Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2)

by Adamverse

Venomous: The Carnage Express

Adam woke up the next morning, Fluttershy hugging close to him in their bed; he looked out the bedroom door and saw Rainbow Dash sleeping on the couch. When the boy got up, he walked into the kitchen for breakfast; whilst there, he switched on the radio to see if anything new had come up.

The radio broadcast was a report on the latest news about the symbiotes, the broadcaster stated, "Police forces, with the help of Sable International, have been able to retake parts of the city. They've no longer branded the invaders as terrorists, now they are just criminals on the run from the law." Adam just ignored the fact that Sable as getting the glory for him taking down Toxin and Anti-Venom; then the reporter continued, "In other news, the train station has been taken out of action; due to the creature calling himself, Carnage." that caught Adam's attention.

He turned up the radio to listen in to the report, the reporter explained, "The fugitive known as 'Carnage' has taken the train station hostage and uses one of it's railway trains as a transport to where it terrorises parts of the city. Sable has been trying to break the barrier, however, they have had no luck so far."

Adam knew that the next symbiote to take down was Carnage, he needed to get to the train station. He ran back into his room and started changing into his suit. Fluttershy was still asleep, he didn't want to wake her, so he left her a note.

When Adam had changed, he put on his web-shooters and leaped out the window.

When Fluttershy woke up, she found the note that her boyfriend had left her. It read....

Gone to the train station, be back soon.
Love, Adam. X

She knew that if he had left her a note, it meant that he'd gone there to stop some terrible threat; so once again, she started to worry for his safety.


Spiderman arrived on the scene, Sable was firing their blasters at the building; the red symbiote armour could not be dented. Adam was on a building's roof close by, he looked down at the sable agents, they had no idea what they were doing.

Spidey decided to get in on the action, so he swung from the rooftop and through and small opening in the symbiote. He smashed through a window and landed on the floor of the train station. When he looked around the room, the poor boy was horrified.

People, innocent people, completely drained of life; they were scattered around like food in a bear cage, at the zoo. When Spiderman looked up, crawling around the ceiling was the creature that did this; Carnage was covering the room in his sticky red and black goo.

"Hey!" Adam cried.

This caught the creature's attention, it jumped down to the ground and stared at his prey. "Spider...Man. You will…. Fear.... CARNAGE!! he suddenly roared. The symbiote pounced at Spidey, they both started rolling around the floor; Adam had to fight back.

Carnage held him to the ground, the creature tried to bite the hero; but Adam saw the attack coming and dodged the threat. The boy then started delivering blows and punches to Carnage's face, one was right between the eyes; throwing Carnage of him and sending him into the wall. But the villain was defeated that easily, Carnage used a ability that Adam had never seen before.

The symbiote's arms were at his side, until he started to raise them; Adam looked around, the bodies of the dead innocents started to move. One by one, they started to stand up, like zombies. While Adam was surrounded by the symbiote infused corpses, Carnage leaped through an open door; he landed on the back of a symbiote covered train, in then started to drive away.

What could Spiderman do?


At HQ, Twilight and Sunset had two projects to work on; one was the Venom Bomb. The other, was a new super hero they discovered not too long ago.

While Twilight was in the lab, Sunset had Pinkie Pie out on the field; they were testing her new powers. "Okay Pinkie, try to grab this apple." she said as she placed an apple on a table, thirty metres away from Pinkie. The party girl focused as hard as she could, raised her arm up to try and grab the apple.

Suddenly, her arm stretched like rubber, long enough that it reached the apple. Once she had it in her grasp, her arm shrunk back to it's normal state. "Wow." Pinkie stated.

Sunset explained, "Pinkie, this is incredible. It's like that energon turned you into silly puddy." The party girl started laughing and said, "Ha, ha, I like silly puddy."

Meanwhile, in the lab, Applejack was watching Twilight work. The cowgirl explained, "Twilight, maybe you should take a break, you've been working all night." But the science girl couldn't stop, when she gets into a project, there's no stopping her. Not even Spike could get her to stop, he tried to get a word in, but she would just keep working.

"I'm sorry, Applejack. But Adam needs this bomb to destroy this Venom monster before he destroys us." With that said, she kept on building the bomb. Applejack just took Spike and left her to her work.


Spiderman had no choice, he had to fight his way through these corpses; so he punched through the bodies to get to the train before it got away.

Three bodies tried to grab him, but Adam spun his leg around and kicked them away. One that tried to pounce at him from behind was quick; but Spidey's spider-sense went off, he turned to the incoming threat and punched it away. The final few were easy to knock down; Adam tried a new tactic to fight them off. Spiderman leaped into the air, he landed on the shoulders of the leading zombie; he began walking on their heads like stepping stones.

When all the threats were dealt with, Adam leaped through the gates and used his webs to latch onto Carnage's getaway train. Spiderman punched through the glass and slipped into the room with the symbiote villain.

All Carnage could say was, "Carnage will tear you apart." The two of them began their fight, one that would end in total defeat for one of them.

