Power Rangers Harmony Force

by Adamverse

Lightning Strikes


The Master of Undead was fleeing for his life; Thunder-Toll chased him into the main chamber, where Malagore and Shriek were.

"Now listen, Thunder-Toll; it wasn't my fault." Rattle-Bones tried to explain. "Shriek made me resurrect Fifty-Below, it was her fault." But the Master of Lightning didn't care who's fault it was; he was very strict when it came to the Rules of Darkness. "You both know the rules." he said to the two skeleton monsters. "If and element is defeated, they are not given a second. And we do not speak of them."

Malagore stepped forward, trying to calm the lightning monster down. "Listen, Thunder-Toll; so what if they bent the rules a little? No real harm was done. And anyway, Fifty-Below was defeated again anyway."

As the four monsters calmed down, the Master's eye opened; signalling the selection ceremony. The four monsters gathered in a circle and presented their weapons, until Shriek asked, "Wait, how can decided who goes next without Super-Nasor or Hecka-Toad?" Thunder-Toll answered her question with, "It matters not, we will have to do it without them."

The Master's magic sprung from the small body of water, it flew around the room before placing itself on.... Thunder-Toll's double blade.

"The Master has chosen me." he stated. "I will defeat the Power Rangers my way." He then turned and glared at Shriek and Rattle-Bones. "And I, will follow the rules." The Master of Lightning summoned a portal to take him to the surface world. Shriek turned to Rattle-Bones and said, "I have a plan."

The two of them ran of into the tunnels, leaving Malagore on his own. "Huh." he muttered.
Rose was pushing her god-daughter in a stroller, they were out shopping for the family lunch. The Pink Ranger looked down a the month old baby and smiled; she could not be more proud with the roll she was given in this child's life. As they walked, they ran into somepony else.

Mothball flew down to greet the two of them, he never really got the chance to speak with Rose; so he thought he say 'hello' as he was passing by. "Good morning Rose, loving day isn't it?" the Changeling asked. The ranger replied, "It is. How are you today, Prince Mothball?"

Hearing the name 'Prince Mothball' made the colt think back to his old life; his mother, the Changeling hive & the fact that his mother wanted him to rule as king, one of these days.

"Please, it's just Mothball. I'm not a prince anymore, I'm a traitor to my kind. You should know, you spent half this year fighting my mother and her subjects." he explained. Rose didn't mean to upset him; she placed her hand on his shoulder, showing she was sorry for bringing it up. He looked back at her and smiled, signalling it was okay.

Their conversation was put on hold when thunder started raging in the sky, a few lightning strikes began hitting the ground. Rose looked up to the clouds and saw what was causing the lightning.

In his giant form, sitting on a throne made of clouds; Thunder-Toll was looked down on his future kingdom. "Inhabitants of Equestria; the Power Rangers have one hour to come before me and face me on the battle field. If they do not come, my lightning will destroy every city in the kingdom, starting with this one."

When his speech was over, the monster vanished in a flash of light. Rose told Mothball get Adam, she took Jewel home and called the rest of the rangers. They had a big problem.
Hecka-Toad and Super-Nasor had been wandering the tunnels for two days, they had finally made it to the Lake of Souls. The water that all the lost souls of the planet would float in, for all eternity.

"Zombra was here, I can sense his presence." 'Nasor stated. Hecka-Toad, pushed past him to go to the water; with water being his element, he felt safe around the stuff. "Water, I'm home." the frog monster stated. Just as he was about to touch the water, Super-Nasor stopped him.

"Don't touch the water you fool. If you come into contact with the Lake of Souls, your soul will be lost in the lake forever." Hecka-Toad moved back quickly, not wanting this water.

When the two monsters saw Zombra wasn't here, they turned away from the lake; until a splash from the water, caught their attention. They turned around and saw something that could not be described; a ghost, wearing Discord's shadow armour. "What are you, spirit?" The Master of Earth asked.

