So... What happens now?

by Haloboy11721

Chapter one.

The fireplace was crackling with an intense passion.

The old grandfather clock near the back wall started to go off.

"It's midnight now." I think to myself.

The room its self was big, and yet empty of anything worth describing in further detail.

"Everything should be going according to plan. All I'd have to do is provide the foals, they should still be sleeping upstairs."

The Human got up from his seat facing the fireplace and headed towards the door; I'm supposed to wait until I hear a knock at the door.

There was also supposed to be a dialogue between us; if everything was going smoothly then they should answer my first question with 'No.' Followed by a 'Yes.'

If on the other hand, it was going poorly they should answer with 'Yes.' Followed by a 'No.'

I briefly entertain the idea of checking on the foals to make sure they're still asleep, but I ignore it for the far more important task at hand.

Swallowing I just stand there and wait.

With nothing else to do, I Look at some of the framed photos on my wall; one of them was me with the main six, all grouped around each other in a group photo. Another with me giving a foal a piggyback ride, and many, many more like them.

Now is not the time to get sentimental, I can't back out of this now, I'm in too deep.

After some time I began to get worried, feeling as if they either forgot about me or maybe they even had gotten caught.

After some more time had passed, someone started to knock, "Okay," I thought. "Showtime..."

"Is it the pizza pony?" I'd asked with a lump in my throat, almost hoping that the answer would be a yes.

"No." The feminine voice coming from the other side said. I swear it sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it.

"Huh, well who is it then? Princess Celestia!" I asked, still feeling wary about this whole exchange. I was assured that no one would even remember the foals very existence by the time this pony had knocked. But I still felt as if something could go wrong.

"Yes.~" Came the response from behind the large oak door. (Or is it technically from in front of?)

"Well, in that case, come on in Princess."

Opening the door, I froze upon seeing the pony on the other side.

Princess Celestia her self, in all her glory.

Although it was midnight, I swore she was glowing.

My mouth was moving like a fish trying to breathe, but couldn't.

Celestia, with her infinite kindness and even more so patience, waited for me to close my mouth, rather than make fun of how I could catch a fly like that.

Moving aside I let her into my home.

Smiling the whole while, Celestia enters; taking note of my many nicknacks. Many were gifts from kind ponys, most of them were from foals I've babysat over the last two years. (Or is it foalsat? No one ever corrected me.)

Almost without thinking, I begin to speak. "So, would you like some tea?"

Snickering, the Princess looked at me with a raised eyebrow before speaking. "Really? I come all this way just to have tea with the one and only Human?"

Not fully comprehending everything happening I continued to talk while my brain caught up. "I just figured we could talk a little bit before we... got down to business."

Still smiling she only nods before speaking. "I suppose that's only fair, after all, this is only the second time we've met."

"Indeed." Is all I can manage to say.

I look over to the kitchen table, it was an older set, but I liked the way it looked, it was pretty cheap too.

Realizing I hadn't closed the door yet, I did so before heading into the kitchen.

I grabbed my old tea set and began heading towards the table.

Celestia had already taken a seat by the time I looked back.

I set the old tea set on the old table, and I proceeded to make the tea, it was very simple, yet still, the pony that would be receiving it is non-other than Celestia, I felt as if I had to make it more special somehow, but I couldn't, tea is tea, the only things I could add to it were sugar or milk.

And so I asked. "Sugar, milk?"

"No, thank you." She replied almost instantly. "Alright," I responded to her, Still feeling nervous about this whole thing. Something still didn't feel right.

As I finish making her tea I set all the old equipment on the edge of the table.

I handed her the tea, with a small Silver Spoon. A gift from non-other than the young filly, Silver Spoon, after she heard I had gotten a tea set, she almost broke down my door trying to give it to me as a gift. What an intriguing Filly she is.

