Fluttershy, the Pokémon Tamer

by Derping Doo

Explanation (Story Update)

Hey guys, it's been... quite a long time. Almost about five or more years since I updated this story, almost about four since I stopped writing for it. Lots of things changed in my life, college, job, relationships, etc., and in the crossfire I kind of forgot about this project that I started on back in 8th grade. The other day at work it randomly drifted through my thoughts again and after some thought I figured I'd log back on and drop an explanation on things, for those of you who still care, and unfortunately I don't really have good news to bring.

If it's not evident by now, Fluttershy the Pokémon Tamer is canceled. I wish I could find some dormant drive to work on this story again, but the truth is I've sort of moved on. Both from MLP and from writing, and when I say it out loud it really does bring a sigh of sadness out of me. I loved FiM for the longest, being in the fandom was a great experience, but over time I just grew out of it, as I'm sure some of my original readers have as well. Going to college to study English also became a pretty rude awakening to the fact that I just don't have confidence in my writing skills. No matter how much I tried to fix the direction of the story I was unhappy with what I was putting on the page and constantly had to redraft. What once was a fun and exciting experience has since devolved into a cycle of bitterness and dread, every time I tried to write I just sighed and couldn't stop being so hard on myself. Falling behind in FiM and seeing glimpses of dramatic character changes also made me feel like I was no longer writing these characters properly. I just felt lost, and so I decided to just give up. I really wish I could've ironed out the creases in my creative process and in the story's plot, but I just didn't feel up to the task anymore. Not to mention my terrible commitment issues that make it hard for me to stay dedicated to any sort of passion project I start on. I dream big, and it's evident in the amount of planning I put into the future of the story, but I have to admit that most of the time I just don't have the discipline and resolve to chase those dreams all the way to the end, something I just have to work on myself. Still, I had big plans for this story, so as a sort of final goodbye to what was once my biggest passion, I wanted to at least share with you guys some of the major plot points I had planned and the latest draft on the newest chapter (heavily incomplete) that was my last attempt to keep the story going. I'm really sorry for people who held out hope that I'd come back, and I wish I could've done this story justice, but I'm very grateful for all the people who decided to leave a like, comment, and favorite Pokémon Tamer.

In chronological order, what the future chapters would've been. The idea was to establish a status quo of switching focus between Team B (Fluttershy and Leon) and Team C (Pinkie and Dash) as they traversed Johto, with some interlude from Team A (Equestria) every now and then. Clearly the story would've run a long time to go through the main story line of Generation Two games, with deviations every now and then

The Mass Portal Production Project


Soft Reset

The Professor

A New Journey Awaits You

Sticks and Stones

Bird Brain

Moo-Moo Mayhem

A Team Effort

The National Park

Into the Unown

The Rabbit and the Rock

Union Grave

The Legends of Ecruteak City

There were going to be several other trainers introduced as the story went on, culminating in a tourney-style Pokémon League like in the anime. Not everyone who would've participated in the 16-entry tourney was drafted here.

Leon (Rotation Team)


Rainbow Dash

Pinkie Pie









Broader strokes on what I had planned for the story, not sure how I would've ironed it out but just spitballed ideas.

Even if it wasn't what I had hoped for, I'm glad I can at least provide some sort of rest for this story. Again, thank you to everyone who decided to read and enjoy my little fanfic. It meant a lot to me as an aspiring writer. Maybe someday I can come to write something again that I can be proud of, but for now, I'll always remember how much fun I had writing Fluttershy, the Pokémon Tamer. :twilightsmile: