Sunset's Trial

by Zerocool7785

Arrival at Luna's

Equestria, Crystal Empire Library,

Princess Twilight Sparkle continued pouring over books on the Elements
of Harmony. She was trying to find an answer as to what happened tonight outside of Canterlot High School.
“Why is it the crown reacted that way with Sunset Shimmer, sure it’s my
element of harmony but that’s just it-Harmony.” Thought Twilight.
“Still doing research?” asked Spike walking up to Twilight.
“Yeah, Spike it doesn’t make sense. These elements are to promote peace and most of all HARMONY. Sure we used them to defeat Nightmare Moon, and imprison Discord. But the elements shouldn’t react so violently with anyone else.”
“Twilight, maybe that crown because it contained good magic, it reacted
with Sunset’s evil heart, and that is what happened.” Spike offered.
“Still the crown’s magic should only react to me, not anyone else.” Twilight said.
“Maybe not anyone in that world, but what about someone else from Equestria?” Spike asked.
“Maybe Spike, I mean that’s a plausible theory, but I don't know. Just something
isn’t sitting right with me since we got back.” I’m gonna keep doing some
research, why don’t you head out to get a bite to eat, I’m gonna keep working here,” Twilight said.
* * *
Human world…

Luna unlocked the door to her apartment as a second low rumble of thunder resounded in the distance. She knew this was probably going to be a whopper of a storm, so she and Sunset should get undercover.
Upon entering the apartment, Sunset looked around and could see Luna had put her personal touches on it. It was painted dark blue, and was a little small.
Coming in Sunset, realized she was in a hallway, she looked to her right, down the hallway, there were three rooms at the end of the hallway. Sunset guessed they were a bedroom, one she could tell was the bathroom and one she guessed was a spare room, or an office. Looking to her left she saw a lil bit of hallway that led into two other rooms. Sunset walked two steps and came face to face with a kitchen, and a wall and archway that led into the living room.
Luna walked into the kitchen and put her purse down on the kitchen counter. Then hung up her keys on a little wooden plaque on the wall that said KEYS, it had four sets of hooks, two were in use. Then she went to see what Sunset was doing.
Sunset was looking around the living room. It had a purple sofa against the wall facing the hallway, a matching love seat that was against another wall. The sofa and loveseat met at the corner where a lil end table with a lamp was placed. On the far wall was a big flat screen TV in the middle of the wall. Sunset noticed a closet on the far end near the TV. Walking over she was going to open it.
“In there is a huge DVD collection, I also have Hulu and Dish so we can always find something to watch.” Luna said startling Sunset.
Sunset opened up the sliding door and Luna wasn’t lying; she had tons of movies, even some TV series.
“I didn’t get to watch much TV at the shelter. All that was on in the morning while they served breakfast was the news. Several of us like me would watch the news in the morning this way I could eat and run to school.” Sunset told Luna while looking over the movie titles on the boxes.
“I don’t know a lot of these.” Sunset said.
“Well honey I love to talk about my movie collection, but I don’t want to bore you plus it’s kinda late.” Luna replied.
“You won’t bore me.” Sunset told her.
“Well that is for another day. Why don’t you grab a shower and do you have any PJ’s in your bag?” Luna asked.
“I have a pair.” Sunset replied back
“Are they clean? Do you need to have them washed?” Luna asked, insisting.
“Look I DON’T need a nursemaid. I have been on my own for most of my life. I can get to a laundromat when I need to. I was doing ok before this.” Sunset replied feeling annoyed by the constant questioning.
“Oh really?” Asked Luna crossing her arms, knowing Sunset will assert her independence.
“Yeah really!” Replied Sunset, standing there with her hands balled up into fists getting angry at Luna.
“Clearly you have been doing ok, living in Homeless Shelters and trespassing on private property to sleep in a clubhouse.” Luna replied sarcastically.
"News flash Sunset, If one of the Apples caught you sleeping in the clubhouse they could trespass you. Meaning if you were caught on their land again, and if Granny Smith wanted you could end up in juvenile hall.” Luna explained.
“Wrapping this up who was gonna come stand up for you at your trial or bail you out of juvenile hall? The queen bitch of CHS. NO ONE Sunset.” Luna stated matter-of-factly.
Sunset looked down at the floor she knew Luna defeated her. Luna hated talking to Sunset like this but she had to lay down the law and use a little tough love on the defiant teen.
“Sunset fate has brought you here take the hint,. Luna said more calmly.
“See my trial has already begun.” Sobbed Sunset.
“I was a mean bitch, a raging she-demon, I mind controlled students, destroyed the front of the school, and tried to kill six students.” WHY IN THE HELL WOULD ANYONE WANT ME AROUND??!! Not one person in this world, either world for that matter has ever given a crap about me!! NOT ONE DAMN PERSON OR PONY HAS EVER CARED!!” Sunset cried.
Sunset sat on the couch huddled into a ball with her knees up to her chest and her arms around her knees and sobbed into her knees.
“Wow this girl never had anyone? She must feel like she is unlovable.” Luna thought. It was then and there the realization hit Luna harder than the Elements of Harmony. Sunset had never had a chance to release her feelings that explained her yelling in anger one second, then crying the next.
Luna walked over to Sunset kneeling on the floor she began to stroke her hair.
“Sunset, I care.” Luna said softly.
“You do?” Sunset said looking up into Luna’s light blue eyes.
“Yes honey I do.” Said Luna stroking Sunset's hair.
Sunset sat up and Luna sat next to her on the couch and extended her arms. Luna wrapped Sunset in a huge hug.
“Sunset I care about you.” Luna soothed putting Sunset on her lap, and just rocking her.
“Vice Principal Luna…” Sunset started to say.
“We’re not in school, outside of school it’s just Luna. Got it.” Luna said looking into her eyes.
“OK. Um Luna I need a pair of Pajamas for the night.” Sunset admitted meekly.
“It’s ok you just hop in the shower, I’ll get you an old pair of mine and tomorrow I’ll go down to the laundry room in the apartment complex and do some wash. Come it’s late and you need to clean up and get to bed.” Luna told her.
“OK, thanks.” Sunset got up headed down the hall and went into the bathroom.
Luna decided she would give up her bed to Sunset for the night and sleep on the couch. Luna went over and looked out the window and saw several flashes of lightning, and a few rumbles of thunder.
“How appropriate a thunderstorm for my first night with Sunset, it’s already been a stormy night in here.” Luna thought.
Sunset came down the hall to the living room in Luna’s Pajamas. Luna told Sunset the sleeping arrangements for the night.
“Luna this is awkward but can I sleep next to you tonight? I’m scared to be alone and I also don’t like thunderstorms that much.” Sunset asked quietly.
Luna smiled sweetly and said “OK for tonight that should be fine and I totally get it.” “Do you snore? ” Luna asked, putting her arm around Sunset.
“Never snored a day in my life.” Replied Sunset with a tiny smile.
It made Luna feel good to have seen Sunset smile.
“Ok then let's get to bed, but no stealing the covers.” Luna said and headed for bed.