Adam started shooting webs at the villain, trapping him in a web-net; once there was an opening, Spidey web-zipped towards him and started punching and kicking the crud out of him. Eventually, Carnage broke free from the webs and punched Adam back. When the boy hit the back of the train cart, he got back up and kept fighting; Carnage was using the symbiote in the train to grow more powerful, but Spiderman web-zipped towards him and used both his feet to kick him into the next train cart.

Now Carnage was mad, he got up and started to channel his power through the train again. Suddenly, a wave of red slime was pushed through the train cart; Adam was too late to dodge it, and he was knocked back. The villain kept throwing those waves at Spidey, he was able to dodge some of them; sometimes he would jump to the ceiling, or latch onto the wall. Sooner or later, Carnage grew weaker because of his power use; so Adam used the opening, he web-zipped to the villain and began punching him to the ground.

However, the symbiote grabbed Adam's arms and pushed him to the floor; Spidey couldn't get him off. "Just a bite." Carnage muttered, before readying to bite at Adam. But Spiderman was able to dodge the attack and then started punching Carnage in the face. But when the symbiote was able to stop him, he was ready for another bite, "I'm having spider, tonight." Then the creatures jaws chomped down at Adam. But once again, Spiderman dodged the bite and was able to kick Carnage off him.

Once he was free, Adam started backflipping back; Carnage was getting ready to strike again, but Adam was going to finish this.

Spidey rapidly fired webs at the villain, it trapped in a web net again; this time, Adam didn't waste time just beating him up. Spiderman delivered and strong kick to Carnage's chest, sending him crashing into the train's control panel; the electricity shocked him until he was unconscious. It was then that Adam realised there was no way to stop the train.

Spiderman ran to the front of the train, he decided to use an old trick that he used on a train and on the goblin nation truck. Adam fired web-lines at the inside of the train tunnel, but when he was pulled by the thrust of the train, the webs broke and the train didn't stop. "Oh come on, that always works." But then Adam recognised what street they were underneath.

So Spidey got on the phone to Shining Armour, "Captain, they still doing construction on Mane's Street?" The Captain confirmed the road would be closed for another month, something tells me it'll be closed for longer now.

Spiderman leaped off the train and onto the tunnel's ceiling, he shot webs at the train track, pulling it into an upwards position. The train flies up through the street and crashing to a stop, Adam checks on the only passenger on the train; Spidey finds Carnage still trapped in webs, the hero states, "Next stop, prison."

Sable agents arrive on the scene, they take Carnage into their custody; Adam is standing by Shining Armour with a bad feeling. "I don't trust these Sable guys, something tells me, they're up to something." the boy states. The Captain agrees, but was not sure.

With Adam's work done, he decided to swing home. Something there, was waiting for him.


It was now evening, on the roof of Adam's apartment, something big was crawling in the darkness; using a phone that the creature stole, he made a phone call to someone in the apartment.

Fluttershy was reading a book when her phone rang; Rainbow Dash had gone out to get some dinner, so Adam's girlfriend was all alone. She answered her phone with, "Hello."

She then heard someone singing on the other end of the line. "Hey little lady, hello."

So Fluttershy replies, "Who...who is this?"

"You're looking cute as can be."

Now she was really confused, she asked, "Is this someone I know?"

"You're looking mighty sweet." the creature sang as it crawled down to Fluttershy's window.

Fluttershy then thought she knew it was, "Adam." she sighed in relieve.

But then the creature replied, "No it ain't Adam, it's me."

Fluttershy looks out the window, and see's Venom hanging from a symbiote web; she could hear him laughing into the phone. She watches him crawl up to the roof, so she leaves her apartment and follows him up to the rooftop.

Venom waits for her on the roof, when she arrives; Fluttershy mutters, "I don't believe it." But Venom moves closer to her and replies, "Believe it baby, I'm real." Fluttershy had mixed feelings, she asked, "Am I dreaming?

"No, and you ain't in Candis nether." Venom replies. Then he explains, "I don't want this anymore, look at my claws. I'm stressed out; I'm a gonna, honey."

Then Venom starts singing again, "Come on and give me some love." he sang, moving closer to her.

"I.. I have a boyfriend." she said moving back.

"Hey little lady, be nice."

She asked, "Are you always like this?"

"Sure am, look at my face. Come let's break the ice."

"I don't understand." Fluttershy tries to move back.

"No more life of crime."

"What?" she squeaks.


Suddenly, Venom grabbed her arm with his symbiote webs; she tried to break free, but he was to strong. "Oh, relax doll. It'll be easy." He picks the poor girl and attempts to eat her; she screams for help.

But not far away, Adam was swing back; before it's too late, he see's what's about to happen and jumps in to stop it. "Get off of her!" Adam shouts as her crashes into Venom. Fluttershy falls, but Spiderman catches her, "I got you." They both hug each other tight.

But all of a sudden, Venom snatches her out of his grasped. As the creature holds her, he states, "You want her, meet me at the school, tomorrow night. If you beat me, your girlfriend goes free; but if I beat you..." He then looks at Fluttershy and licks his jaws with his lizard like tongue.

With that said, Venom puts Fluttershy over his shoulder and leaps away; Spiderman tries to stop them, but its too late. As they disappeared into the night, Adam fell to his knees and cried, "NO!"

To be continued.....