More Silver Than Gold

by Stepany1234

Chapter 9 You Were My Best Friend

I had fallen asleep on the sofa. My tears dried on my face but I could still feel them there. I was snuggled up to the sweater like it was a pillow and by now my apartment was dark. The only light came from the city lights outside my windows. It wasn’t much though, my apartment was still dark as night. I feel a cold fast breeze hit me and I shiver. I open my eyes and automatically look over to the window. They’re all closed.

“The hell is that wind?” I mutter. I hated rude awakenings and I was already in a bad mood.

I sit up and look around the dark room. Behind me came a light. I turned around and my eyes grew wider after seeing a bright white light that was causing the mysterious wind to blow throughout my apartment. The wind grew stronger before a bright white flash zapped the entire room. It threw me back against the wall and I rolled against the wooden floor. I would be in pain if I wasn’t so curious as to what just happened. I rubbed my eyes after trying to adjust to the change in lighting. By now the lighting was back to the average dark it was before. Everything was the same, except for one thing.

“Silver Spoon?” I ask.

What am I saying? The words slipped out of my mouth from the sudden reaction. I squinted and saw a very tall white horse? A unicorn with wings! Wow! I looked down and saw two other ponies standing next to her. I’ve seen them before. While researching on Silver Spoon’s home, I saw a picture of six ponies. Two out of the six were standing right there! One had a cowboy hat and the other was white with very well kept purple hair. Both of them looked a bit worried to see me, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the same. Then four little ponies popped out from behind the tall white unicorn. I know for sure I recognized those four. Silver Spoon’s friends from the keychain.

“That’s her? That’s who you were crying about?” The small pony with the tiara asked.

She had that same snooty tone Silver Spoon had when I first found her. She analyzed me from top to bottom and then turned her head. “Meh.” She shrugged.

Two other ponies walked over to me. I was still on my knees, trying to function if any of this was real. The two ponies were smiling at me as they approached me. One was male and the other was female.

“Are you the one who took care of our dear daughter?” Asked the pony. Her voice slender and highly sophisticated.

“Uhm,” is all I manage to say. The male pony chuckled at my reaction before speaking.

“Silver Spoon stayed here with you, yes?” He asked. I nodded. Still shocked. “Well, we’re her parents,” he finished. Then it clicked. I sat up and cleared my throat.

“Oh. That’s- It’s nice to meet you,” I say. I felt the tears again but I knew it was something I could handle, for now.

“We just want to thank you dearly for looking after her. Heaven knows what could have happened in this strange world. Not to say you are strange, it’s just different from ours,” said Silver Spoon’s mother.

“I’m really, really, really sorry!” Cracked a small voice in the back. I looked over just like the others to see the small unicorn jump up and cry out.

“Now, Sweetie Belle, dear. It’s alright. You already apologized enough before,” said the white unicorn with the purple hair.

“It’s quite alright, Sweetie Belle. We forgive you. It was merely an accident,” said Silver Spoon’s mother.

“Um. Can you tell me how she ended up in my world?” I asked one of the questions I was desperate to know. Silver Spoon’s parents looked to the others and smiled.

“Well,” said Sweetie Belle. She sighed and continued. “Well. It was another day at school. Ms. Cheerliee had just let us out for recess and that’s when we ran into Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara,” Sweetie Belle explained.

“We weren’t exactly the nicest ponies,” said Silver Spoon.

She finally had walked out from the shadows and my heart skipped a beat. Oh I was so desperate to run up to her and hold her. But something was keeping me from taking action. I just sat there on my knees, listening.

“Yeah, sorry,” Diamond Tiara mumbled while kicking her hoof and looking down to the floor.

“I guess they were making me so mad that I-,” Sweetie Belle was about to cry and seeked comfort in the pony next to her.

“Shh, it’s alright,” she told her. Is that her big sister? Rarity, right? I was still trying to keep up with all of this. The small pony with a bow nuzzled the other mare with the cowboy hat. Those two must be their older sisters.

“It’s alright, sugar cube,” said the orange pony in a hushed tone.

The other small pony with small wings felt left out and so she walked over to the two and all three of the small ponies huddled together. Diamond Tiara turned her head and acted as if she didn’t care for any of it. She had a pretty good pokerface.

“I said some pretty mean stuff that I really didn’t mean and am really sorry for it,” Silver Spoon said as she glanced over to the other ponies. Her parents made their way back over to their daughter and stood behind her to give Diamond Tiara some company. “I guess Sweetie Belle is still learning how to use her magic and lost control. That’s when she accidentally zapped me. Next thing I know, I wake up here,” she finished explaining.

Silver Spoon smiled and walked over to me. I felt my eyes burning again. Why was I ready to cry? Was is it because I was happy to see her again? Or was it because I knew that I was gonna loose her again.

“I wasn’t very nice when I first met you,” she said as she began to approach me. “I said a lot of mean things. I was scared but you didn’t hurt me. You saved me, twice. Even though I wasn’t from here, you still treated me like a friend. You showed me the kind of kindness I forgot about. I found it again, thanks to you,” she said.

Now she was standing in front of me. Her head arched up to look at me as I looked down at her. A moment of silence was experienced before finally she ran into my arms. I hugged her tightly and began to cry, lightly of course. I’ve cried hard enough already. Sniffles were heard by both her and me. I peeked over to the others to see her parents were sobbing as well. They all were. Silver Spoon moved back out of the hug to look at me face to face.

