Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2)

by Adamverse

Venomous: Toxic

The last time we left Spiderman, he was in an abandoned warehouse on the docks of Canterlot City. However, within the walls of that warehouse, the greatest evil that the wall crawler ever face had returned.

Adam stood face to face with, now five, symbiote infused humans. Each one with similar powers to his own, but with more monstrous features. Kobi stepped forward and stated, "How long has it been, my friend? Three, four months, since you packed your bags and moved to this world?" Spidey didn't respond to his statement, just stared at him with hate in his eyes.

The only thing Spiderman could say was, "Give Doc Ock, give me Green Goblin; give me Galactus. Give me anyone other than you." That little insult made Kobi chuckle, he then walked closer to Adam.

Spiderman sensed an attack coming, so he made the first move; and pounced at his enemy. But Kobi released Venom and punched the boy into the back wall. Adam was knocked out cold, so the symbiotes all released their alien counter parts, leaped out of the window and made their way into the city.

While on a rooftop, Venom made an announcement to his children. "My sons and daughter, it's time for this world to know of our presences. No hiding, no surrender; we will turn this world into the new planet for symbiotes." Once their master had finished, the creatures all ran off into the streets, causing chaos and destruction wherever they went.

Carnage attacked the city's town centre, scaring off anyone who was there. He shouted to the people, "All will fear.... CARNAGE!!"

Anti-Venom ran through the streets, his bulky size allowed him to crash into cars, without a scratch on him. The monster looked like it had the strength of Rhino and Juggernaut; this was shown when he lifted a van over his head and threw it at building beside him.

Toxin was swinging through the streets and trapping people in his web-cocoons, they could breath, but they couldn't move. He called his incubator; readying them for symbiosis. Bonding them with future symbiote spawns.

Scream ransacked the jewellery stores; but instead of stealing the jewels, she smashed all the priceless artifacts. She threw a chair through the window and leaped out to the streets; watching all the people run in fear. It made her laugh knowing that the people finally see her as a superior.

Venom stood on top a building, watching his children tear the world apart. He mumbled to himself, "It's over Adam. This world belongs to us now."


The next morning, Adam woke up, still in the warehouse. When he got outside, the city was trashed; black slime everywhere. Spidey looked at his city, it looked worst then when the Sinister Six came to the Earth. The first thing Adam needed to do was make sure Fluttershy was okay, so he swung home to check on her.

After a few minutes of swinging, the boy arrived at his apartment. When he crawled in through the window, he found his beloved in the living room, watching the news. "Fluttershy." the boy said, announcing his presence.

Fluttershy turned to him and replied, "Adam. Oh Adam." she walk over to him and hugged him tight. "It chaos out there, you were right about these things; they're the most dangerous creatures you've ever faced." she looked up into his eye as he to his mask off, "What are going to do?"

Spiderman had only one answer to that question, "I'm gonna kick Venom's ass."

"Adam, language." the girl said as her boyfriend walked into the kitchen. Spidey took out his spare web-containers, and fixed them onto his belt; Fluttershy watched him work, until he looked up at her and said, "What?"

She replied, "You just look like a genius when ever you work like this, one of the things I like about you." Adam walked over to her and held her in his arms, "I have to be a genius to know that your the most beautiful girl in the multiverse." The couple quickly kissed before Adam returned to work; he now had new web-tech. Developed from his O.S.C web-shooters.

Spiderman re-applied his mask and went onto the roof, "Okay, let's see what we have." he muttered. Adam had set up a target to test his web-attacks. His new tech included, "Impact Web."

Spidey a blob of webbing that trapped the target in a large web, made up of the stickiest compound he could put into the fluid.

"Upgraded Taser-Web, with double the voltage." Adam shot the web-line at the target, it set of a powerful shock the electrocutes and burns the target.

"Web-Grenade." This last piece of tech was fired at the target; when it exploded, web was scattered everywhere. "Good to know it all works." Adam muttered.

Now that the boy was ready, he leaped off the roof and swung off into the city. It was time for him to take down the symbiotes.


Spiderman swung through the streets of Canterlot City, in search of one of the symbiotes; so far, no luck.

Adam landed on the roof and sat on the edge for a minute, he looked over the city; nothing had changed, streets and buildings were still covered in black slime, giant black spider-webs hung from the rooftops & and people tried to avoid going out into danger by leaving their homes.

