leaving the worlds, so that book is a magical message book, just someone in your world write something there, that someone from my world will read what you have to say in that other book. " Twilight explained, showing her other book

"Wow, so this is like a cell phone message, only in a book!? ' Mikey asked curiously.

"Yeah, exactly." Twilight answered.

"Cool! Let me try!" Mikey took the book that was with Leo, took a pencil and started writing something.

Then the other book that was with Twilight starts to flash, Twilight opens the book to see what Mikey had written, but what Mikey had written was a little twisted and scrambled, which left Twilight confused and without understanding.

"Sorry, it was supposed to say 'Booyakasha', I still don't know how to hold a pencil with these hooves." Mikey said, Twilight just turned her eyes while smiling and frowning.

"Well, it's time." Said Rarity to Donnie.

"Yeah, it was nice to meet you girls." Donnie said to Rarity, and she smiles.

And surprisingly, Rarity hugs him. "I will miss you, Donnie." She said.

Donnie returns the hug. "I will also miss you." He smiled.

And then the two cut off the hug. "And by the way, good luck to you and April." Rarity smirked making Donnie blush.

"Oh uum ... uum, I ... I'll have, I hope" Donnie blushed.

"Hey bros! The last one to reach the lair, will pay the Pizzas that I'll order!" Mikey challenged and quickly entered the portal.

"Mikey!" Donnie shouted in anger.

"You better go soon if you don't want to pay for Pizza." Rarity joked.

So Donnie leaves Rarity and enters the portal.

"So, you're going, right?" Rainbow asked Raph, frowning.

"Yeah, that's what it looks like." Raph replied, also frowning.

"So, goodbye." Rainbow said goodbye unwillingly.

"Yeah goodbye and whatever." Raph said goodbye unwillingly.

The two did not seem to care if one was already going, but in fact they did, Rainbow Dash will really miss Raph, and Raph as incredible as it will also miss Rainbow Dash, the two smile at each other without knowing.

"So, see you later, Rain-dumb-ow." Raph joked smirking, and left her.

"See you, Big Red." Rainbow joked also smirking.

So now Leo and Twilight say goodbye.

"It was a great pleasure to meet you, Leonardo, and I'm sorry again for having argued with you at the time when we were all arguing with each other, I was so concerned with saving Equestria that I forgot what was most important. The friends." Twilight felt a little bad about that.

But then Leo puts his hoof on Twilight's shoulder. "It's okay Twilight, I'm also gets worried about not being able to lead my team and saving New York, I know how it is, but what matters now is that we reconsider and we are friends again."

Twilight smiles at that. "I'm really proud to call you a best friend, Leo."

Leo smiles at that. "Me too, Twilight."

The two hugged each other tight and comfortable. "I'll to miss you, Twilight." Leo said.

"Me too, Leo, I'll to miss you a lot. But I hope that one day you will return to Equestria, maybe Donnie can find a way to open an Equestria portal in your world, and maybe you guys can bring April and Casey to meet, maybe even Master Splinter. "

Leo smiled at the thought. "Okay then, I'm going to talk to Donnie and the others about it."

The two alicorns cut off the hug and Leo leaves Twilight and goes to the portal that Raph was still in and saw the entire farewell.

"So, can we go? Are you finished saying goodbye to your girlfriend?" Raph joked smirking, until Leo taps Raph on the shoulder.

"Stop it, we're just friends, Raph," said Leo, frowning.

"Yeah Yeah, the Paid Pizzas are yours!" Raph scoffed and entered the portal before Leo.

But before Leo enters, he takes one last look at the Mane 6, and then looks at Twilight who was looking at him smiling, Leo then smiles too.

"Goodbye, Leo." Twilight said goodbye.

"Goodbye, Twilight" Leo says goodbye and enters the portal, and then the portal to the turtle world closes.

"*Sigh* Nice boys, isn't it?" Applejack asked.

"Yeah, I hope they'll be back soon." Said Fluttershy.

"And I hope that we will visit their world one day." Said Rarity.

"As long as there are no counterparts of us in this world." Rainbow said.

"I hope haven't, we never had the chance to go to another world, I wanted to know what it’s like to be a human so badly" said Pinkie.

"Don't worry, girls, I guarantee that one day the boys will return. And then you girls will have the chance to travel to another world." Twilight guaranteed.

