Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2)

by Adamverse

Venomous: The Real Mean Mother From Outer Space

Adam swung back to HQ, looking for Twilight; the hero called out, "Twilight, I beat Sable. I need some stronger tech to take on Venom; I'm going to get Fluttershy back." However, nobody replied. Twilight, Sunset, Applejack; no one was here.

Until Spidey found Pinkie Pie and Spike sitting in the control room, watching the news. When the noticed Adam walk in, they told him to come see what was happening. Pinkie explained that Applejack and Rarity went down to the scene, they were going to meet Rainbow Dash there. The News Reporter explained the situation of tonight's story...

"It is madness at Canterlot High School, the whole building has been covered in the mysterious black slime. The police are un able to make a dent in it's hard like shell; and now we are getting word that three teenage girls are trapped inside. The hostages have been identified as Fluttershy, Sunset Shimmer & Twilight Sparkle; and there is still no sign of Spiderman."

The news camera that was at the scene showed a view of the school; it was as the reporter said, black symbiote had cocooned the building. The camera also showed Scream crawling on the roof of the school, she growled at the people in the crowd.

Adam had to get down there, but his tech was out of charge or damaged from his fights with the other symbiotes.

He went into Twilight's lab, he tried to fix it Web-Shooters; but the circuits were fried. "It's no good." the boy muttered. "They've been over used, and over heated. I can't fix them." When Adam was ready to give up, he noticed Pinkie walk into the room. She said, "Adam, I think I might have something that could help you with this situation."

Pinkie led Adam down to an old storage room, she revealed one of the crates that was marked, 'Original'. Adam used his strength and pride open the box, and inside was something he'd not seen for five months.

The party girl stated, "You left this at Sunset's house when you came to rescue us from Doctor Octopus, she found and kept it safe. When we bought the HQ, we put it in the storage in case you needed it. It's web-shooters should still work."

Adam lifted the contents of the crate in his hands, it was his original suit; the old red and blue. Adam took it to his changing room and suited up.

When he emerged from the room, his old suit had never looked better on him. He stated, "I forgot how comfortable this suit was." Once he made sure that Pinkie Pie and Spike were okay, Spiderman leaped out the window and swung towards Canterlot High.


As Spiderman swinging towards the school, the people in the streets were amazed to see him in the original suit. The crowd at the school cheered when he landed in front of them, he faced the school and was prepared to end this. In front of the crowd was the entire Canterlot police force, Captain Shining Armour saw the wall-crawler land and approached him to brief Spidey of the situation. Before he went to talk to the police, he noticed Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash in the crowd; he winked at them, saying 'I'm gonna get them out'.

Adam turned to the captain, he explained, "My men can't make a dent in that black goo, the only way we can see to get in is there." he pointed at a small opening in the window, one that wasn't cover with the symbiote. Adam had a chance to get in, he didn't waste it.

Spiderman swung up to the window, but suddenly, a yellow blur shot two web-lines from the roof and pulled Adam up to them. Spidey was thrown onto the roof of the school, he was smacked down onto the concrete; when he looked up, Scream was crawling around him.

Scream pounced at the hero, she held him to the ground and attempted to bite his head off. "Rah!" she cried before biting chomping at him; but Adam was able to dodge it. Once she moved her head back, Adam was able to punch her in the face over and over. As he punched her, Scream grabbed Spidey's wrist and held it down; she tried to bite down on him again.

But once again, Spiderman dodged the blow and kicked her off him.

Now they were both to their feet, Adam charged forward and punched her to the ground. Then Adam used a powerful attack; he leaped into the air and pulled himself back down with his webs, causing both him and Scream to crashed through the roof and into the school.

Their fight continued on the top floor of the school, Babs Seed tried a trick her 'father' taught her. She jumped in the air and spun around; while she span, symbiote slime sprayed out of her hands. It was living goo, so Adam started web-swinging around the room, until the slime dissolved.

Once the floor was clear, Spiderman jumped to the floor and began attacking the symbiote; punching and kicking her. Scream fought back, using her claws to strike Spiderman down; but Spidey dodged every blow.

Until one strike hit the hero and knocked him back, he crashed into the back wall. The symbiote charged at the hero, her teeth were sharp and she was mad; but Adam had a plan. When Scream reached him, Spidey leaped over her and allowed her to crash into the wall; he then used his webs to pull himself towards her and make her crashed through the brick wall. They both land in the other room.

