White Light : Guiding Light

by Kujamih

Chapter 2

Ponyville hospital, where Light found himself after his nightmare. "What should i do now?" Light looked at his surroundings. "I guess I’m at a hospital." Light looked at the clean bed sheet he's on and smelled the rosy fragrance. "I guess this place is not as chaotic as mine." 

A few minutes later, an earth pony entered Light's room. She has a worn-out hat and a shield with an apple inside it as her cutie mark.

"Oh thank goodness you're OK!" the earth pony rushed to Light's bed. " ya feelin better now? I found you in the woods near Everfree Forest."- The earth pony touched Light's forehead-" you're (you were) all beat up when i found'ya. Thought it might be some timber wolves that attacked you. So i carried you and ran as fast as i could outta there...and um, i might’ve accidentally hit you somewhere on the way to the hospital,-"the earth pony scratched her head while looking down. "-Sorry bout that."

Light just looked at the earth pony talking to him non stop with a smile, as she continues on.

"Oh, where are my manners, the names Apple Bloom. What's yours?"

Light snapped out from staring at Apple Bloom. "Uhm...oh yeah it's- it's Light."

Apple Bloom looked at Light, just to check if he's really okay. "Are you sure you're alright? I did hit your head at the door."

"What?" Light looked up at her with confusion. "Uhmm yeah... Yeah I'm okay." 

"So, if you dont mind me askin." Apple Bloom looked at Light. "What DID happen to you?" 

It took him a minute to think of a good answer to Apple Bloom, without exposing his true identity.

I know this is lazy but i have no idea what to say to her, Light thought to himself. "...I don't remember."

"You poor thing! You've got amnesia!" Apple bloom said.

"YES, i have amnesia." Light quickly replied.

" Well i better call the doctor, to check up on your condition. Who knows what injuries you still have."- Apple bloom stood up and went to the door.- "now you stay put right there, and rest your poor little head on them comfy pillow. You deserve some rest, okay. See ya soon."

"O-"Apple Bloom left the room. "-kay..." Light tried to say to Apple bloom. "The people here are so kind and helpful. The more reason why they'll need my help here."

Should i rest or should i start my move? Light pondered. 

As Light continued to ponder, the sunrise hit his eye, directing his attention outside the window. He saw the most beautiful scenery in his entire life. Green grass, trees, houses, and ponies walking happily outside.

" I guess... I guess, i should enjoy this peace." Light breathes in the fresh air, and layed back on his bed. "I can finally get some sleep."