Wind Spirit

by NinjaMare

Chapter 2: Journey to the Frozen North

Watching the scenery pass by the window as snow blown past them, Twilight, and her friends, along with Spike & Stacy, as the train travels to the frozen north. A few days ago when Ponyville was finally rebuilt Twilight received a letter from Celestia about an important test, which Stacy thought was adorable and funny seeing her bookworm friend running around and panicking. Once Twilight has slightly calm down she along with her friends headed off to Canterlot to see what Celestia has in store for her.
When Stacy went to Canterlot she was mildly impress with the city, while the city itself wasn’t as grand as Rarity made it out to be, she has admit it does look like a wonderful place. While the city looks great Stacy could tell she wasn’t going to like the folks that live here. As they were walking through the streets to the palace, the group has come across some of the ponies that live here, and from the way they carry themselves and act Stacy knew they were going to be very pompous.

After reaching the castle which Stacy was really impressed with Twilight headed inside, while Stacy and the rest remained outside in the gardens. Sometime later Twilight came back and told her friends that there off to the Crystal Empire. So now the group is getting the low down on what the Empire is, what Celestia has told Twilight about what happened to it, and what they need to do.

“What exactly are we supposed to do when we get to this Empire Twilight?” Rainbow asked as she looked towards her friend.

“I’m not exactly sure; we’ll just have to wait till we meet up Shining Armor & princess Cadence. They know what needs to be done.” Twilight then looked over to Stacy, who was just staring out the window, a faraway look on her face.

“Stacy, are you…alright?” Twilight asked her human friend. The others looked at the tall human; as she just sat there eyes focused on something yet…looked like she was daydream.

“Stacy?” Applejack asked she got up from her seat and rocked her friend, a little worried that Stacy wasn’t responding.

“Uh?” Stacy said as she slowly shook her head, before looking to her friends. “What, are we there yet?”

“No dearie we’re still not there yet, but, are you alright?” Rarity asked. “You’ve been staring off into the distance for some time now, and you weren’t responding when we’re talking to you.”

“Sorry guys I didn’t mean to make you worry.” Stacy then looked backed out the window.

“But…I don’t know. Ever since we crossed into the north, I started to feel…something.” Stacy said ominously as the faraway look returned to her face.

“What is it that you feel?” Fluttershy asked as she scooted over to her friend. Stacy looked down at the cabin floor before speaking.

“I’m not sure. I feel like there’s something out there, something familiar yet…different. I can’t put my finger on it.”

Deciding not to press on the subject any further the ponies decided to talk about other stuff with Stacy, one of the questions that Rainbow asked was about other type of digimon there were. As Stacy was just talking about some of the other spirit digimon warriors, the train stopped and announced that they have reached their destination. Departing from the train Stacy zipped up the warm jacket and put on the gloves Rarity made for her, she and the ponies looked around to see that everything around the train station was covered in snow.
A moment later and Twilight’s brother Shining Armor walked out of the blizzard. Twilight introduced Stacy to her brother, and Shining to her human friend. Once the introductions were over with Shining Armor then started to lead the group to where the empire is, as the group kept on trudging through the blizzard, Stacy started to get that strange feeling again. There was something out there, something that was calling to her, like a little voice in her ear.

“Stacy look out!” Shining Armor shouted as he shoved the human. Stacy was brought out of her trance when she noticed a massive cloud of smoke was behind them, with a pair of glowing green eyes glaring down at the group.

“What is that thing!?”

“It’s the thing that’s trying to get into the Empire!” Shining shouted as he fired a bolt of rosy energy at the cloud. “Get to the Empire, I’ll handle this!”

“Not alone you’re not!” Stacy then brought out her digi-vice, stretching out her left hand a stream of code appeared.

“Execute!” Stacy grinded the device against the data stream. “Spirit Evolution.”

As her clothes were ripped off her body, as several data streams wrapped around her body, which turned a faint shade of black. Twilight & her friends have seen this sight so many times already, yet every time Stacy does it the mares were still fascinated by the action. As for Shining Armor he was stunned by the sight of seeing the strange bipedal creature changing forms. Once her transformation was finished Stacy spun on one of her legs a few times, before kicking out the other leg before going into a pose.

