Star Wars: Night of the Sith

by Dalek-Galvo

Chapter 1: Fear leads to Anger

Twilight Sparkle, a Padawan at the Equestrian Jedi Temple, was reading a book in the Jedi Archives when two of her fellow Padawans, Indigo Zap, and Sour Sweet, approach her and block the exit from the archives.

"Hey Sparkle, I don't get why all of the council members think that you're so special, I don't even know why you're even called a Jedi." Indigo Zap remarked. "Yeah, everyone in the temple knows that your father died a coward and that your mother abandoned the order so she could let herself be more in tune with the force," said Sour Sweet. Twilight did not like it when people talked about her parents since her father was executed by Doruga the Hutt, and her mother thought that the Jedi High Council were corrupt individuals who only cared about the welfare of the Senate rather than the innocent lives they had sworn to protect. Whenever she heard people making rude comments about her parents being traitors to the Republic, it would make her blood boil, and it made her cloaked with rage, so much so that she just wanted them all to just disappear. But she knew that her Master, Sunset Shimmer, would not approve of these emotions, so she just kept all of her feelings to herself.

"Please, I don't like it when you talk about my parents like that, they were honorable Jedi, and I just think..." Before she could finish her sentence, Indigo Zap interrupted her. "It isn't your job to think, Twilight, you're nothing compared to us, we're Jedi Knights, and you're still just a measly Padawan whose the daughter of a coward and a traitor." Twilight could feel her anger start building with each remark Indigo said, she tried to keep her rage in check, but it was no use to keep it in as her fist clenched in rage, all she wanted to do right now was throw Indigo and Sour out the nearest window. "Why don't you just go take a flying leap if you got nothing better to do than to just talk trash about MY PARENTS!" Twilight snarled. "Wow, some attitude of a Jedi, you know what I don't know why Master Sunset picked you as her padawan, in fact, she should throw scum like you out of the temple as Chancellor Neighsay did to your parents," Indigo snapped.

It was like, something was clawing its way out of her mind, all Twilight felt right now is rage and hatred for not just Indigo Zap and Sour Sweet, but for Chancellor Neighsay and the Senate for ruining her parents, she just wanted to kill them all.

"Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!" Twilight shouted at Indigo and Sour.

"WHAT WAS THAT YOU PITIFUL EXCUSE FOR A PADAWAN," Indigo Zap shouted, but before she could talk anymore, she felt breathing start to diminish and she felt like she was something squeezing the life out of her, then she saw Twilight's eyes, what should have been purple eyes, were now a piercing yellow, the eyes of a Sith.

"SHUUUUUUTTTTTT UPPPPPPPPP," Twilight shouted, as bolts of black lightning emerged from her finger-tips and struck both Indigo Zap and Sour Sweet. The bolts sent Sour Sweet flying, but Indigo was hit with full force, as Indigo screamed in agony, she begged Twilight to stop, but nothing could stop her now, she had all the power in the world, and nothing was going to stop her from giving Indigo Zap what she deserved. Twilight then felt a sharp jolt on her back which made her collapse on the floor. It was from Sunsets clone Commander, Commander Pheonix. "Are you two ok," Pheonix said. "Yes, thank you for saving us from that monster," Indigo said in a raspy voice due to the lightning. "Don't you start Zap, I heard what you said about her parents, they are not cowards or traitors, they were noble Jedi, and you do not get to patronize them," Pheonix barked at Indigo, making her jump to Pheonix's temper. I'm sending you two to Master Rainbow-Dash and I'll tell her what you two said about General Velvet and Master Night Light, then she'll sort you two out." "As for Twilight, I'll have to inform General Shimmer about this. She won't be happy about it, that's for sure."

But, no one was aware that someone was watching from the sidelines. It was Darth Kralik, and he was happy with what he saw. "Yes, such power! Such Hate!, you will make an excellent apprentice, Miss Sparkle, my master will be pleased," Kralik said to himself as he entered his ship and traveled back to Korriban.