White Light : Guiding Light

by Kujamih

Chapter 4

As the sun rise in Equestria, another day shines in Ponyville. The Ponies continue their daily lives, aswell as Light's new life in the Apple Farm.

Slam! "Good mornin Light! Ready for your first day in the Apple Farm?" Apple bloom said to the now spooked Light. "Well color me impressed! Now here i was expectin you to be still asleep this early mornin." She smiled. "I was hopen to wake you up myself and give you a little spook and all."

Light gave a weird awkward smile to Apple Bloom, "oh dont worry...you did."

"Well then partner?-"she grabbed him by the hoof and dragged him to the farm."- we better hurry up and finish our chores while the sun hasn't risen up yet!

" Wait!"-bump-"oof! I can walk on my own!"

" We aint got no time for walking. I have to be at school to teach my students after we finish bucking them trees here." Apple Bloom replied to Light, while still being dragged through the farm. "Your surprisingly light... Light."

" I get that a lot. Do you mind dragging me to a less rocky road?"

" Don't worry I'll head to a short cut." Apple Bloom headed to a much more bumpy and bushy path.

" Here we are partner! Ready to buck these set of trees now?" Apple Bloom looked at Light. " Oops sorry my bad." She removed some twigs and leaves stuck at Lights mane.

"I'm good-" he spitted some leaves stuck on his mouth "- so i just need to buck these set of apple trees right?"

" Yup. But-" Apple Bloom looked at Light's physique and gave him a judging look. "-Do you know how to buck an apple tree properly or have you done it before?"

" I have.... A bit," Light replied. I did fight off an evil apple tree before. but maybe I shouldn't apply the same force on this one, He told himself.

"Well then, show me what you're made of." She then gave way for him to buck the tree.

Light gave a bit of distance with the tree and readied himself.

" Wait. What are you doing?" Before Apple Bloom could finish her sentence Light galloped, jump flipped and gave the tree a good kick on the center.

Slam! A crack creeped at the center of the kick, and apples and leaves begin to fall off the tree.

"What are you doing!" Apple Bloom yelled at Light. "Where here to buck some apples not trees, Light!"

" Oh uh, I'm so sorry.-" Light hoofed his head "- you know what maybe i should get some pointers from you. Maybe that'll jog my memory on um.. how to properly buck a tree. Hehe."

" Well good thing sis wasnt here to see this. But i have to admit, those were some sick moves you pulled. Maybe you're in acrobatics before you lost your memory." Apple Bloom then looked at Light pondering.

" ...oh yeah. Maybe i was an acrobat." Light replied. Maybe i should stop showing off a bit, he said to himself.

Apple Bloom laughed and showed Light how to properly buck. "Okay Light let me show you the ropes here. First off ya gotta feel the earth ya standin on "-Apple Bloom then calmly breathes in -" and then give it a good ol kick at the center with both hind legs."

Slam! Apples begin to fall from the tree.

" You also have to adjust your strength to the size of the tree so only apples will fall off not the tree itself okay?" She then looked at Light. "You got that?"

" Wow, your form is beautiful." Light replied with awe showing off on his face.

Upon noticing on how Light was looking at her, she blushed. " Wh- what did you mean by that!"

" I meant the way you kicked the tree!" He quickly replied and puts on a facade.

"That's still creepy!"

"But how am i suppose to know how-" Flustered Apple Bloom interrupted Light by shoving her front hoof at his eyes" Don't look too much then!"

"Mhmm mm" Light mumbled while he moved his head up and down.

Light and Apple Bloom's morning duty at the apple farm continued on awkwardly.

After a few mishaps Light finally got the hang of bucking the apple tree.

They where able to finish their duty, and have enough time for Apple Bloom to prepare for school.

Apple Bloom patted off some dust on her and placed her hooves around Light's shoulder "Well we started off a little weird, but we were able to finish our work pretty fast! I'm mighty impressed about you, being new to this and all."

" Well i had a good coach."

She then looked at Light's eyes. "Thats mighty flatterin of you, but that don't mean you're off the hook yet mister."

Light gulped " yes ma'am, it wont happen again."

Apple Bloom laughed and left Light's side to pick some of the buckets of apples they collected.

"Good! Now i have to head back home and prepare for my other work. You can rest for a bit then head to either Apple Jack or Big Mac for your next chores okay."

Apple Bloom gave one more look at Light and blushed. " I better not be seein where them eyes of yours are lookin at, ya hear." -She giggled- " see ya later afternoon, okay."

" yes ma'am," Light replied with a smile.

Light then picked the remaining baskets of apples and went their separate ways.

Light placed the apples inside the farm and headed off to find Apple Jack. And started to ponder to himself.

Apple Bloom should really work on how she explains how to buck properly, but her form and how she draws energy from the earth is astounding.

No wonder she's strong.

and the earths energy is so clean and beautiful here, she glowed really beautifully when she drawn in the energy of the earth. And made me look like a creep.

i should also learn how to control my emotions.

as Light continued on pondering while searching for Apple jack. Apple Jack was already near him and at his face already.

" Ooh! sorry about that." He quickly steps back to give a bit of distance to Apple Jack. "I was ..umm thinking a bit."

"I see, i guess you were thinking happy thoughts, because with all that smilin you-r doin." Apple jack replied while raising one eye brow.

" Um yes ma'am..happy, good ahhm clean thoughts."

" I see..." Apple Jack replied with a curious look on Light. " Well since its your first day in the farm and all and havent got accustomed to this place yet, and Apple Bloom did report to me how fast and good you were in your first day. You should take the day off today and head on over to Ponyville and get to know everyone there."

" Oh no need to worry about me ma'am i can still work," Light replied.

"Ow hush now, you go on right ahead. That's an order ya hear?"

" Well if you say so ma'am, thanks again for the work."

" Don't mention it. Now scoot."

Light went back to his dorm and grabbed a few of his things and went to Ponyville.

i wonder how many familiar faces I'll meet again.