“Kazemon.” Stacy said as the data streams were blown away by the wind, as her wings flapped once.

“Alright let’s do this!” Stacy then took flight and charged head first to the cloud of smoke. Backing up the human turned digimon Shining Armor fired more beams of magic, while Stacy used her wind based powers to kick or punch out small but powerful gust of wind.

“Tempest Twist!” Stacy flown towards the cloud of smoke, before twisting in mid-air so she was upside down, then she started spinning causing the smoke cloud to spin around her. When the cloud was thoroughly twisted, Stacy flown off just as Shining Armor encased the cloud in a large bubble.

“Alright now let’s go while the going is good.” Stacy said as she wrapped her arms around Shining’s barrel, and then took off for the empire following Shining’s directions.

But the duo didn’t get too far when they heard the bubble shield explode, and tendrils of black smoke & ooze reached out towards them. Making a quick decision Stacy tossed Shining Armor into the air, and then she started to spin in place with her legs outstretched.

“Tempest Twist!” the tendrils were batted away from the whirling windmill kicks. While Shining was airborne he took the opportunity to fire more beams of magic, but he was blind-sided by a large cloud of smoke that rammed him to the ground.

Diving into the cloud Stacy gathered up the white unicorn and flew for the empire as fast as she could. As she was flying Stacy dodged the additional attacks that the cloud was throwing at her, from the tendrils, to even solidified crystal spears. Soon Stacy saw Fluttershy and Spike run into an invisible wall and disappeared, figuring it was the protective wall Stacy picked up the pace and flown as fast she can.

“Brace for impact Shining!” Stacy shouted as she flown past her friends and slammed into the ground.

“Stacy, Shining! Are you two alright?” Twilight said as she and her friends gathered around the pair.

“Well…I’ve been better.” Stacy said as she looked up to her friends, while Shining Armor rolled off her body.

“Thanks for the assistance Stacy.”

“No prob--Shining, your horn!” the group then looked up to his horn.

The stallion’s horn was covered in small specs of black crystals. Shining Armor tried to use magic, but the black crystals prevented the stallion to use it. The group then ventured to the castle of the empire. As they were walking to the castle the group noticed that the city was felt like a ghost town, barely any ponies were out and a bought, but the ones that were out looked so…broken.
When the group made it inside the castle Shining Armor lead them to the throne room, as they entered the room Stacy saw a pink alicorn sitting on a throne, but the alicorn looked so exhausted that she could pass out if someone just pokes her. The pink alicorn descend her throne and did a cute little dance with Twilight, which Stacy had a hard time not to snicker at. Once the dance was over Stacy was introduced to the alicorn who was known as Cadence, and then the group was informed about what is going on with the empire.

Turns out that when the Empire returned from its pocket dimension prison, it has also brought back an ancient tyrant known a King Sombra, a powerful unicorn that almost rivaled the power of Celestia & Luna centuries ago. The group then started to wonder on how they could protect the empire from Sombra, without relying too much on Cadence’s own shield spell which is quickly draining her last reserves of magic. So Twilight and the gang set out to find some answers.

(An Hours Later)

“Anything?” Twilight asked her friends as they gathered in the square.

“I got nothing so far.” Rainbow said in a defeated tone.

“The ponies were too scared of me to even talk, or approach me.” Stacy said as she rubbed her left arm looking a little defeated. “Sorry guys.” The others told Stacy it was fine.

“I got nothing as well.” Rarity said as she fluffed her mane. That’s when Fluttershy walked over to Twilight, but turned out this Fluttershy was a costume for Pinkie to hide in.

“My cover has been blown, I repeat, my cover has been blown.” Pinkie whispered before zipping off, which just made the others look at her with questionable looks.

“Sorry Twilight but these crystal ponies seem to have a collected amnesia or something.” Applejack said as she looked at a few crystal ponies that were just walking around aimlessly. “Only thing I was able to get out of them is something about a library.