The ghost replied, "It is I, Discord. I wear the shadow armour, but I fight only for good. The Lake of Souls was the best place I could find to keep Zombra locked away." Appearing next to Discord, another ghostly figure; this one looked like Zombra, still in the form he took when he stole Discord's chaos magic. He was in an angry mood though, due to him being trapped.

"Discord!" Zombra's ghost cried when he turned to Discord's. "I demand you free me!" But the purple knight spirit drew his sword from his shield and the two of them began battling.

The two monsters on the shore watched them battle, and saw them both sink beneath the water and they continued to fight. 'Nasor & 'Toad, looked at each other, before they ran back to the caves. "We must tell, Malagore." Hecka-Toad stated.
Thunder-Toll was waiting in the town's centre for the rangers, they had only ten minutes left before the Master of Lightning would unleash his monstrous storm clouds. The monster started muttering, "The rangers are almost out of time. Soon the skies will be filled with my storms."

On cue, only three Power Rangers leaped through the air and land in front of Thunder-Toll; he readied his weapon, to battle the rangers. Only Rory, Adam & Wiktoria were there, Red, Yellow & Blue. "Where's the rest of your team?" the monster asked. Rory replied, "We only need three to beat you, Cloud-Head." That insult made Thunder-Toll angry, he charged at the rangers.

The monster first struck Adam and sent him to the ground, when Adam tried to get up, Thunder-Toll planted his giant foot on his chest; holding him to the ground. Wiktoria used her spear, she got into a clash fight with the Master of Lighting; smashing their weapons against each other. Rory came up from behind and landed a powerful sword slash on the monster's back; causing him to stumble away and get off Adam.

When the Yellow Ranger was back to his feet, the three of them stood in a row, ready to fight. But before they could attack, the plan was put into motion.

As Thunder-Toll stumbled back, Kian and Rose leaped from behind and kicked him to the ground. They joined their team, and looked down on the beaten villain. "This is the great Master of Lightning, he fights like an old man." Kian stated. When the monster got back up, he used his most powerful spell; the growing spell.

Thunder-Toll grew into a giant, he looked down on the rangers and explained, "THE POWER RANGERS WILL FALL MY BLADE! BUT FIRST, TASTE MY LIGHTNING!" The monster stabbed his lightning shaped blade into the clouds, combining them with his dark magic. When the spell was complete, lightning bolts started blasting the ground.

One was heading straight for the rangers, Rose saw the bolt about to hit her team; so she did the right thing and pushed the rangers out of the way. However, she was unable to save herself; the lightning struck her body, pulsing the electricity through her. When the lightning went away, she fell to the ground, unconscious. Her friends rushed to her aid, Rory was holding her in his arms.

The giant Thunder-Toll began marching through Ponyville, nothing could stop him.

Wiktoria stepped forward and asked, "What do we do now? With Rose, we can use the Manticore, or the Titan Megazord." Rory let go of Rose, the looked at the giant, he replied, "I need Celestia, Charlie and Heather." the others wondered why for a sec, until the answer came to them. Rory continued, "We may not be able to use the Manticore, but we can still make a
three Megazords."


Kian, Adam and Wiktoria took Rose to Rarity's house to be looked after; meanwhile, Rory was joined by the three he called for. They all morphed and began to activate their larger forms.

Rory grew into his titan mode, while Celestia turned into her Mystic Alicorn. The two of them combine again, forming a powerful Zord. "Phoenix Uni-Zord!" Rory cheered.

Charlie called for the Ponyville Express, and it changed into it's gold and blue colour; then it began transforming into the giant robot form. "Solar Streak Megazord! Charlie cheered.

"Mystic Giant!" Heather chanted as she grew into a giant White Ranger.

The three of them came face to face with Thunder-Toll, he had already started summoning his lightning to destroy the ponies home town. "You think you can stop me, I am the most powerful, out of the elements." The three rangers charged at him, the monster using his double-bladed weapon to fight back against their attacks.