Adam need to finish this fight so he could stop Venom, so he tried to make this last bit quick.

Scream used her own trick and sprayed the floor with her slime again, this time; one puddle managed to grab Adam by the ankle. The symbiote used the opening to pounce at the hero; but Spiderman broke free and upper-cuttered Babs Seed in the face, knocking her down.

When she tried to get back up, Adam used the same attack from the roof; leaped up and pulled himself down with the webs. They both crashed through the floor again, Spiderman pushed her down with his feet; when she hit the ground, she was out cold. Spidey quickly webbed her up, she wasn't getting away this time.

Once Scream had been dealt with, Spiderman made his way to the gym.


Inside the large room, the three girls were stuck to the wall; Venom was still in his giant blob monster form. He had black, oozy tentacles growing out of his sides and he had way more teeth than before. The monster's head was held up by a thick neck tentacle, with two large, white marks for eyes.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha. Spiderman won't stop me now. I have evolved into a more greater form." Venom stated as he turned to the girls. Fluttershy had never been more frightened in her life, more terrified then when she was taken captive by Doc Ock or Goblin.

Suddenly, the gym's door busted open and Spiderman swung into the room. "Am I too late for the party?" Fluttershy's tears then stopped when she saw her boyfriend in his classic red and blue suit. "This ends now, Kobi!" the hero stated.

But then, Venom just started laughing; he then used a tentacle to point at small black pods that were growing beside him. "You really think so?" he asked, sarcastically. Adam then realised what Venom meant, he knew what was in those pods.

"You're going to infect everyone in the city, thousands of symbiotes. That's what you came here to do." As Adam stated that, the music started up again.

"No... Shit. Sherlock." the creature replied.

"I don't care what it takes, this ends tonight. You're going down." Adam replied.

"Better wait a minute, you better hold the phone."
"Better mind your manners, better change that tone."
"Don't you threaten me son, you got a lot of gall."
"We're gonna do things my way, or we don't things at all."

Adam is held still by the symbiote on the floor, it wraps around his feet, forcing him to listen to the symbiote monster.

"You don't know what you're messing with, you've got know idea."
"You don't know what you're looking at, when you're looking here."
"You don't know what you're up against, no, no way, no how."
"You don't know what you're dealing with, but I'm gonna tell you now."

Adam then noticed little Venom jaws all around the room, they were singing, "Aaaaaaaah."



Then Venom took over, "I'm just a Real Mean Mother from outer space, and I'm bad.

"Real-ly mean."

"I'm just a Real Mean Mother from outer space, and it looks like you've been had."

"I'm just a Real Mean Mother from outer space, so get off my back, get out of my face."

"Cause I'm real-ly mean, and I am bad."

Suddenly, Adam is grabbed by one of the tentacles and is slapped by the others, while Venom keep singing.

"You wanna save your skin boy, you wanna save your hide?"
"You wanna see tomorrow? You better step aside."
"Better take a tip boy, want some good advice?"
"You better it easy, cause your walking on thin ice."

Then Venom throws the hero to the wall.

"You don't know what you're messing with, no you never did."
"You don't know what you're looking at, well that's tough titty, kid."
"The lion don't sleep tonight, and if you pull his tail, he roars."
"You say 'that ain't fair', you say 'that ain't right'; you what I say, 'up yours'."





"YEAH!" Venom shouts.

"I'm just a Real Mean Mother from outer space, and I'm bad."
"I'm just a Real Mean Mother from outer space, and that means there's trouble, lad."
"I'm just a Real Mean Mother from outer space, gonna trash your ass, gonna rock this place."
"I'm real-ly mean, and I am bad."

"Mhmm!" the symbiote hums as Spiderman tries to get back up; but Venom stares right at him, forcing him back to the floor.

"Don't you talk to me about old King Kong, you think he's the worst, well you're think wrong."
"Don't talk to me about Frankenstein, he got a temper, HA! He ain't go mine."

Venom allowed Adam to stand, but swished a tentacle round and knocked him over again.

"You know, I don't come from no black lagoon; I'm from past the stars and beyond the moon."
"You can keep the Thing, keep the It, keep the Creature; they don't mean shit."