“You’re going back, aren’t you?” I asked. Obviously I already knew the answer. She nodded slowly. I saw that she wanted to cry again and I quickly stopped her.

“Now you wouldn’t want a giant like me there. I’d be accidentally stepping on ponies, left and right everywhere I’d go,” I told her. She giggled and smiled at me. Now it was my turn to start crying. She took her hooves and dried my face.

“I’m never gonna forget you,” she told me. I let out a small laugh.

“Me neither,” I said. I gulped and felt the lump in my throat grow bigger.

“Silver Spoon,” I began to say before feeling my voice choke up.


Tears streamed down her face but she still managed to maintain her smile.

“You-y-you were my best friend,” I told her. I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer.

I just couldn’t handle it anymore. This was a goodbye and I hated to admit that I didn’t want to see her go. But another part of me knew I couldn’t keep her with me. It would be like keeping a wild bird in a cage for my own amusement. She needed to go home.

“And you’ll always be mine,” she said. I hugged her close again after realizing this was probably the last time I’d ever get to see her again.

I pulled back to look at her one more time and she saw I was crying harder than she was. She frowned at my sorrow before smiling warmly. She lifted her hoof and poked my nose.

“Silly person,” she said. I smiled and kissed her forehead. She hugged me and squeezed her hooves around my neck.

“Diamond Tiara, are you crying?” Asked the small orange pegasus.

“Shut up!” Replied the small pony wearing the small tiara.

The tall white winged unicorn approached me and Silver Spoon. Her eyes glistened and it was obvious she’d shed a few tears too. I looked up at her to see her horn glowing. She lowered her head down to mine but before her horn could touch me, Silver Spoon stopped her.

“Wait! Stop! Don’t erase her memory! Please!” She cried.

The tall pony stopped and then looked at me directly. I held onto Silver Spoon as if she was about to be dragged away from me. The tall pony stared at me and then finally smiled.

“You have a very good heart. I can tell. Your acts of kindness towards this one individual pony has brought attention to my eyes. I can’t have her stay here. You understand that, I’m sure?” She said. I nodded.

“Yes, I know,” I said as I glanced at her for a quick second.

“She must go back. However, you can only keep the memories of her if you promise to keep this to yourself as long as you live,” she said. I smiled and nodded.

“I promise,” I said. Silver Spoon looked back at me and smiled. I’m gonna miss that smile. I poked her nose and she giggled.

“Silly pony,” I said. Her smile faded and she nuzzled my cheek. I just rubbed her head softly.

“Shucks, why does it have to be this way?” Asked Applejack.

“I know,” replied Rarity.

The three other ponies huddled together, trying not to cry too much. Diamond Tiara was obviously crying and went to Silver Spoon’s parents for comfort. Silver Spoon looked back at me and I sighed.

“Well, I guess this it for now,” I said.

“I’m gonna miss you,” she told me.

“Duh. Of course you are. I’m gonna miss you too,” I smiled.

She grinned and her little sniffles made me laugh. I looked over to her parents and nodded.

“Okay. Now go over on to your parents,” I whispered to her as I set her down on the floor. She hesitated for a moment before walking back to her parents. The tall pony smiled at me.

“Thank you,” she told me. I gulped and nodded. She was a tall white pony with wings and a horn…wonder if that made her important or something.

She walked back to the others and looked back at me as I stood up. I walked over to the sofa and picked up the sweater. Silver Spoon beamed at the sight of it. I slipped it over my head and put it on over my clothes. Only Silver Spoon understood the context of the sweater. My arm was visible through the holes in the sleeves but I wasn’t about to go and fix it. The tall pony’s horn began to glow and that same wind began again.

Silver Spoon ran out to me and I knelt back down to catch her as she jumped into my arms. One last final goodbye hug. Her embrace was tight and warm. The wind didn’t stop, it only grew even more stronger. I smiled at Silver Spoon and watched as she ran back to her loved ones. She looked back at me and gave me that same warm smile that I loved so much. And with that, she was gone. They all were. My apartment was now empty and dark. Just like it was the first night I moved in here. My head hung low and I let out a few sobs. But I wasn’t entirely sad. Knowing that she’s back home with her loved ones, where she truly belonged, gave me some reassurance. I know now that she’s safe. Even if I can’t have her around anymore, at least I have the memories. I got up and walked over to the fridge in the kitchen and turned on the light to see the picture I sketched of her was still there. I smiled and walked back out of the kitchen. I can’t say that I’m entirely sad that she’s gone, but happy that she was here. I walked over to the living room and looked at my computer monitor. There’s no way I’d get any sleep right now. I pulled out the chair and sat down. I began to watch the show she came from for the first time. I started with episode one.


A week has passed and a lot’s changed since I had last encountered Silver Spoon. Sure, I was still hurting from the fact that she was gone but I didn’t entirely loose her. Also because of her, I found a new love for a cartoon that I didn’t even know existed before. A new and better version of it, of course. I’ll for sure save up some money to go to the upcoming Brony-con. I was working now and staying consistent with my bills. This job was one of many that I’ve taken on temporarily to raise some extra cash. I stood behind the counter of the flower shop.

The old lady here was a sweet woman who kindly gave me the job at the register so she could spend time in the back with her flowers.

“There’s your change, Miss,” I said as I handed the customer the money. She grabbed her flowers and smiled.

“Thank you. Oh, you have a tear in your jacket there,” she told me. I looked at it and smiled. “Are you going to get that fixed?”

“No. There’s nothing to fix,” I said.

I’ll never fix it and I’ll never forget…my best friend.