"I hope so, too." Pinkie smiles slightly, but then smiles happily. "And asking again: Who saved the world !?"

"Pinkie!" Everypony cursed Pinkie and she lowers her ears nervously while smiling nervously.

But then Twilight chuckles. "Okay, just one more time." Twilight allowed everyone to respond again which made Pinkie very happy.

"We saved the world!" Everyone cheered.
In New York City, in the sewers in the Turtles' lair, there were Casey and April. Casey was sitting on the couch while April paced looking a little stressed and worried about something.

"Calm down there, red, you've been worried like that for days, you need to relax." Casey tried to calm her down.

"I can't calm down, Casey! The Turtles have been missing for 4 days, none of them answered my messages or calls, Donnie always answers my calls." April cursed as she tried to text the turtles.

"Red, I know it's worrying, but you know these guys, they must be out there saving people, eating pizza, walking on rooftops, fighting robots and stuff, saving another dimension, maybe." Casey guessed.

"But even so, Casey, they didn't disappear like that, we have to do something, it's not like a magical portal suddenly appears here and the turtles come out of it." Said April.

But for her and Casey's surprise, happened exactly what April thought wasn't going to happen, a portal sudden appears near the lair entrance, April and Casey were shocked by it. And then in the portal, the turtles came out, which were mutant turtles again, but they were still walking on all fours, as soon as everyone leaves and the portal closes, they notice that they were no longer ponies and get back up on two legs.

"Yeah, we're back!" Donnie cheered while looking at his body.

"My fingers! My turtle shell! How to miss you!" Said Mikey hugging his own body.

"Ah yeah! It's great to have my mutant turtle body back!" Raph kissed his muscles.

Leo looks at your hands and your body and then looks at the lair. "It's good to be back home." He said.

"Boys!" Said April glad to see her mutant friends back.

"Guys, you came back!" Cheered Casey.

"Yeah, we're back, how long, huh?" Donnie said until April hugs him. "I was so worried about you." She said and made Donnie blush and Casey frown.

And then, Master Splinter comes out of his Dojo and sees the turtles back. "My sons, where were you?" He asked.

"Sorry for the delay to come back, Sensei, we were preventing the Kraangs from destroying another world." Leo complained.

"Yeah, but you don't have to worry, cause everypony is okay." Mikey said.

April and Casey arches their eyebrow with what Mikey had said. "Uuum, did he just say every'pony'?" Casey asked confused.

"Mikey!" Raph called him.

"Oops, I forgot we don't need to say that anymore." Mikey said.

"But what kind of world is this that you guys were in?" April asked confused.

"A crazy one, you guys might not even believe it." Raph said.

And then after ordering Pizzas that were paid for by Leo, the whole group ate the Pizzas while the turtles told the whole story of the world that they were in.

After telling the rest, Mikey just kept talking about the best part of the adventure he liked, and what he liked best was when Raph made his spectacular Sonic Raphael.

"And then when Rainbow Dash started to fall, Raph flew down to get his cool friend, Dash was away from Raph, but Raph flew so much faster than 'BOOM'! Caused an explosion of green and red sky ring that spread across the sky and took down all the flying Kraangs and Hoof Clan, and Raph managed to catch Rainbow Dash just when she almost hit the ground, it started flying in green and red lines forming in it like 'ZIP ZAP ZIP ZAP', and that's how Raph saved Rainbow Dash and gave his first Sonic Raphael! A name that I baptized." Mikey finished and bragged about his baptize.

"Yeah, thanks for that explanation, Mikey." Raph thanked him sarcastically.

"Man, I still can't believe there's another Shredder in this world." Casey said a little surprised.

"And I still can't believe that Little Dragon managed to hit him." April said.

"Yeah, you guys should have seen how Spike fought, he was too much for a baby Dragon." Donnie explained.

"Yeah he was like..." Mikey said and started to imitate the movements and make sounds with his mouth. "So while he defended himself from the Pony Shredder blows, Spike managed to hit his staff right in the face like 'POW'!" Mikey did a sound and movement of a staff beating.

"Now what I still find strange, the ponies there live like human beings, but you guys are not human and still become ponies, don't you think that is strange?" Casey asked.