The moment that Twilight heard the word ‘library’ she perked up and started galloping off to find the building of her desire, her friends could only shake their head with smiles on their faces. It didn’t take long for the group of 6 mares, 1 dragon & 1 human to find the library, and when they entered, they were meet with rows upon rows of thousands of books. Twilight was basically speechless when she looked at the marvelous sight. A pony of to the side asked if they needed help, but after a brief conversation the group realized the older mare wouldn’t be much help.

“We’ll just take a look around, I’m sure we can find what we need on our own.” With that the group split up and began their search.

Another hour has gone by as the group made their way through one section of the library to the other. Fluttershy was checking books on the ground, while Rainbow was knocking books off the top shelves, by skating by on one of the rolling ladders, and Applejack going through the books her friend knocked down. Pinkie was using her springy tail to bounce to various shelves grabbing random books. Stacy was working with Rarity & Spike, going through several stacks of books searching for anything useful. Twilight was gathering large amounts of books, and piling them into a large pile as she scanned through them.

“Yes!” Twilight shouted prompting the rest of the group to move to her location, and see what she has found. A large reddish-brown book, with gold lettering and several different colored gems on the cover was laying before the group.

“History of the Crystal Empire. I just hope it has the answers we need?” Twilight said as she started to flip through the pages of the book, her friends standing by her side hoping she would find the answer.


While Twilight was talking to her brother and sister-in-law, and the others waiting to hear what they’re about to do next. Stacy was wondering around aimlessly through the castle. The same sensation of something familiar or different was still present, but ever since the group got to the castle that sensation felt even stronger, even though she wanted to help her friends she just had to know what this strange sensation is. So for the past hour she’s been wondering around the corridors of the castle, but it seems that the further up the castle she travel’s the sensation became stronger.

Going out to a balcony Stacy transformed into Kazemon and flew as high as she could, following the strong pull of the weird sensation. After a few minutes of flying Stacy reached the top of the castle to the highest spire, this is where the sensation was most powerful, and what she found was really astounding. Floating in the center of the spires only room was a very beautiful crystal in the shape of a heart. But while the heart was eye catching, the thing that really captivated Stacy was the floating orb of light that was orbiting it.

When she was only a few feet from the heart the orb stopped its movement, and started to slowly approach Stacy. As it just floated a foot away from her Stacy got a clear view of what the orb was. Inside the orb was idol like her Kazemon spirit, but this one was of different design, Stacy knew what this was. Quickly taking out her digi-vice Stacy pointed it to the spirit idol, which was absorbed into the device.



“Here-eye, here-y--” Twilight tried to announce to the crowed of crystal ponies before Pinkie cut her off when she tried to use the flugelhorn, which just caused the purple unicorn & the two royals to grimace at the pink pony. Pinkie giggled sheepishly, as she hides the instrument behind her.

With no further distractions Twilight announced to the empire that the Crystal Fair was underway! When the crystal ponies heard that the fair was upon them, they all perked up, and their once dull coats were instantly crystalized making them more lively. Soon the whole fair was crowded with ponies going around, checking things out, and letting their once forgotten memories flow back to them. While the crystal ponies were wondering around checking out what the fair had to offer, Twilights friends were going around seeing how they can help the fair and the ponies enjoy themselves.

The fair was in full swing and above the festivities Stacy flew overhead, with a big smile on her face as she looks for her friends. She wanted to tell them on what she discovered. As she flew she could see that the crystal ponies looked a lot better, and seemed to be more up-beat, some even looked up at her and waved. So far Stacy couldn’t find any of her friends. Just as she passed over the petting area Stacy heard a menacing hollowed howl, she then saw the shield go down, and saw the grinning face of King Sombra off in the distance.

“Oh no! Cadence!” Stacy panicked as she flew to the castle, but stopped when she noticed the shield was going back up. “Phew, for a second I thought we were toast.”

What Stacy failed to noticed that when the shield was going back up, was that a piece of Sombra’s horn being cut-off, a shadowy figure landing at the empires gate. Standing upright the shadowy figure made its way towards the city, while the small piece of Sombra’s horn melted into the ground sprouting a tiny black crystal spike.

“Applejack!” Stacy cried out to her apple farmer friend who looked up at her.