The boy started muttering to himself, "They just won't leave me alone. Ock, Goblin, and now Venom. They just won't stop until I've lost everything." But that didn't stop Adam fighting; he was going to find these symbiotes and put them back in prison, where they belong.


That scream was the perfect calling card, Spidey swung down to where the sound came from.

Upon arrival, Spiderman found a man running away from his shop. The boy looked inside and found what made the man run away; Toxin jumped through the window and landed on top of Adam.

This symbiote could be recognised by his purple Spiderman outfit, with similar looks to the black Spiderman suit; worn by Adam when he first discovered the venom-symbiote. Only Toxin's suit is, as I said, purple.

The villain muttered, "Ha, ha, ha. You're gonna lose, Spiderman." Small black tentacles started to grow out of Toxin's back, one was about to strike Adam. But his spider-sense warned him and he grabbed the tentacle but it hit him, Spidey knock it away and delivered a strong punch to the symbiote's face.

They both stood up straight, and started their fight. Adam punched and kicked Toxin, causing him to stumble back; Adam's finisher was a web-zip towards Toxin and kicking him into the wall.

The villain got up after the blow and began crawling up the wall, Adam wasn't going to let him get away, so he jumped after him. The chase up the wall involved the hero shooting his taser-webs at Toxin, but he was able to dodge them and reach the roof. Spiderman then started chasing him across the straight line of rooftops.

While Toxin ran, anything that was loose enough, he grabbed and threw back at Spiderman. Adam did his best to dodge the attacks, he even grabbed some of the objects with his webs and threw them back at the villain.

One of the thrown back rumble hit Toxin and knocked him down; Spiderman jumped at the opening, and web-zipped to the symbiote. Adam started punching and kicking Toxin again, to finish him; Spidey pulled the same trick and deliver a struck kick, sending the symbiote crashing into a wall. But the villain wouldn't go down that easy, he got back up and charged at Adam.

When Toxin landed on Spidey, the room started to crack; Toxin's tentacles grew back and tried to strike the hero. Before the could attack, Adam grabbed them again; he started punching the villain while he held the tentacles. When he let them go, he kick Toxin in the stomach and threw him off.

Adam jumped into the air and pulled himself back down with his webs, Spidey landed on Toxin and caused them both to fall through the roof and into the building. Whilst inside, Toxin repaid Adam for the beat down he gave him by grabbing a chair and smashing the wall crawler with it. The blow knocked Spiderman out the window and onto the streets, The villain jumped out after him.

Spiderman decided to end this, he fired an Impact-Web at the villain, trapping him in the stickiest of webbing. With Toxin subdued, Adam leaped at him for the final blow; delivering a strong punch to the face, knocking him out cold.

When Toxin was defeated, his symbiote returned to the inside of his body. Adam muttered, "Should have left things alone, Dylan." he said, saying the villain's real name. Before Adam could swing away, something was fired at him.

An electric cable tied itself around Adam, draining his strength; the boy looked up to see two soldiers, in white and grey armour were walking towards him. One aimed his gun at Dylan, while the other pointed his gun at Adam. Suddenly, a third one walked over, he started speaking into a com, "Targets acquired, requesting pick up." That's when a helicopter flew over them, sitting on the edge of it, was a woman.

She jumped from the chopper and landed in front of the two soldiers, "Is that him? Is that the Spiderman?" she asked while staring at Adam. Before she could draw her pistols, a police car pulled up.

Captain Shining Armour stepped out of the vehicle and ordered, "Call your guys off, he works with us." The woman listen to what the captain ordered, and pushed a button on her wrist watch. The cable shut down and fell off Adam like rope; Adam muttered, "Captain, explanation please."

Shining Armour explained, "This is Silver Sable, she and her private army were called in to 'assist' take down these creatures." Silver Sable stepped forward an stated, "And you better not get in my way." she said pointing at Spidey.

Adam replied, "Excuse me, but I just caught one for you." But all Sable said was, "You got lucky, no one knows what these creatures are. Me forces are trained to deal with the unknown." With that said, Spiderman swung away; he wasn't going to let Sable and her Stormtroopers get in his way.


Sable and her men took Toxin to one of their outposts, one they had set up in the city; there the had special containment cells, where they were going to keep the symbiotes.

Spiderman watched from a rooftop, he knew that once this was over, he'd call the O.S.C from Earth 1 to come and take these villains back to the Raft. The boy muttered, "But for now, I'll just let Sable keep and eye on them." Adam decided to head back to his HQ; he was going to need some help with this one.