Maelstrom Of The Night

by ThatWritingDragon

1- Vows

It has been… What, a few weeks? Or was it a few months?

Blitz didn’t know and he didn’t care. A few leaves ruffled as he skulked through the trees, his form barely heard as he swiftly moved from branch to branch. He yawned and tried to search for a spot to sleep for the day. This world was a bit different from his, with the day and night having equal time instead of his usual night lasting much longer than the day.

The different time kind of screwed with his sleep schedule and now he has to actually plan his napping time which was kind of annoying. His hooves grabbed his helmet and he placed it next to him, revealing the face of a blue stallion with magenta eyes. His rainbow coloured mane, short and messy. He rubbed his muzzle and frowned when he felt a bit of a fuzz that showed his growing facial fur, a result he got from living in the wild. He placed back his helmet and started his trek through the woods.

He tried to search for civilization but he still couldn’t find it, you know what he found? This stupid crystal tree! After somehow finding his way to it for the fiftieth time and counting, Blitz gave up on searching for another place to nap.

He glared at the dumb tree as it continued to sparkle like some stupid house ornament, he growled lowly before trying to find a dark place in the very bright cavern that housed the stupid plant. He didn’t know why he even kept on coming back here but it was like some part of this place kept on dragging him to this faust forsaken awful cave.

Ah Tartarus, if it was going to keep on targeting him then at least give him a dark place to nap in. His eyes are very sensitive to light and he’d rather not have it damaged due to how sparkly everything is in the cavern.

As if his complaints were heard, the crystals and light in the cave started to dim slowly until it gave as much light as a simple nightlight. Blitz blinked at that, did that just happen? 

“Uh… Thank you?” He said, confused. His voice a low rumble, a result with how little he spoke ever since he appeared here.

The tree seemed to glow slightly before settling back to its night light setting, Blitz came closer and patted the trunk with gratitude. He let out a small yawn and tapped the eye in the center of his chestplate in a certain pattern. In a short flash of light, his armor disappeared leaving behind a necklace with the eye as the amulet to hang around his neck. 

“Thanks again tree…” He curled up against the roots and yawned “Guess you’re not as bad as i thought”

As if he trained for it, he was out like a light and fell asleep.

The tree hummed lightly and seemed to shine for a moment before dissipating, the pegasus lying by it seemed to glow along with it before it disappeared.

That day, everyone was none the wiser.


When Blitz woke up once more, it was due to the feeling of slight burning in his chest. Instead of waking up with even more in a panic, he just swiped at his amulet and in an instant the burning feeling was gone.

He started to get on his hooves, his body stretching like that of a cat’s as he tested his motor functions and he nodded his head in satisfaction when everything was working. His wings flexed and he readied himself for what he was going to do.

Blitz winced, he could already feel the phantom pains that would soon become real if he continued. He gritted his teeth and the transformation began with a slow build up of magic. A prickling sensation came from the side of his neck and soon it started to feel like it was on fire.

He could already feel the changes, from the pain of his teeth elongating to the shape similar to a carnivore to the small yet significant changes of his fur. His jaw tensed and he thought that he had already gotten used to this but his transformation seemed to enjoy proving him wrong when a burst of pain shot through his wings and he tried to readied himself in time.

He wasn’t able to and his wings started to itch, he had to stop himself from instinctually preening it because he knew that if he had done so, it would’ve gotten worse and that is something he’d rather not go through. 

He forced himself to shut his eyes as an attempt to focus on something else other than the scorching pain that kept on attacking all of his senses. He could feel his wings forcefully shedding its feathers along with the movement of bones as it got ready for the next process. He roughly swallowed and gritted his teeth even more, the next step was the most painful but it was also the quickest. He just needed to get through this one last step then he was free.

“RHMMMMHHFHHD-” Blitz bit into his tongue as leathery wings began to grow in the place his once feathery ones laid. His breath started to quicken but he forced himself to control it because whenever he started to panic, his wings tend to rustle and he’d rather not have it move in this step.

It stopped, it abruptly finished and he fought to stand upward. His jaw was reflectively clenching and unclenching. His breath was haggard as he tried to get as much oxygen into his lungs. His eyes half-lidded as he stared dazed into his surroundings.

“F… Fokin’ finally...” He exhaled, his eyes trying to focus and he grinned proudly. It wasn’t as bad as the last time, which was good. He wasn’t as sore and he could move even when it hurt for a while which was an improvement. He wasn’t exactly a pure Thestral, so the artificial process of becoming one has some consequences.

What are they? The pain of having to shift your body into one. Numbing spell? It won’t work, the body during the process absorbs magic from its surroundings and from the source. It also takes a lot of stamina, so you’d need to get a lot of rest before doing it.

Now, the huge question was why he was doing this despite the fact that the process itself was painful.


His Queen, he needed to contact his queen. Blitz wasn’t able to get contact with his queen for so long and that isn't good. He tried when he was a normal pegasus but all he got was a small signal that showed that yes, she indeed exists in this world which was a huge relief to the tired stallion but that isn’t enough. What if she was in danger!? What if she was attacked!?

Blitz clenched his jaw at the last thought and his brow furrowed, that is unacceptable and his thoughts would've gone darker if it wasn't for the small wave of magic that lightly pressed against his and he relaxed instantly when he felt its familiarity. He exhaled and he smiled, he could feel her and that instantly strengthen his will.

"Prove yourself to me"

His mind flashed to that night and he couldn't stop the smile that grew on his face when he realised something. This was a test, wasn't it?

He chuckled, it was low and throaty and it soon turned to full-on laughter. His eyes turned to the source and he grinned, it wasn't too far away and that was in his favour. He wasn't always that good on tests but this one? He'll ace it. No! Not just that! He'll absolutely demolish it. His grin turned a bit feral. He'll prove himself, he'll prove that he's worthy. So worthy that she'll just have to accept!

As the moon reached its highest peak. Maelstrom Blitz vowed to himself, he vowed to prove himself worthy of his Queen just as he had vowed to give her his devotion, his blood and his life.

He vowed to have an indisputable place in her heart. His magic started to glow as it began its process of sealing his vow and his grin widened as he stared up at the moon. It was beautiful, just like his queen. That's right. He'll prove himself of having an indisputable place in his Queen- His Luna's heart and no one can stop him!

No one.