White Light : Guiding Light

by Kujamih

Chapter 6

School of Friendship, where every creature learns the craft and importance of friendship. The most powerful weapon of Equestria.

" This place is so amazing," Light said. "The books i read that depicted this place is way off."

Light entered the school and continued to explore the area. The school has large paintings and vases on the walls and tables, large curtains and artifacts in display. 

"Crap this place is expensive! I guess that's one thing the books got right," Said Light.

" Of course it is! This is where the most ELITE learn the value of Friendship, and I the grrrreat and powerful Trixie works as an advisor of this school!"

Did i just heard her right? She is Trixie? Light thought to himself. "Oh hello...um Trixie is it? Trixie lulamoon correct?" 

" Why correct indeed good sir. I suppose you have heard of my great and powerful achievements. You flatter me good sir."

Oh it really IS her.... Never expected her to be soo... So different... This is awkward.... My master is very....childish. Light disappointedly told himself. "Oh don't mention it... really miss.

" I was hoping to visit the library in my visit of this school. I heard this place has the largest collections of books in the whole Equestria." 

"Correct you are....um good sir...by the way who are you? You're a new face to me."

" Oh sorry for the late introduction, my name is Light I'm new to Ponyville."

" Oh the one Apple Bloom saved in Everfree Forest correct?"

" News move quite fast around here. Yes i am that person."

"HA! No news gets past the great and powerful Trrrixie! Plus i have connections with ponies who love gossip. So yeah."

"Oh... Well about that library?"

" Its right down that hall to the left. You can't miss it."

"Ok, thanks again miss Trixie. I guess I'll see you later then."

"Good day."

Both ponies went their separate ways.

its quite funny...and weird to see this side of her, Light smirked. " Now to read me some books!"

As Light enters the room of the Library, he was shocked to see the volume of books stacked together and how big of a room the library is.

"This is truly incredible! Why are there less people in this place of treasure! Don't they know what they're missing!?"


"Oh oops sorry i thought i was the only pony around here."

He clamped his mouth shut and went near to the creature who had a pile of books near it and was reading a large book covering its head.

As Light went near, he noticed that it was a unicorn with purple color. But as he gets closer, he also noticed it has wings. It was an alicorn.

The Alicorn noticed Light approaching and puts down the book she was reading.

" You do know that silence is a must in the Library."

Light was shocked as he saw the face of the Alicorn. " Princess Twilight!"

"Shhhh! Library remember?"- she giggled.- "We don't want my guards catching me here messing around the library instead of going to the meeting do you?"

" Um... Well that depends on the meeting right?"

"True... But its been so long since i have read a book. I quite miss this place."

" ...um well i guess ... Its okay?"

"Good! This will be our little secret!"

"Um... Uh... Okay princess."

"By the way? What's your name?"

"Oh its Light, Princess Twilight."

" Well then Light shall we?"

The princess and Light continued their day in silence in the library, until her panicked guards were able to find her and scold her about the importance of the meeting.

"Well then Light it looks like i have to attend this meeting. Until we meet again, I bid you farewell."

" It was a pleasure princess."

The princess and her guards went out of the library and closed the door as they left.

I know she's different here.....but i still cant stop shaking from fear when i met her, Light said to himself." Okay Light Snap out of it-" he gave a light slap on his face"- and dig in to these books!"

Meanwhile, at the Castle of Friendship. A meeting has started.

"Good morning fellow creatures. I Flurry Heart will start our meeting for today." She continued, " Uncle Discord had discovered a great disturbance in our time rift, and is requiring our assistance."

" Assistance!? And what kind of assistance do you expect from us griffons then!? This is definitely a magic problem, and us griffons have enough problems of our own and we have nothing to do with magic. hence we are not doing anything about it!.... So leave us out of it!" The griffon yelled.

"Please Lord Gestal, hear me." Flurry Heart pleaded.

"Look Flurry, id also love to help you out but us dragons are having a bit of a problem with our territory between our.... OTHER cousins who have different views about us having allies.

" Not only that, but our other allies couldn't even attend the meeting, because they themselves have something in their plate." Said the Dragonlord

" I know this sounds selfish of me to impose but, i believe we should really focus on whats more important-" the Griffon interrupted Flurry Heart.

"Look here fledgeling! I don't care about your problem if its more important or not! What's important is fixing our problem first!"

"Hey Haven't you griffons learned some manners!" The Dragonlord shouted.

" I'm old, Ember! I don't need that anymore!"

The meeting ended up becoming a heated debate, and into a kid's bickering.

As the quarrel continued another creature entered the room of the meeting. It was Princess Twilight, Principal Starlight and Discord

"Auntie! What took you so long! I need your help." Flurry cried.

" Ahh books. I should've stayed longer at the Library."