"Dude, it was only now that Casey spoke that I realized that," said Raph.

"Yeah, I mean, why did we become pony? Shouldn't we have become half pony and half turtle? A Pony Turtle?" Mikey asked and baptized.

"Well, maybe because we act like humans, we talk, we walk on two legs..." Before Donnie finishes, Mikey says something else. "We eat Pizzas!" Said Mikey eating a Pizza with hay.

"Mikey, did you just eat a Pizza with hay?" Raph asked.

"Yes bro, I know we’re not ponies anymore, but I loved eating the hay pizzas, they’re so delicious." Said Mikey eating another one of this Pizza, while April and Casey looked with disgust at Mikey being eating hay. "Do you guys want it too?" He asked.

"No thanks, I'm full." April refused.

"I just wanna eat pizza with cheese anyway." Casey refused.

"How about you, Raph? I know you liked this pizza too." Mikey smirked as he approached the Pizza with hay in Raph's mouth.

Until Raph took Mikey's hand away. "Get this Pizza out of my face! I only ate it when I was a pony, I don't eat this anymore." Raph said coming out of the couch. Mikey comes back to eat the other hay pizzas in the box, until Raph appears. "Okay maybe just one little slice." He said taking a piece of the Hay Pizza.

"I am proud of you boys." Splinter started. "You four showing today that you are better at battle fighting when you are together, just like your friend Twilight Sparkle said, when you are together with your friends, family and team together, you will always be successful. You all are stronger when you are together, when work together, and your friendship is proof of that, your friendship is your greatest strength against evil. I hope you all remember this lesson that you learned after the struggle in this world, loneliness leads you to failure, unity leads you to success, and the most important."

"Yes. Friendship is Magic." Leo completed by giving a little smile, Splinter also gave a proud little smile.

Everyone was happy with that.

"Well, this is a little ridiculous." Casey commented on what Leo said, until April punches him on the shoulder. "Ow! Red."

"*Sigh* I hope that one day we go back to Equestria, I really want the girls to come to our world, I bet Fluttershy will like the sewer rats that are here." Mikey said while Casey was shaking just thinking about what Mikey said.

"Probably, she even likes cockroaches." Raph said.

"You guys would like Equestria, especially the girls." Donnie told April and Casey.

"And you would love to do challenged with Dash, Casey, she loves to challenge those who think they can do better than her." Raph said.

"Oh yeah? Well, I'm going to show this mare what Casey Jones is capable of." Casey smirked while Raph rolled his eyes.

"But I think you would like AJ, she likes to challenge her strengths and rope skills." Mikey came up.

"Hey Don, do you think you can make a portal for Equestria?" Leo asked.

"Well I think so, I guess I can use that Kraang portal device that April picked up. But it could take days, or weeks, or maybe a month," Donnie explained.

"Okay, we wait." Said Leo.
One month after the turtles returned to New York, everyone was in the lair, Mikey was reading some comics with Ice Cream Kitty, Raph and Casey were doing an arm wrestling with Raph beating Casey, Donnie was in the lab trying to open the portal to Equestria with the Kraang portal devices with April at his side, and Leo was on the couch writing in the magical message book that Twilight had given him, writing everything that happened after they returned to New York.

"Dear Twilight Sparkle: It's been over one month since we met you and the girls. A lot happened after we got back to New York, Raph and Slash got back to being friends (I think), Mikey is saying that mutant pizzas were controlling us (huh, it must be in his mind), and finally Karai believe that Master Splinter is her real father, but Shredder now keeps her prisoner now that she knows the truth, we are finding a way to rescue her so that she can return to her real family. While we still don’t know how to race it, Raph switched minds with a Kraang, and he discovered that the Kraangs are now close to making an invasion in our world just as they did in Equestria, but now they’re evolving and we need to be very prepared for when that happens, but I bet we’ll be able to stop them, if we can stop the Kraangs from destroying Equestria, we’ll also be able to stop the Kraangs from destroying our world, and maybe we will be able to defeat our Shredder just as we managed to defeat the Shredder of Equestria. And I hope that one day my brothers and I will see you and the girls and Spike again, I hope you guys visit our world, you would like to train with us and Master Splinter, we miss you, especially Raph. And especially me. From your best friend: Leonardo. "

Leo finishes writing, closes the book leaving it by his side and turns on the television watching Space Heroes.