With the battle on the way, Charlie was the first to have his Megazord struck down; he crashed into the ground, which caused most of the town to rumble. Blasted him with his diamond rain, but most of them he block; the ones that did hit him, did little damage. Thunder-Toll then blasted her away with a bolt of light, she crashed next to Charlie's Megazord.

Rory was the only Megazord left, so he had to finish this. The Red Ranger leaped into to the air, pointed his weapon at the monster when he fell back down; head first. "Final Strike!" he cried. However, the Master of Lightning was able to block the blow and bash Rory & the princess away. The three rangers were out of ideas, they needed some help if they were going to win this fight.

Back at Rarity's house, the other rangers were tending to their Pink Ranger. She had been struck by lightning, sure her power protected her, but she was very weak. Until...

Whilst she was lying on her bed, the other rangers watched her, trying to think of a way to help her. But all they could do is wait, and hope that she would pull through. When suddenly, she awoke from the sleep, she sprung out of bed like a filly on Hearts Warming Day. Kian tried to calm her, until she noticed her morpher glowing.

When she opened it up, some buttons were glowing; she had unlocked her full power, and a new spell code.

The other rangers saw she was ready to go back to the fight, so they all morphed and ran out to the battle between their friends, and the Master of Lightning.

Rory tried his hardest to beat this monster, but each time he attacked, he was struck down to the ground. When all seemed lost, the Red Ranger noticed his team coming towards the battle.

Rose decided to use her new spell, the four rangers morphed into their legend modes; then she used the new code.

"Code 5, Tornado Twirl!" she chanted. Suddenly, a giant tornado came down from the sky, it carried anything it came across. Thunder-Toll tried to escape the threat, but it picked him up and carried him away.

On the ground, the three rangers in their Megazords saw an opportunity. The fired their weapons at the monster, blasting him with everything they had. The element was almost out of power, that's when Charlie finished the job with his special attack.

"Furnace Blast!" he cried. The front of the Megazord opened, and fired a beam of fire, directly at the monster. He cried out in pain before shouting, "The great Thunder-Toll may have fallen, but you will still lose!" When the element hit the ground, he exploded and was destroyed; Rory said, "That's another element, defeated."

The rangers all met up, mainly to congratulate Rose on unlocking her new power. The princess was proud also, she had to return to Canterlot, so she had no time to talk. Rory stepped forward to say, "Great job rangers; three down, five to go."
Mothball wandered home through the forest, he was thinking about the name 'Prince Mothball'. "I'm no prince anymore." he muttered. "My mother didn't even think I was worthy to be a prince."

He was stopped by a figure in the shadows, he turned to see, his mother emerging from the trees.

"Mothy, darling; why do you fight against me?" Chrysalis asked in her motherly voice. The changeling boy was afraid, but then angry, this was the last creature he wanted to see. "What do you want, Mother? Or should I even call you that?" Chrysalis placed her hoove under her son's chin and started talking.

"My dear, Prince Mothball; I've read the future. I know you will join me, you will take your place as the king of our race." Mothball knocked her hoove away, "I don't know what you're talking about, you know I will never go back to the hive." the colt sighed before turning away from the last thing he could call 'real family'. "Goodbye, Mother." he then flew away.

Chrysalis reached out to try and stop him, but it was to late; he was gone. That's when the queen got more angry then ever. "I don't understand, the book told me he would come to my side."

"You read from the pages of what 'might' happen." a voice said from behind.

The changeling turned to see Shriek and Rattle-Bones coming towards her. The Master of Wind continued, "The book you read contained pages of what could happen if the timeline played out right. But your rushed in, so now you lost any chance of getting your son back."

The two monsters said what they came to say, so Chrysalis flew away; now the two of them could begin the preparations for their plan. "With Thunder-Toll gone, there's no one to tell us to follow the rules." Rattle-Bones stated. The two of them laughed like maniacs, this was not going to be good.