The rainbow in Tartarus

by Void Streak


In the night of darkness a certain Queen Chrysalis popped out of the branches of the Golden Oak Library where she peered through the window gazing at the most powerful gems in all of Equestria the Elements of Harmony that were sat in a small glass case on a vibrant, red cushion.

"It is time to enact my revenge on those stupid ponies" whispered Chrysalis

With that she changed into a cyan pegasus with a rainbow mane and tail she then smashed the window on purpose, usually when she goes on missions like this she usually goes in stealthily but this occasion was different she wanted to get seen but not caught that was to happen to the real pony. Her plan was to disguise as one of Twilight's friends then steal the Elements and plant the most important element of them all the element of magic in the real pony's house then take the rest with her the pony she's disguised as will get all the blame the most important part of this was to get seen. The loud smashing sound soon awoke Twilight from her slumber she went into the elements room and saw her Rainbow Dash

"Rainbow what are you doing?" shouted an angry looking Twilight clearly not happy that she had been woken up.

"just getting what I deserve" Chrysalis replied in rainbow's voice displaying a creepy smile.

With that she flew out leaving a confused looking Twilight Sparkle she then teleported to rainbow's floating mansion ready to stop her as soon as she went through the door. Chrysalis who was expecting narrowly missed a spell by inches she then pushed past Twilight and grabbed a kitchen knife from the drawer and ran straight at Twilight who was not expecting Rainbow Dash to launch at her with a knife ended up getting stabbed in the flank.

"aaaaaah" Twilight screamed in pain.

Not bothering to take out the knife she punched her in the face knocking her out cold Chrysalis then flew up to Rainbow's room Chrysalis gasped a sigh of relief thankfull that she had not been woken up by noise downstairs she got the golden tiara displaying the element of magic and hid it under her blanket she then flew out of the bedroom into the distance. Meanwhile a groggily Twilight woke up remembering the events that had transpired she used the last of her strengh and teleported to spike her number one assisstant she told him to write a letter to the Princess Celestia the ruler of Equestria explaining that Rainbow Dash had stolen the Elements of Harmony and stabbed her. Enraged the princess flew to The Golden Oak Library she teleported Twilight to Ponyville General Hospital she then lead some of the most elite royal guards who bucked Rainbow's door down Celestia threw the covers of Rainbow showing the element of magic she looked at Rainbow Dash who had woken up in shock and surprise.

She then said "Rainbow Dash you are hereby under arrest on suspicion of breaking and entering, theft of the Elements of Harmony AND THE ATEMPTED MURDER OF MY MOST FAITHULL STUDENT TWILIGHT SPARKLE!" she had yelled that last part in her Canterlot royal voice.

rainbow started stuttering in fear never seeing the princess this mad before "b b but I"

She had been cut of by Celestia who simply stated "oh and you have the right to shut your that large hole in your face before I shut it myself"
But when she started talking again Celestia in a fit of rage slapped her across the face causing Dash's face to sting because of the sheer force the alicorn had used.

One week later

"Rainbow Dash I hereby sentence you to life in Tartarus you can lower you sentence and be transfered to a normal prison when you confess to your crimes, do you understand?" Celestia asked glaring at the pegasus who looked more timid than Fluttershy.

"But but I didn't do it, I swear" Rainbow pleaded

"That is not the right answer, do you understand?"Celestia repeated

"yes" Dash answered in a defeated tone looking at the floor

Rainbow dash was surrounded by guards both on land and in the end her both her front hooves were shackled together with a chain linking from one chain to the other set of shackles on Rainbow's rear hooves this made sure that she couldn't lift her hooves up or buck any pony her wings were bound tightly to her barrel by chains making sure that she didn't fly away.

"Good because I was not going to explain it again" Celestia said

She then added "you are lucky that my student did not want me to go harsh on you because if she did want me or even didn't say anything then I would have sentenced your sorry flank to be executed GUARDS TAKE HER AWAY" Celestia shouted.

The guards came and dragged Rainbow Dash who was now crying out of the court room. After about a week she was being loaded into the back of carriage that was pitch black on the inside and had a thin sheet of hay on the floor before she was bundled into the carriage she glimpsed a sight of her friends who was not present during her trial they were all staring daggers at her that felt like they could cut her heart and soul to ribbons. Twilight had a bandage on around her lower waist that wrapped around her flank where Chrysalis had stabbed her. Applejack looked as if she wanted to buck Rainbow into next week Fluttershy was just looking towards the ground her face hidden behind her long, pink mane Pinkie just stared at her, he pink mane not puffy and vibrant like it used to be instead darker and flat against her head Rarity snorted and looked away from dash when she made eye contact with her then she noticed one of the guards staring at her not blinking just smiling creepily then she notice that his irises flash green which made dash shiver to the bone that was when she was pushed into the black carriage they slammed the doors shut behind making the small room go dark with only a small barred window for each door.

"My plan has worked perfectly" Chrysalis said under her breath as she watched the sad looking mare get bundled into the back of the carriage she then walked of still in her disguise.

Soon after they arrived the guards shoved her into the small cell unlike her other cell she was staying in Canterlot this cell was a small cage which allowed her to look at the creepy cave they call Tartarus and her new home for the rest of her life. Dash didn't have her cuffs on any more but too her annoyance she still had the chains tightly wrapped around her wings.
She shuddered as she heard growls and loud roars the guards seemed to get freaked out as well as they ran off as soon as the heard the demons of Tartarus the demons made sure no pony ever escaped...