White Light : Guiding Light

by Kujamih

Chapter 5

Light's day-off continues in Ponyville, the most friendliest place in Equestria.

Light continues to wonder around ponyville, amazed at the sights and places that usually doesn't exist in his apocalyptic world.

Amazed at everything he sees in this world, he doesn't know which place he should start exploring.

Should he head to the bowling alley to try this sport which he only had read through books?

Or head to the library where lots of rare artifacts called books are lined up for the taking.

Or head to a food stall, where whenever you're hungry you can trade food for bits.

As Light's head is filled with excitement, his stomach starts to growl. "I guess we'll start with food then."

Light went inside a building named Hay Burger. There he learned a bit of how the currency work on this place and how delicious a hay burger is.

After he had his fill, he went inside a bowling alley and tried this weird sport.

Luckily a group of bowlers invited Light to play with them, and also helped him on how to play the sport.

" So the goal of this is i just have to roll this ball towards those pins and knock them all down right?" Said light to his bowling mentor.

" That's pretty much it boy! But you gotta still remember the things i thought to you, like the proper hold, position and throw of the bowling ball, okay kid!"

" Yeah... The weird dance like ballet movement of a position you just weirdly showed to me, and how not to just throw the ball but roll it. and hold the -" he paused for a bit. "-wait theres three very small holes on this ball how do i... Hold this ball?"

"Kid stop asking questions and just throw the ball! Your wasting valuable time!" Replied the mentor.

Light just winged it and eventually as he continued playing he started to have some idea of how the sport is really played.

After finishing bowling, Light went to the library, which is located at the School of Friendship and apparently where Apple Bloom works.

" Well she did say that we'll meet late afternoon." Light looked at the time. " Might as well meet her early afternoon then."

"I hope she's not busy." Light continued walking straight to school.

As he walked across the street. He spotted a familiar face. "Is that... Agent S?" His tears started to form in his eyes and bluring his vision.

As he tried to get near her and think of a way to start a conversation, he noticed Agent S is with another pony by her side.

Light stopped and stood there. Instead of greeting his old friend, he just watched them and smiled from a distance.

Don't worry my friend. it wont happen again... i wont make you lose her again. Light said to himself while walking off the distance.

"Hey do you know that pony?"

" What pony?"

"The one that's been looking at us for five minutes."

"What!? Where!?"

"Well he already left."

"Why didnt you say something earlier?"

"I thought it was work related and he was gonna give you a message or something. Turns out it wasnt and just left. I guess it was nothing at all."

"... Now im worried."

Light continued his way to the school of friendship, and heard some kids gossiping on the way.

Apparently a grand meeting is about to happen. The princess of Equestria, the Princess of the Crystal Empire, the Dragonlord, the Griffon Lords the Prince of Yaks, the Queen of the Hippogriffs and the ruler of the Changelings is visiting Ponyville.

If allegiance of our country is this strong, why did it fall in the first place? Light continued to ponder.

Meanwhile inside the castle of friendship a young beautiful alicorn sits upon a chair, and beside her a draconicous.

"Uncle Discord, this better not be one of your weird test auntie Twilight mentioned in her stories about you."

"Oh please, i would never do this to you," -he pinched the alicorn's cheek-" you cute little bundle of joy. I have learned my lesson on that matter.

"And i would never dream of rubbing your mother the wrong way. Besides, even i think i wont be able to handle whats about to happen."