As I sat there, I couldn't help but stare at Celestia's hair, how it could move without a single gust of wind was surprising. And I thought those claims were rumors with no merit the first time I'd heard of her, but actually seeing her the first time proved them right, but still seeing her hair again was just as amazing as the first time.

The only thing I hear is her sipping the cup of tea I had just prepared for her. Even though I had just made it, it was nearly gone.

"So tell me." She suddenly stops sipping to speak to me. "Why did you..." She pauses as if to think of what words to say next. "What made you decide to do this?"

She askes that as if she's accusing me of something.

"Heh, Do you think you could specify what you mean by 'This'?"

Continuing to smile she simply says. "This arrangement that is currently going on, albeit stalled."

I smile at that. "Shouldn't you know? you being behind it and all. I mean, your nephew, Blue Blood, I figured yeah, he could definitely be corrupt enough to be the leader, but you? Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if you were a Changeling pretending to be Celestia or something."

"I can assure you, I'm the real Celestia. And as for my reasoning for asking, I wanted to hear your reason. Not an assumption, and not a report, but from the Humans mouth."

I Snicker at that. "I see... Tell me then, Celestia, and I'll give you my answer."

"Yes?" She asked waiting for my question.

"...You're not the pony that I was supposed to be meeting tonight, now are you?"

She answers after only a few seconds. "No, I'm not. He's currently behind bars, along with many others. And just to clarify, a little bit ago you said you thought my Nephew, Blue Blood could be corrupt, did you mean to say that you thought he would be involved? or that he WAS involved? I must ask to clarify"

"Actually ... I don't know if He is the leader, but He was the one to offer me this 'Job' or rather 'Opportunity.' as he put it."

"I see, I'll be having a chat with him about this later then... Anyway, you were going to tell me your reason?"

I chuckled and looked away from Celestia, I felt as if I had lost the right to gaze at such a goddess.

"If I'm being completely honest, I..." I pause, unable to formulate words properly, I felt nauseous, as if I would throw up or faint.

"Take your time, no pony is going to harm you, I promise you that." Her words were soft and gentle, I felt undeserving to even hear such words, they made me sick to my stomach.

"That's the thing, Princess," My voice quaked as if I would break down and sob any second. "I deserve so much hate and abuse, yet you've shown non, why?! Celestia, why do you show any compassion to such a horrible person such as I? Why not just lock me up and throw away the key?"

Celestia's gaze softened considerably. "Because I know that you aren't as bad of a person as you claim to be. The first time I met you, I knew you had a kind, generous, caring, and above all, noble heart. Just because you got mixed in with a bad crowd, doesn't mean anything about who YOU are."

My gaze lifted back up to Celestia's face, her expression was that of concern.

"...I'll admit it, Celestia... I willingly went in knowing full well what I would be joining. A sex-crazed cult of Canterlots wealthiest, most connected ponies; I figured that if I just went along with it all, things would be for the better, I would be well connected, I would make far better money than I am now, and for what? Just so I could sit, watch, and do nothing about the ponies who want nothing more than to just rape fo~!"

Celestia stopped me before I could continue. "Please, don't say anymore... As you are now aware, I am fully aware, so please, let us not discuss them any further, after tonight there whole criminal empire will be destroyed anyway, and no more foals will be harmed by them ever again."

"Well, that's good to hear..." I say as I look at the old tea set, it was a gift from Twilight after she had gotten a new one, I told her that I almost next to never drink tea, but she insisted that it's the thought that counts, and not the actual gift. I smile thinking back on that fond memory.

"So," I begin to ask. "What happens now?"

"Well," She starts. "That's up to you to decide. What do you want to happen next?"

"I... would very much like to keep babysitting foals. I think that it's one of the things I like to do besides work with criminal organizations." I say, smiling and snickering at the last half.

Celestia, with that almost permanent smile attached to her face, simply says. "Me too."

"So... Would you like some more tea, Princess?" She continues to smile. "Why, that would be lovely, my dear friend.~"

The End.