Twilight is best Applejack

by Shyfire_

Chapter 2 - The name's... Applejack?

Upon arriving at her new home, Twilight was really excited. This was everything she needed! She would finally fulfill her dreams of being a boring farm pony!

She crossed the arch announcing the entrance into Sweet Apple Acres, when someone caught side of her and dared interrupt her when she was obviously in an amazing train of thoughts.

"Oh, hey Twi'! What's bringing you 'round here?"

When she turned her head and looked at who spoke, she realized one problem she forgot to account for. Namely, an orange pony supposedly living here.
Without a second thought, she lighted her horn.

"...Hum... Twilight, are you alright?"

Annoyed, Twilight quickly responded "The name's Applejack. And shouldn't you be at your house, 'Twilight' ?"

Now, Applejack took on a look of pure confusion. "What the hay are you talkin' ab-" before she could finish, 'Applejack' 's horn glowed bright and in a flash of purple light, Applejack was gone.

She'll figure it out eventually. There can't really be 2 Applejacks and 0 Twilight after all, Twilight thought.

She then proceeded to make her way to the family's house and opened the door with her magic. Just because she now was a farm pony, doesn't mean she should ignore the Awesome™ abilities she had. It's not cheating, it's more like an extra help.

Stepping through the door, she was met by a surprised Granny Smith doing the dishes.

"Well, howdy there, Twilight!", she greeted, "What brings ya here today?", she said while turning to fully face Twilight with a smile.

Twilight coughed a little before replying "Hum, my name is Applejack, thank you very much" she said irritably.

Why is this so hard to get?

Granny paused, looking in stunned confusion at the pony named Twilight claiming to be named Applejack in front of her, trying to process the unexpected information, failing to make sens of any of it, and entering an existential crisis, wondering if her grand daughter had been a purple alicorn all along and she simply failed to notice it, or wondering if Applejack caught the dreaded Alicorn-flue and got transformed into an alicorn, which was only the first stage of the disease and worried Granny even more ; or if she really even was Granny smith, if her life was a lie, what was going on, who was she, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, and why was the world spinning suddenly, and-

Before she could lose herself any longer into a Twilighting of magnitude 85,3 ( Twilight let me know the math through Pinkie's 4th wall abilities, so thanks to them!), Granny passed out on the floor. Luckily, she didn't hit her head or anything, because Twilight caught her in time with her magic and levitated her to sleep on the couch. A change of identity was no reason to be rude after all.

Once she was done, she figured that since she couldn't ask Granny to remind her of her chores for the day, she would have to figure them out herselves, somehow.

Luckily, it wasn't too hard, since on the wall next to the door was a map and a list of things to do with, as a big bold title: "APPLEBUCK SEASON"

Holy shit, my first day as Applejack and I get to participate in Applebuck season? This is going to be so fucking exciting!, she thought to herself calmly.