White Light : Guiding Light

by Kujamih

Chapter 7

The Castle of Friendship, the light that shines out the darkness. And also where a heated debate on what is going on with their world.

" As you can see, unknown creatures are showing up on the western area of our territory, where the Changelings are on defense and in constant attack of those creatures.

" While in the northern territory, the yaks are in deep trouble with the weird weather that has been causing damage to their village and the Crystal Empire could only take them to refuge.

"While at the eastern borders the dragons and griffons are able to fend of the giant bug-like creatures. While in the southern area the Hippogriffs are not giving any signal or reply to us.

"While here in the center, no chaos is happening. Whats weird about this is its spreading away from the center. Making this place the best base of our operation.

"Thats why we need every leader, every injured and defenseless creature to head here for protection and work together like we usually do to stop this chaos," Flurry Heart said.

" So you are telling me to tell everyone who fought of those bugs to protect griffonstone, to retreat and let our homes be destroyed!?" Shouted Lord Gestal.

"Yes! If we have too!" Replied Flurry Heart. " What good is a home if theres no one in it? I thought you where smarter than this Gestal."

" How dare you!"

" Enough! This is not the time for this," Twilight interrupted." Lord Gestal i know the fight for griffonstone was a hard earned victory for fending off the invaders. But another wave of those bugs will surely be the griffons downfall. I suggest we dont let our people's morale go down."

" Lucky for you fledgling your Aunt is here to save you. This better not go through your head girl!" Gestal angrily said to Flurry Heart.

" You don't scare me old griffon!"Flurry Heart rebuffed.

"Flurry Heart! You are not helping.

"I suggest you both should follow Ember's Humility on this matter. They also have fought these invaders with the griffon, but you don't see them complaining?" twilight proudly said.

" Its because im too tired and couldn't be bothered by you guys right now," Ember replied.

" Haha...oh Ember... Anyway, should we vote for Flurry Heart's plan then?"

" Why bother? We all know no one defies you." Gestal replied.

"Excuse me Gestal, can you kindly repeat that for me." Ember questioned.

Gestal then noticed a sudden change in the atmosphere he is in. He looked at princess Twilight and saw that she is calm and dignified from the outside, but the aura she releases made him feel like a small animal about to be devoured. And her stare, It was kind and terrifying at the same time. Truly, only a powerful being can pull this kind of stunt.

" ...nothing ....uhmm Princess... Please... Don't mind this old griffon's rambling."

"So then,-" Twilight still continues to stare at Gestal."-we agree with this plan? Continue Flurry Heart."

"Well then, the dragons and griffons should rally their injured and abled, and retreat back here. Meanwhile my team will head to the Hippogriffs to check what has happened there. While Princess Twilight will assist my mother in the north. Principal Starlight's team will head to the Changeling hive to assist them."

"Hey why is it called Starlight's team? It should be Discord's team!"

"Not now Discord." Starlight replied to Discord.

"Now that that's settled, everyone make haste. We don't want to increase the casualties any longer."

As everyone was about to head out to do their task, Ember walked by Lord Gesalt and said.

"Keep your cool and know your Place Old Griffon."

" Yes...that was... Unwise of me."

" Come now. Our work is not done yet."

Meanwhile at the Library.

"Hey there Light!" Apple Bloom Quickly galloped behind Light. "You're quite early for our meet up? Are you that excited to see me?"

Light ignored Apple Bloom and continued his reading.

".... Hey im not spending my time here reading books." Apple Bloom Dragged Light outside the Library.

" Wait! Im at the good part of the book!"

" Oh come on. Lets go outside and have some fun! I've been reading books my entire life in this here school! Lets do something....not work related."

"But this is fun!"

"..... You know you remind me of"- she suddenly bowed-" Princess Twilight!"

As light look at Apple Bloom's direction. He sees Princess Twilight, behind her was another alicorn, a Griffon, a Dragon a unicorn and a Draconicous.

"Apple Bloom! I missed you!"-Twilight hugged her.-" hows Apple Jack?"

"Oh..ugh..you know...urff farming and fighting again... the usual..ouch." Apple Bloom replied while struggling from her hugs.

" Oh those two are so funny sometimes.... Oh! Light i didnt see you there...i see you're hooked into that book aswell."

" Yup! And thats not the only thing im hooked up aswell." Light replied while Apple Blooms arms are wrapped around his head.

"Apple Bloom!" Starlight called her attention. "Sorry but i have to interrupt you with your date."

"Its not a date!" She quickly replied.

"Anyway, we have urgent matters to attend to. Please call all the faculty members and meet me at the faculty lounge. I will hold our meeting there."

"Sorry Light, i guess i have to leave you for a while. Lets continue this tomorrow, okay?"

"Oh don't worry about it. Your boss did say its important. So ill just wait for you at the farm then," Light replied.

Apple Bloom waved and left Light's side.

Then suddenly, the draconicous slithered behind Light and quickly went to his side. " Hmm... you're quite interesting for an earth pony....too interesting if i say so myself."

Light's mood suddenly shifted and turned dark. " Hey? Do you mind? For someone who i just met, you're too close."

"Uncle Discord, please! Manners. Light is a Special guest here in Ponyville. Please dont be rude to him. His had a rough time," Flurry Heart interrupted.

"Indeed, he did had a...Rough Time?" Discord stared at Light.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Light stared back.

"Yes. I would. With all this chaos happening, the same time you showed up."

"Chaos?" Light replied.

"You see, a time rift that "I" was carefully taking care off not to get damaged...well happens to break on its own. So i investigated and found the cause. A rift opened somewhere in Everfree forest and released something to cause the specific time rift im avoiding to get damaged... Well get damaged. But when i got there i was already too late. I couldn't find the cause.... But after a few days I've heard that a pony was rescued not to long ago from Everfree forest?.... Just to make things clear im talking about you."

" News really do move incredibly fast here!... Don't you think thats the cause of the rift thing you're mentioning?"

" Oh please, its only Pinkie Pie. Thats one rift i don't mind learning."

" Uncle Discord, please dont put our guest in more distress. Sorry um, Light is it? I believe this is the first time we've met. Let me introduce myself and my colleagues here.

"My name is princess Flurry Heart. The rude person accusing you is Discord. This is my Aunt, Princess Twilight Sparkle. On her left is Principal Starlight. The Dragon Beside her is DragonLord Ember and beside her is an old Griffon named Ge-salt.

" Welcome to Ponyville." Flurry Heart gracefully bowed after finishing her sentence.

"Well Light, sorry for ruining your date." Twilight greeted.

" It's an emergency i understand."

Twilight then approached Light and pondered. " Is it true? What discord said of you, in the Everfree Forest."

Light couldn't answer. He could only stand in his place and sweat as Twilight question him.

"Auntie you too?"

"Well it might be a coincidence, or he might be our lead?... In any case, you should stay here in Ponyville where it is safe. What you heard from discord is true.

"Trouble is brewing and not alot of ponies know about this too."

"Don't worry princess, I'll stay safe and wont tell anyone about it." Light replied.

" Good.. and don't worry, Flurry Heart can handle this! I believe in her." Twilight replied towards Flurry Heart.

"Thanks for the pressure."

"Nonsense! Well Light, we have some important business to attend too. See you!"

Twilight waved good bye, while Flurry Heart gave a small bow. Discord, Ember, Starlight and Gestal just looked at him, then left.

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