Paper Pen Summons Daemons

by Paper_Pen


Headmaster Pencil Pusher looked at the young stallion with dumbfounded, yet amazed eyes. Similarly, Literacy Bookstacks wasn't sure whether she should be enraged at her son or thankful that he hadn't ended up in a pile of bloody pieces.

"That's… quite the story, Pen…" Pencil Pusher brought her hoof to her forehead, trying to process the situation, "But I'm not quite sure how that absolves you of anything."

In response, Pen took a glass of hard cider from his bag. Popping the cap, he chugged the bottle with all the eagerness of a college freshman and all the skill of a senior before slamming the empty green glass on the Headmaster's desk.

"Well ya' see, Headmaster, I've been intoxicated since this morning." Pen lied, "From your supply of hard cider, that you keep within easy reach of students that are obviously under the legal Equestrian drinking age… maybe I don't get in trouble for this and the school board doesn't need to know about your cider storing habits."

"Are… are you blackmailing me?!" Pencil Pusher shouted in offence.

"How dare you accuse my son of blackmail, he's an angel!" Literacy yelled right back, jumping on Pen's defense.

"I'm a good Celestian colt, I don't even know what an alcohol is!" Pen played dumb.

"You're in honors chemistry!" The headmaster yelled, slapping her own hoof to her face with a loud sigh, "Fine… you won't get detention, as far as I'm concerned you or Minty never even stepped hoof in the library…"

"Cool!" Pen smiled smugly.

Finally, Pen was able to trot out of the office by his mother's side. He'd gotten off clean, and he couldn't help but smile at his guiltless freedom.

"You're grounded for a week, minimum." Literacy said flatly.

"What? Why?!" Pen asked with genuine offense, "You said yourself that reading isn't a crime, before all the daemon stuff that's all I was trying to do!"

"Well blackmail and underage drinking is," Literacy explained, "And you really could have brought something dangerous into Equestria!"

"Hey, the second daemon guy was pleasant, friendly even!" 

"Pen, you're not going to win against me so easily." Literacy spoke with authority, before changing her inflection to a lighter offering tone, "But if you'd rather spend time with that Minty girl instead, I'd allow it!"

"Ew, gross, no!" Pen shot the idea down, shaking his head, "I'll take a week in my room alone."

"Really?" Literacy asked, concerned, "She sounds nice, and you should really have some friends!"

"I'd rather hang out with more daemons." 

"Fine, grounding it is…" Literacy sighed.