Venom kept slapping Adam around, all the while; the girls were watching. They couldn't lose hope in Spiderman.

"I got one style, major moves."
"I got the stuff, I think that proves."
"You better move it out, nature calls."
"You got the point, I'm gonna bust your balls."

A tentacle was suddenly harpooned towards Adam, but he leaped up and did the splits on two beams, holding the roof up. Venom started laughing as the music started getting more intense, Adam jumped down to face his nemesis.





"I'm just a Real Mean Mother from outer space, and I'm bad."
"I'm just a Real Mean Mother from outer space, and you've got me fighting mad."
"I'm just a Real Mean Mother from outer space, so just beam it up, it's all over ace."
"I'm real-ly mean."

"Real mean mother from outer space."

"I'm real-ly mean."

"Real mean mother from outer space."

"I'm real-ly mean."

"Real mean mother from outer space."

"I'm real-ly mean."

Adam had to get up and fight back, but Venom was just too strong.

"Real mean mother from outer space."

Adam was directly underneath the lighting setup on the ceiling, constructed with metal rods and pipes.

"Real mean mother from outer space."

"And I.... AM... BAD!!"

Venom grabbed hold of the support beams, he pulled them with all his strength; the broke, causing the ceiling to crumble. "Bye, bye, Spiderman." he said as Adam was buried under the rubble. When that happened, the music ended.

The girls couldn't bare to watch, Venom was laughing like a maniac; that was until he saw Spidey crawling out of the rubble. Spiderman saw the pipes and got an idea; the symbiote monster tried to grab him, but and leaped up and web-grabbed two pipes. When he landed on the ground, he banged the two steel rods together; the sonic vibrations caused Venom to go crazy.

Spiderman stabbed the pipes into the ground, he gathered more of them and started stabbing into the floor; around Venom, like a cage. With the last pipe, he bashes it against the cage bars; trying to make as much noise as possible.

The vibrations were too much for Venom, the blob was coming apart; Adam could see Kobi inside the symbiote. Using a web-line, Adam pulled Kobi out of the black slime.

When Kobi was out, Spiderman turned back to the symbiote; without a host, it had become a giant mutant monster. "RAH!!!" it growled. But Adam bashed the cage again, harming the monster. It was that moment that Spidey remembered the Venom Bomb.

He remembered to bring it with him when he changed suits, he pulled it from his belt and was ready to throw it. When Kobi saw what Adam was about to do, he cried, "Adam, what are you doing?!" Spiderman threw the bomb at the monster.

"No!" Kobi cried. He leaped after the bomb, trying to stop it; he landed back in the symbiote. "Kobi!" Adam cried, but the bomb went off; destroying Venom, and Kobi with it. Adam couldn't believe it, it was over, Venom was finally gone; for good.

Adam rushed over to the wall, he freed the girls from the slime. Once Fluttershy was free, she hugged Adam tight. She muttered, "I love you, so much." Adam lifted up his mask and kissed her on her head. They held each other tight as they followed Sunset and Twilight to the exit.

Once they were outside, Shining Armour ran to his sister and hugged her. "Thank goodness you're okay." he states. Fluttershy goes with her friends and the police to the ambulances, to checked out for any injuries. Spiderman stays with them, no swinging of this time.


Two months later.

Canterlot High through a party to celebrate the defeat of the invaders, the Rainbooms were performing their most famous songs. While she sang, Fluttershy noticed Adam wasn't in the audience; 'where could he be?' she thought.

When the band finished their last song, Principle Celestia gave an announcement. "Students, I hope you enjoy your three months off. And we will all miss you when you go to college next month, but for now; let me introduce the final act of the night. He says this song is for a special someone."

The Principle walks off the stage and the curtains open, revealing Adam in the centre of the light. He was hesitant, but then he looked at Fluttershy and got a boost of confidence. "Hit it." the boy said.

When the song finished, Adam bowed.

As I've always said, with great power, come great responsibility. And I have a responsibility to Earth 16, to this city and to Fluttershy. One day, I'll think about hanging up the mask; but day's not going to come for a long time. For now, I'm gonna enjoy my time as the wall-crawling super hero. Who am I.?..

….I'm Spiderman.