“There you are Stacy, where have you been?”

“Remember when I told you guys on the train I felt this weird sensation?” Applejack nodded.

“It got stronger whenever we were in the castle. So when Twilight went to go tell Shining & Cadence what she found in that book, I started to search for where that sensation was. And look what I found!” Stacy then presented her digi-vice to the apple farmer, and shifted Kazemon’s spirit idol, to her newly acquired spirit.

“Is that…your other spirit you can transform into!?” Applejack said in surprise.

“Yeah, I got my beast spirit!” Stacy then noticed Applejack trick a pony to leave a covered pedestal. “So what’s going on here?”

Applejack then started to explain things to Stacy involving the fair and a crystal relic, when Applejack mentioned the crystal heart Stacy told her that she saw something like that at the top of the castle. As the two were about to take off to inform Twilight they saw the shield starting to flicker, like it could go down at any second. Soon the two were crowded by the ponies of the fair, as they started to see building being twisted and corrupted. As more & more ponies gathered around them Rarity & Pinkie came around to see what they could do, but that’s when Pinkie accidently fell off a ball she was balancing on, and kicked it to the fake crystal heart. When the ball knocked the pedestal over revealing the fake heart to the crystal ponies.

“Crystals.” That’s when King Sombra’s voice and laugh filled the air, which caused the crystal ponies to panic. That’s when the shield finally went down. The sky darkened, becoming an ominous dark orange color, the ponies were screaming and shouting about the return of the king and started to run. “My crystal slaves.” Sombra hissed out as she glared down at the frighten crystal ponies.

“No! I can’t, I won’t go back to those mines!” a mare screamed as she galloped into a random direction. “Of!” the mare bumped into something, but when she looked up she froze in place at what she saw.

“What in land sakes is that!?” Applejack said as she, rarity, Pinkie & Stacy looked over to where the mare ran into.

Standing before the ponies was a tall dark figure, it’s large eyes in its pitch-black armor looked at the surrounding ponies, causing them to shudder away. Applejack and her friends have never seen anything like this thing, it was so…evil looking. And it’s mere presence alone was making Applejack tremble with fear, as she looked into the beings blood red eyes she saw nothing but terror and malice in them. The foreboding figure then created two blood red swords from the skulls on its arms, the dark figure then raised a sword as its eyes focused on the mare before it.

“Execute! Spirit Evolution!” Stacy shouted as she charged the dark figure as she transformed into her spirit form. “Roseo Temporale!” Stacy leaped at the figure, then unleashed a barrage of kicks.

The figure quickly brought the sword up to block the attack, but the force of the kicks was pushing the dark figure away from the ponies. Delivering one last kick, Stacy then flipped herself in mid-air then she immediately went into another attack.

“Tempest Twist!” another barrage of kicks lashed out at the figure, but its defense crumbled and was now taking direct hits from the rock smashing kicks. With one last spinning kick Stacy sent the dark figure flying into a building.

“Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie get everyone out of here, NOW!” Stacy shouted as she looked at her friends.

“Stacy what’s--”

“Lunar Plasma!” Rarity was cut-off when a menacing male voice called out, before a thin wave of red energy came racing out of the building the where the dark figure was sent flying into. Bring up her arms Stacy was able to block the majority of the attack, but she was pushed back a good few feet and her arms now had scars on them.

“Ghost Move.” The dark figure was now in front of Stacy with a raised sword.

Stacy didn’t have enough time to block the next attack, as the dark figure brought the sword down cutting Stacy’s chest creating another scar, but Stacy stood her ground as she threw a wind infused punch. The dark figure wasn’t expecting the human girl to recover from such a blow, and was knocked a foot into the air. Another quick kick to the gut & Stacy sent her opponent higher into the air.

“Hurricane Wave!” Stacy shouted as she used her strongest attack.

“Deadly Gaze!” the dark figure said as he fired 9 beams of blood red lasers at the ten whirling winds.

