Paper Pen Summons Daemons

by Paper_Pen


The office stood tense with the varying emotions of the three ponies inside it. In the corner Literacy Bookstacks stood next to her son. Her face was red with embarrassment, and her features gave way that she was still trying to  fully process the situation. Headmaster Pencil Pusher sat in her desk, a heavy sigh on her lips and the mare's face burning in her hooves with a deadly cocktail of calmly enraged disappointment. The main cause of this entire situation, the teenage Paper Pen, sat across from his Headmaster. It was difficult to see with his already jet black hair, but his mane was singed. 

The colt knew he was in trouble, of course, but he kept his hooves crossed in confidence. He knew he had a damn good case.

"Pen…" The Headmaster began with a deep breath, raising her face but not parting her hooves, "Do you have any idea of the consequences your actions have had on the school?"

"...there were a few small fires, I admit-" Pen began.

In the background fireponies and Royal Guards could be heard fighting their respective foes. The fireponies, of course, fire and the royal guards only barely holding down a horrible screeching monstrosity.

"You summoned a horde of daemons !" Pencil Pusher softly yelled.

"I really did nothing wrong, I swear!" The colt defended himself, intent on proving that, somehow, none of this was actually his fault.

"Are you sure you want to fight this, sweetie?" Literacy asked her son, hoping he'd choose to spare his embarrassment and just leave it, getting them out of this quicker.

"It's not a fight, Mom, I have a case!" Pen assured.

Literacy sighed and allowed her son to continue. She figured, at least, that he couldn't make anything worse.

"Alright, so it all started at lunch…"