Star Wars: Night of the Sith

by Dalek-Galvo

Chapter 2: The plot

Back on Korriban, Darth Kralik tells his sith master of his findings on Twilight Sparkle. "Yes, excellent work, my apprentice, unlike my other servants, you never fail me!" Darth Nihilus said to his apprentice, all the while, sith acolytes, Adagio (Darth Mephiles), Aria (Darth Serperious), and Sonata (Darth Vice), looked back with envious expressions. "I'm flattered, my master," Darth Kralik said while boasting about himself. "I think that Ms. Sparkle will make an excellent student, now the only issue is to persuade her to join our side." "You must give her time my apprentice, all you need to do is build her rage until it is powerful enough for her to truly become a sith," said Darth Nihilus. "You must make yourself into someone that she can trust, then lead her to Korriban so she can see the true meaning of the dark side of the force." "Yes, my master, I will not fail you," Darth Kralik said as he and his acolytes went to their ship and flew to Courasant.