The attacks collided with one another causing a powerful shockwave to rattle the air around the two fighting digimon, and causing the ponies around the fight to scramble away. As the two digimon continued their fight the ponies ran as far as they could as to not get caught in the middle. As for Applejack & they others of Twilight’s friends, they were scared out of their minds. Aside from King Sombra now closing in on the castle, they were just as frighten as they watched Stacy and the other being fight, they’ve never seen Stacy fight with such fervor before. Not even against the monsters of the Everfree, whoever this other digimon is Stacy seems determined to beat him.

“Guys!” Applejack and the others looked up to see Spike, dangling on the edge on a ledge on the top of the castle.

“Here! I got the Crystal Heart!” It’s true. In the dragons claws was the Crystal Heart.

The dark king saw this and made his way to the castle. The two fighting digimon were still at it, but when Stacy noticed that Sombra was getting closer, and seeing Spike fall from the ledge while trying to get the Crystal Heart he dropped. Kicking her opponent away Stacy took to the air and flew up to catch Spike, but she didn’t get the heart. But just as Stacy was about to fly to the heart a pink missile swooshed by, Cadence snatched the heart just before Sombra could devour it.

“The Crystal Heart has returned, use the light & love within you to ensure that King Sombra does not.” Cadence said as she threw the heart back to its original position.

When the heart was placed in the center of the courtyard, it was held in place by two pillars. The crystals ponies then bowed as they started to generate the energy they needed to power their ancient relic, the roads that stretch throughout the empire started to glow a bright blue.

“What!?” Sombra said in disbelief that his plan was starting to crumble around him. “No! Stop!”

Then all the light from the empire was collected into the Crystal Heart, the relic then pulse out a powerful wave of magic coating the crystal ponies, Twilight and her friends, and Stacy along with Spike giving them a crystal like shine to their bodies. Another pulse out but this time the wave of light & love rammed into Sombra & the dark figure, causing the dark kings body to crack while the dark figure was being pushed back. With one last pulse of energy Sombra’s body was destroyed, shattering like glass as the pieces were being forced out of the empire. The dark figure was hurled out of the empire as well, but the power of the relic couldn’t destroy it.


With the Crystal Heart back in place, the Empire was finally in peace with no tyrants to enslave the inhabitants. With the threat of Sombra no longer present the crystal ponies were thoroughly enjoying the fair, as for the heroes of the day they were relaxing and enjoying the festivities as well, except Stacy was being treated from her fight with the dark figure.

“There we go Miss Stacy, good as new. But I’d advise you not to strain yourself.” A healer said as he finished wrapping bandages around Stacy’s arms and chest.

“Thank doc.” Stacy said as she leaned down and gave the doctor a kiss on the nose, which caused the stallion to straighten up for a sec, causing his face to turn red. Stacy and her friends giggled and chuckled as they saw the goofy smile start to form on the doctor’s face, as he wobbles off.

“Stacy…who was that you were fighting? You seemed pretty determined to beat that horrid creature.” Rarity asked as shivered as she remembered the black figures cold unfeeling eyes.

“That was Duskmon. A very, very, VERY dangerous digimon. I was surprised I was able to stand up to him as well as I did.” Stacy said as she remembered just how powerful Duskmon was from the show.

But that’s when Stacy started to wonder, if Duskmon was here, does that mean the other evil Legendary Warriors are here to…and the mastermind in control of them…

‘Oh god I hope not! I don’t think I can take on all those bad guys by myself.’

“Hey Stacy Applejack said that you got your other spirit!” Rainbow asked excitedly which got the others excited to.

“Yup, turns out it was where Sombra hid the heart.”

“Can we see what your new spirit looks like?” Twilight asked, hoping to see what Stacy’s stronger form looked like.


“What? Why not?” Pinkie asked with a look of confusion on her face.

“Beast spirits are unlike human spirits. All that extra power, primal instincts, it could be too much for me to handle at the moment…it might even make me hurt you guys by accident.” Even though Zoe didn’t have a berserk moment in the show, Stacy wasn’t sure if she would be as lucky. She didn’t want to go berserk like when Takuya turned into BurningGreymon, and went into a blind rampage.

“Well at least we can kick back and enjoy the sweet taste of victory.” Rainbow said as she kicked back in the lounge chair, taking a sip of her crystal nectar.