Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2)

by Adamverse

Venomous: Sable Strikes

That night, Spiderman sat on his roof; the rain started to fall on the city. The boy didn't care that he was getting drenched, all he cared was that he finds Venom, and destroys him.

Before he could get up and swing off into the city to look for his arch-enemy, his communicator went off, calling him back to HQ; Twilight called and explained, "Adam, come to HQ. I have something you've got to see."

The boy didn't want to stop his hunt for Venom, but he had other responsibilities; he didn't even have a plan. So he swung off his apartment building and web-swinged to the HQ; all while he was thinking, 'Fluttershy, she must be so scared'.

During the swing, Adam thought about other things; like how he could really use some wisdom right now. Someone who could give him advise that would help him win the day; unfortunately, he didn't know anyone like that.

When Spidey landed on a roof, he thought out loud, "What about Madam Web." But then it came to him, "Who am I kidding; that old crone is never around when you need her."

Suddenly, Spiderman was surround by purple and pink smoke; he then fell into what seemed like a void, and landed in front of an old woman sitting in a spider web like chair. "Really? 'Old crone' am I? You should watch your manners, Spiderman." Adam got up and saw who it was, "Oh great, I think I've changed my mind about wanting some wisdom."

"Let me guess, your here to tell me that what I'm doing is wrong, and your here to give some kind of riddle that will end with me learning a lesson and feeling bad about myself?" Spiderman asked her. But she shook her head with disappointment, then explained her reasons, "You should know what you're doing is wrong, but why do you still surround yourself with this life?"

Adam was confused, but let her continue, "That girl is trying to make you stop being a hero, you were born to be the greatest hero in history; you must not let that girl take that way from you." The boy was not going to listen to her insult his girlfriend, so he stated, "Listen, Web. My decision to give up being Spiderman would be for her, I love her. You don't control my life." That's when Madam Web used her magic to put him back in the real world, he landed back on the roof he was on.

Before she disappeared, Web muttered something, "One will still die."

Adam ignored her crazy words and swung off to the HQ; Twilight, Sunset, Pinkie & Applejack were waiting for him there.


When Spidey made to the HQ, Twilight brought the group into the lab; she had finished the Venom Bomb.

The science girl explained, "Since Adam wasn't able to get me a symbiote sample, I had to work with the notes he gave me. But, the bomb will destroy the symbiote, but will also destroy the host. So if your going to defeat Venom, we've got to get the host out of the suit before you destroy it."

Spidey understood what he had to do, so he took the bomb and placed it on his belt; but then, Twilight took them into the main control room. "The other reason you had to get here fast, was because of this." Twilight showed the group a video of the inside of a Sable base.

The video showed Sable agents and scientists torturing the defeated symbiote hosts; Carnage, Toxin & Anti-Venom were in cages like animals. They were being jabbed with electric shock spears, and they were being exposed to different types of gas; it was killing them.

Adam asked, "How did you get this video?" And Twilight replied, "I've been suspicious of these Sable guys the day they arrived, so I hacked into the security network and watched them until I had proof they were up to no good." Then she pulled up a second video, "And look at this."

This new video showed Silver Sable on the phone to someone; Twilight turned up the volume so they could hear was she was saying. "Yes Mr Rich, your buyers will not be disappointed. Once Dr Snyde has finished his experiments, we will have an army of these creatures; you must remember to share the profit with me."

Adam couldn't believe this, Sable was going to sell the symbiotes as weapons; he had to stop them. "Twilight, give me the location of that Sable base; they may be villains, but I can't let this happen to the symbiotes." The science girl wrote down the address and gave it to the hero; Spiderman then swung to the location, putting an end to Sable.


Adam arrived at the Sable base, it was disguised as an office building; using the lenses in his mask, Adam scanned for the easiest point of entry. When Spiderman saw a window with the least amount of guards, he sprang into action.

Spidey crashed through the window and knocked down the two Sable agents. He looked down at the two of them and demanded to know, "Where's Silver Sable?!" The agent pointed at the elevator, Spiderman prided open the elevator door and jumped down the shaft.

When Adam landed on the bottom level, he prided open another lift door; when he walked into the room, it was full of Sable agents.

"Don't move, Spiderman!"

Adam looked up and saw Silver Sable standing on a platform; she, like the agents, was pointing her gun at Spidey. Adam only saw one way out off this; he looked around the room, until he found a junction box. Without anyone being able to stop him, Spiderman fired a Taser-Web at it; all the lights went out.

There was gun fire, there was punching noises; men getting knocked out. Silver Sable waited for the lights to come back on, but when they did, all her men were knocked out; Spiderman was standing in the middle of the room, not a scratch on him.

All the Sable leader could do was run, but Spiderman chased after her. The hero chased her into the containment room, she was back up against a wall. Spiderman didn't hurt her, didn't even touch her; he just fired an Impact-Web at her and she was stuck to the wall. Once she was caught, Spiderman made some calls.

Later that evening, O.S.C troopers came through breaches; they took the symbiotes back to the Raft on Earth 1. As for Sable and her men, Captain Shining Armour ordered the organisation to be shut down and that the men are to be let off with warnings, they were just following orders.

As for Silver Sable, she was taken to Rykers.

With his work finished, Spiderman swung back to HQ; however, only Applejack, Pinkie and Spike were there.


Twilight and Sunset had snuck into the school, they were told by Adam, that's where Venom was keeping her; so they were going to try and save her.

When they entered their high school, the halls were covered in back slime; the followed the trail into the gym. Inside was a giant symbiote blob monster; the two girls saw the face of Venom on the monster, the giant teeth and huge white eyes.

They also saw Fluttershy tied to the wall, Scream was guarding her. But their attention was turned back to the blob monster. They heard it roar, "I....am....Bad!!"