But then Donnie and April leave the lab to report good news. "Guys, Donnie did it." Said April.

"Did what?" Raph asked as he won again in the arm wrestling against Casey.

"I managed to open the portal for Equestria." Donnie said.

"Really!? Did you do it?! Are you sure!?" Mikey asked excitedly.

Donnie nods, Mikey immediately jumps up and screams with joy with Ice Scream Kitty, while Raph and Casey cover their ears with Mikey's screams.

"This is good, I'm going to text Twilight about it." Leo said that he then took the book and started writing.

"We will see the girls again! I will see Pinkie! we will have a lot of fun, you will like her a lot, Kitty, I guarantee you!" Mikey said excitedly hugging Kitty who soon meowed with joy.

"Yeah, thanks to what I used to open the portal at TCRI, I managed to catalyze the device by doing..." Before Donnie does all the scientific explanation, Raph interrupts."Fine fine fine, you don't need to make that scientific explanation." Raph said he made Donnie frown.

"So how about we go over there?" April asked.

"Yes, why not?" Donnie said.

"I don't know, we still have to think about rescuing Karai, planning how to stop the Kraangs, do a patrol..." Before Raph finishes, Casey interrupts. "Oh please, you're just saying that so you don't want to go back to the world." He guessed.

"Come on Raph, it's just a little bit, just to see our friends again." Mikey begged.

Then Raph snorted. *Sigh* Fine, but that's just because I miss my wings. "said Raph.

"And I miss my beautiful hair." Mikey said rubbing his bald head

"Hey guys, I just sent the message to Twilight, and she said this is good, cause she is something to show us in Equestria." Said Leo.

"Something? And what is it?" Mikey asked curiously.

"It is a surprise, and she said that it is very important and that it will be good." Leo explained.

"I hope it is." Raph said.

"So, can we go?" Casey asked.

"Well, she said it's important and that we can't lose, so yes." Leo replied.

"So what are we waiting for? Let's go, BOOYAKASHA!" Mikey cheered.
And then in Equestria, in Canterlot, a ceremony was taking place, a ceremony to honor and thank the turtles (just like the Mane 6's ceremony after they defeated Discord).

Inside the castle, the drums and trumpets begin to play, opening the gate of the throne room, the ponies turtles started walking, all the ponies were in the throne room to watch the honor the heroes who saved Equestria from the evil Shredder, the turtles walk to the throne where Princess Celestia was, and in her side were Mane 6 and on the other was Casey who was a gray eath pony, April who was a yellow unicorn and Spike who waved to the ponies turtles.

And then, Celestia begins: "We are gathered here today, to honor these four young heroes, these four brothers from another world who defeated Shredder with their skill, strength and friendship, and saved Equestria from his domain, and for that we are grateful to you four: Leonardo, Raphael, Mickelangelo and Donnatello, from now on, you guys will be known in Equestria as 'The Legendary Ninja Turtles'. "

Everypony applauded after Celestia's words, applauding to the heroes.

"Do you guys wanna see the best part?" Twilight asked.

"Sure, what is it?" Mikey asked.

And then Celestia uses her magic and outside the entrance to the throne room the curtains of a window are opened, revealing a Stained Glass from the turtle ponies defeating Shredder, the Hoof Clan and the Kraangs.

The Stained Glass:

"Wooow, it's so beautiful!" Mikey said admiringly.

"Wow, it really is a tribute to us." Donnie said.

"Huh, not bad." Raph admitted.

"Twilight, did you plan this?" Leo asked.

"Not just me, my friends and the Princesses prepared this for you guys." Twilight explained.

"Wow, didn't need it all." Said Leo.

"Well, since you guys are not known in your world, so we decided to do this for you, and you all deserve it." Twilight explained.

Leo smiles at that. "Well, thank you for all of this." He thanks.

"Well, what are friends for? And I hope that one day you all too will be known in your world." Twilight said.

"Yeah, me too." Said Leo smiling at Twilight which gives her smile back.

Everypony in the room applauded for the Legendary Ninja Turtles, and so the Ninja Turtles became known in Equestria and became best friends forever with Mane 6.

The End

But wait! It's not over yet, there's still the last chapter, the epilogue chapter.